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06th March 2020
Class working on engaging activities and revision lessons ahead of the Year 6 Sats

Engaging activities and revision lessons to help your Year 6 class thrive in their Sats

We all know that getting pupils ready for the KS2 national curriculum assessments in May is a priority among Year 6 teachers, however learners can quickly become disengaged at the mention of Sats revision. That’s why we’ve hand-picked some of the best revision lessons, games and practice questions to help you out.  

Explore even more KS2 Sats resources in our primary national tests collection.

Reading resources

Guided Reading Activity Cards

I've used these resources in my Guided Reading and have them, laminated ready for use, in other lessons as well. I can't remember where they came from but thank you! Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received! Liz
By Elizabeth Gailey

Year 6, Guided Reading, SATs style text and questions, Fiction.

Hi all,

Here is a short story with a set of SATs style questions.

You can use this as a guided reading, teacher lead session or as a simple SATs style revision where the children work in silence and you go through it afterwards - it’s up to you.

It’s also completely editable so you can add/change questions if you want to make it harder or easier. I have tried to add a range of questions so all children can achieve something.

I haven’t included answers as I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. There are 20 marks to be had I think, so I guess 20 to 30 minutes to read it and answer the questions?!

Please review this for me as it takes ages to create these AND I can make changes to make it better for other people to use.

If you want more resources like these, then just press ‘Follow’.


By EmloResources

Football Reading Comprehension

Targeted at Year 6 children to help achieve higher scores in their KS2 assessments - it has been particularly successful in raising attainment for underperforming boys. It can also act as an extension task for children in Years 3, 4 or 5 .
It comes complete with answers and teacher notes.
By LearningUnited

Reading Activity Cards - Fiction Pack

Enclosed in this set are 29 fiction activity question cards which can be used during guided reading sessions and are particularly useful to help prepare children for the KS2 SATs in May.

Each question card is coded to show the assessment focus it can be matched up to.

The activity cards are also colourfully designed and includes a playful clipart image - thanks to our link to iClipart.
By ResourceCentre

Practise SATS Tests (Changes) 9-12 years

39 pages in length

Between the ages of 9 and 12, children have to complete Standardised.Assessment.Tests (Sats). To help them practise for these tests, we have produced a new series of comprehension booklets. The Standards and Testing Agency states that the child has 1 hour to complete the test, answering the questions in the answer booklet. Read one text and answer the questions about that text, before moving onto the next text. There are three texts and three sets of questions in each booklet.

The tests in this booklet are based on the KS2 Reading Assessment sample papers. It is important to try and complete them in an hour, but it is your choice. The more tests you practise the quicker you will get.


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By guineapigeducation

KS2 Comprehensions (Fiction Pack)

This is a collection of 18 fiction comprehensions. Each short extract represents a different fiction genre and comes with a range of comprehension questions. They are designed to be used weekly during comprehension or guided reading sessions, but could also be used for dictations, analysing grammar/punctuation techniques or as writing starters. Also included is a 72 page flipchart (ActivInspire - interactive; PowerPoint and PDF format) comprised of each fiction text and the accompanying questions - great for feeding back as a class and discussing the best answers for each question.

Genres: Adventure, Suspense, War, Science-Fiction, Wild West, Fantasy, Classic Horror, Comedy, Superhero, Myth, Pirate, Crime, Thriller, Fairy Tale, Legend, Fable, Play-script, Folk Tale

Objectives Covered:

Develop positive attitudes to reading and understanding of what they read by:
Listening to and discussing a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks
Increasing their familiarity with a wide range of books
Understand what they read, in books they can read independently, by:
Checking that the text makes sense to them, discussing their understanding, and explaining the meaning of words in context
Asking questions to improve their understanding of a text
Drawing inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence
Predicting what might happen from details stated and implied
Identifying main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph and summarising these
Identifying how language, structure, and presentation contribute to meaning
Retrieve and record information from non-fiction
Provide reasoned justifications for their views

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Non-Fiction Pack or The Fiction & Non-Fiction Pack

KS2 Non-Fiction Comprehensions
KS2 Fiction & Non-Fiction Comprehensions

More like this...

KS2 Dictionary & Thesaurus Pack
KS2 Singapore Method Problem Solving
KS2 Tracking and Reporting
By Andrew Long

Spelling, punctuation and grammar resources

SPaG: Multiple examples of exam questions

This resource focuses on supporting SPaG revision in Y6. The examples are based on previous SPaG test questions. I appreciate all the positive reviews and comments so far and shall act on the 'edit and improve' requests.
By ProfSnape934

Y6 SATS: SPAG Revision

SATS 2020 - 100 SPAG questions organised by topic to revise for the KS2 tests. This is a helpful revision tool for the Y6 SPAG test. The tool can be used all year round to prepare students for the requirements of the 2020 SATS or as a last minute revision activity.

Get ready for the 2020 KS2 grammar assessments with this SATS Question Generator! Covering all of the grammar content domains, you can use this SATS revision resource to practise the different types of questions that might come up in the grammar paper.

Select one of the following modes:

- Choose a particular grammar domain or topic to revise

- Random mode, giving you a mixture of all types of questions

The SATs revision resource is perfect for teachers to use as morning work, lesson starters or revision sessions or alternatively for pupils to practise independently at school or at home. Each slide contains a new question in the style of the SATS GPS test paper and an answer to reveal. <

This is a must-have resource for Y6 pupils working towards their GPS SATS tests!

You might also like our similar resource: Y6 SATS Question Generator: Reading

By KS2History

Weekly Grammar Tests

I made these grammar tests based upon the sample SPaG test published in December. I print them double-sided with the cover that allows the children to keep track of their score, which they turn into a percentage. Hope they're useful for someone!
By danlucky

SPaG Grammar Hunt Year 6 for 2016 SATs

A treasure hunt using questions in the style of 2016 SPaG, with answer sheet and and answers.
By Nereis

SPAG revision grid/game

A grid to allow children to revise and self-assess in preparation for the KS2 SPAG test. In Word format so it can easily be edited for the needs of the class. I'm going to use A5 versions and get children to &'colour in&'; then use the gaps to teach the following lesson.
By abkeenan2000

English SATS Grammar Revision

This resource contains a set of eleven worksheets containing 66 SATS style questions on grammatical terms and word classes. The resource includes questions on the following:

Possessive Pronouns
Relative Pronouns
Subject and Object

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Key Stage 2 100 Question SPaG SATS Revision PowerPoint Quiz

This resource contains a 100 question quiz / revision resource on KS2 SATS English - spelling punctuation and grammar. The questions are in SATS style and include questions on grammatical terms, word/classes, combining words, punctuation and spelling.

More SATS English Resources

Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this step-by-step guide:

How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step-by-Step Guide
By Krazikas

Maths resources

KS2 Arithmetic (SATs paper 1) Practice test including answers

Create unlimited number of these tests with this generator:

One full practice test for the KS2 maths paper 1.

Test has been designed to save paper. Questions are on 5 sides of A4 with the answers on the sixth page.

If you want more of this resource I have a pack of 10 similar tests available here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/ks2-arithmetic-sats-paper-1-pack-of-10-practice-tests-including-answers-11740710

Thanks for looking

By jafletcher1989

Maths Daily Practice Examples and Template

A series of 5-10 minute arithmetic lesson starters to consolidate and improve written arithmetic skills. Lots of examples from Y6 but also an editable template for other year groups.

I have written about how to use this resource effectively here: https://primarymrandrew.wordpress.com

By PrimaryMrAndrew

Daily Dozen: Maths

12 maths questions a day for 10 days.

Handy for the countdown to the maths SATs.

The questions are designed to challenge more able students who are working at or above the expected level for Year 6.

There are 10 worksheets which cover a variety of different topics from the KS2 national curriculum.

Also useful for KS3 and KS4 students who are covering basics.
By kfrazer92

SATs Revision Practice Pack KS2 Maths - "One Page Wonder!"

A pack of 5 revision worksheets - Each one containing 46 different past paper SATs style questions, all fitted onto one double sided A4 sheet

Great for keeping photocopying down whilst practising loads of past questions!There is a record sheet (including key skills) for each pupil to record their score after each attempt and try to beat it the next time! Each worksheet has similar questions & key skills but with new numbers each time in order for pupils to build confidence, fluency, and consolidate their learning.

Answers for all questions are provided (as pdf and ppt) - each on a single page which can be projected onto IWB in one go or printed out on a single sheet to allow for self/peer marking.

Could be done in class with support or at home for revision - Ideal for some intensive last minute SATs preparation. (PDF files)

This resource is now also available as part of the 2019 SATs Ultimate organiser at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/2019-ks2-sats-revision-ultimate-15-in-1-maths-organiser-11989842

By ambowers2

Maths KS2 SATs Revision Pack

A revision pack for Year 6 pupils to revise their number knowledge in the lead up to the Key Stage 2 SATs.

Carefully created for the 2014+ curriculum.

The 7 worksheets include place value, rounding, negative numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, written and mental calculations, factors, simplifying fractions, comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, finding a fraction of a number, finding a percentage of a number, equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages and problem solving.

So that the pack can be used as a homework task, an answer sheet is included to pass on to parents so that work can be marked as the child goes along if appropriate.

Also a list of useful websites is included in the pack, indicating where to start for any further revision.

*Answers updated 12/4/16.*

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By Miss-Becky

Maths Y6 Summer Teaching Sequence 4

Revision: Shape (two days).

Children discuss turns of multiples of 90° on the clock face, and rotate shapes through 90°. They sort shapes according to their properties, e.g. number of right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, lines of symmetry, and pairs of parallel sides. They practise measuring angles accurately with a protractor.

Find additional lesson plans and resources at www.hamilton-trust.org.uk.
By Hamilton Trust

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