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Sian Evans
16th April 2018
Class working on engaging activities and revision lessons ahead of the Year 6 Sats

Engaging activities and revision lessons to help your Year 6 class thrive in their Sats

We all know that getting pupils ready for the KS2 national curriculum assessments in May is a priority among Year 6 teachers, however learners can quickly become disengaged at the mention of Sats revision. That’s why we’ve hand-picked some of the best teacher-led revision lessons, student-led activities and practice questions to help you out. Check out this sample and explore even more in our primary national tests hub.

Reading resources

Y6 Reading: KS2 SATS Revision

This is a popular revision tool for the Y6 Reading SATS test! The resource can be used all year round to help prepare pupils for the requirements of the 2019 KS2 test.

Get ready for the 2019 KS2 reading assessments with this SATS Question Generator! Covering all of the reading content domains, you can use this SATS revision resource to practise the different types of questions that might come up in the KS2 SATS paper.

Select one of the following modes:

- Choose a particular reading content domain to revise

- Practise those tricky 3-mark questions where pupils often lose marks

- Revise fiction/non-fiction/poetry questions

- Random mode, giving you a mixture of all types of questions

Please make sure that you download the full 100-question Powerpoint included in this resource, not just the preview image. Problems downloading? Click here for download help.

The SATs revision resource also includes handy hints and tips to help pupils in the test. Perfect for teachers to use as morning work, lesson starters or revision sessions or alternatively for pupils to practise independently at school or at home. Each slide contains a short passage in the style of the reading SATS papers and then a question to answer.

This is a must-have resource for Y6 pupils working towards their reading SATS tests!

You might also like our similar resource: Y6 SATS Question Generator: SPAG

By KS2History

Reading Comprehension

I went on an amazing course all to do with helping children with comprehension. I have put together a Power Point presentation with some activities for children to practice inferencing skills. I have taught this lesson to Year 6 pupils and they got a lot out of it. Ideally, you should follow this activity up by looking at a SAT’s based comprehension paper so that children can consolidate what they learnt from these activities.

By Kasey1

Comprehensions for KS2

A 20 page workbook of original fact, fiction and poetry extracts with comprehension questions.
Suitable for KS2 or low ability KS3.
There are prose passages, fact sheets and poetry.
Topics covered in the workbook are:
Stone Age
Health and Sport
By teachercellar

Guided Reading Activity Cards

I've used these resources in my Guided Reading and have them, laminated ready for use, in other lessons as well. I can't remember where they came from but thank you! Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received! Liz
By lizdoig

Spelling, grammar and punctuation resources

SPAG practice test

I looked at the SPAG test and I have made this so that it is a second practise one for my children. I hope there are no mistakes! It took ages to make!
By mfoster25

Spelling Games

This a collection of spelling games I have sourced from around the web and some I have created myself. I wanted to have them all in one place for ease of use. I print them back to back, laminate and have on my board ready to use. I have found the tic-tac-toe and basketball game to be wonderfully successful, particularly with the boys in my class.
By gillman19

30 SPaG POSTERS (KS2 Year 5/6 )

The resource follows the National Curriculum guidelines for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in Upper KS2 (Years 5 and 6)

This HUGE set will give you everything you need for your SPaG wall. Included are 31 posters and 22 vocabulary cards on various SPaG topics.

Posters: suffixes (converting nouns and adjectives into verbs); prefixes (changing meaning of verbs); relative clauses; embedded relative clauses; relative pronouns; modal verbs; types of modal verbs; parenthesis; brackets; dashes; commas; commas to avoid ambiguity; paragraph cohesion; formal and informal language; passive voice; layout devices; subjunctive mood; ellipsis; semi-colon; colon; hyphen; antonyms; synonyms.

Can be printed as A4 or A3 (just change the settings on your Print page). The posters can also be scaled down (choose Multiple on the Print page) and used as reference cards - the choice is yours!

Thank you for interest in my products!
Hoppy Times
By hoppytimes

Over 100 Year 6 SATS Challenges English Grammar Question Starters and Answers (New Curriculum)

I have written over100 Sample Questions based on the KS2 Sample Grammar Paper released for the new KS2 SATs in 2016.
Updated on 14/03/2016 to include answers.

Questions are available in PDF and PowerPonint.

A full new sample paper also included that I have written. The questions can be used in starters or revision lessons.

I wrote the questions so they can easily be cut into separate questions and laminated as single questions. (Can be used as class or homework question cards).

They can also be used as full question pages.

I have them as single questions for the students to take home or answer in during class practice.
I also give them full question pages.

*** Please note the files with 'Preview' written are not for printing. They are for your viewing before purchase.
I have included a printable pdf version of the PowerPoint.

I have included my contact details in the 'thanks' document should you need to contact me about the resource.

See my shop for more resources
By Top Marks Teaching Resources

Maths resources

KS2 SATs revision runaround - Reasoning.

For Year 6 children during revision for the SATs. 30 Reasoning questions (with answer grid) to print, laminate and place around the school building and grounds. The children then go out and find the questions, work them out and write the answers on their answer grid
By The Tiki Teacher

SATs Arithmetic Booster Pack KS2 - On Screen Self-Marking Activity Plus Worksheet Generator

An On screen self marking activity for whole school use, just put the file onto your school network!

Also includes a printable worksheet generator with unlimited questions for arithmetic practice!
(Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (short and long), differentiated with increasingly larger integers and decimals and includes order of operations revision (BIDMAS)) Print out multiple worksheets for practice.

Great for pupils to work on in the ICT room, independently , for intervention or as a group for revision .

The tool is Self marking, so answers will turn green when correct for immediate feedback! Generates a new set of questions with one click. (Just click 'calculate now' and a new set will be generated each time - see instruction page.)

Use over time to build up confidence and fluency for the new arithmetic paper 1 2016!

(NB: Requires Microsoft Excel- instructions on the first tab)
By ambowers2

Year 6 Maths Revision Mat

Just something I put together for my Year 6 class to help them remember key facts and rules. There is so much for them to remember this year and this is really helping them. I laminated these for use in the classroom.
By Deako

KS2 SATs Arithmetic Paper 1

SATs arithmetic style question papers. Currently 1 paper within. All the questions you would expect to see in the style you would expect to see them in. Plus answers!

By VocabularyNinja

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