A collection of the materials I created during our weight topic. Use the shopping activities and the items for children to cut them out and stick them in the trolley or basket depending on their weight. Enjoy!


  • Maths Weight.ppt
  • Weight Shopping Items.doc
  • Weight Trolley or Basket.doc
  • Estimate Measure Compare.doc
  • Reading Weighing Scales.doc
  • Reading Weighing Scales 2.doc
  • Weighing Objects.doc
  • Heavier or Lighter.doc

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    user avatarKREAD125 days agoreport

    This was perfect. Have been looking for something like this everywhere and couldn't find the right thing I wanted. Thank you!

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    user avatarJohnt53 months agoreport

    Just what i was looking for. thank you for sharing.

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    user avatarCharmcq884 months agoreport

    Really good resource, good starter and variation of activities.

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    user avatargingersala year agoreport

    Just what I needed -thank-you.

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    user avatardixonwynna year agoreport

    reinforce work on weighing