Who Killed Mr Dipentagram - Maths Murder Mystery ideal for open evenings! I have used this as the main activity for our Year 6 open evening and it has gone down incredibly well over the two years that we have used it! The crime scene tape, masking tape outline and paper hat all add to the atmosphere really get all involved in solving the crime!

Would be very great-full to hear how others have used this/how well it was received too!


  • Mr-Men-Clue-Cards-A3.pdf
  • Mr-Men-Clue-Cards-A3.pub
  • Wanted-Mr-Men-Answer-Card.pdf
  • Wanted-Mr-Men-Answer-Card.pub
  • Wanted-Posters.pdf
  • Wanted-Posters.pub

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    LOVE the creativity, thanks!

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    user avatara.yarnley2 months agoreport

    Looks great, will definitely engage students.

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    user avataraap031023 months agoreport

    Thanks for uploading your resource to TES! Your clue cards are very slickly presented and the lesson could be adapted nicely to suit any topic. Nice one...

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    user avataranjalehmann3 months agoreport

    Thank you for sharing. A fun activity, I will also use this for our next open evening or a fun activity for year 6 taster day!

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    user avatardsc5054 months agoreport

    This is a really well produced resource. I will be printing and laminating for use in our upcoming Maths Week!