Winter No Prep Math and Literacy Printables for First Grade
This is designed to help first graders review math and literacy targets. Pages can be printed and used immediately or sent home as homework. Also great for sub tubs.

Includes the following:
Singular and plural noun scarves- color by the code
CVC Snowballs- cut and paste the medial sounds
Winter Verbs- write the correct verb to complete the sentences
Winter ABC order
Snowflake syllables- color by the code
Roll and read (2 pg)- sight words from primer and 1st grade lists
Hot Chocolate Digraphs- color by the code
Snowflake Synonyms
Snowflake Antonyms
Sight word frames (2 pg)- words from the primer list
Snowflake blends- cut and paste the s-blends
CVCC/CCVC words- identify the picture
Silent e Words- identify the picture
Compound words
Super Winter Sentences (2 pg)
Hot Chocolate How-to- write a how-to
Do you want to build a snowman?- write a how-to
Reading Comprehension (2pg)
Fantasy or reality Mittens- identify fantasy and reality statements
Problem and Solution
Winter Sentence Scrambles- (2 pg)
Winter punctuation
Design and Describe- design a snowman/penguin, use adjectives to describe it (2 pg)
Making words (3 pg)- wintertime, snowflakes, ice skating
Color by the Code: Sight Words- (2 pages)
Sight Word Snowflakes- students color the sight words by the code, then graph them
Winter Patterns 1- cut and paste the pictures to complete the patterns
Winter Patterns 2- color the pictures to create patterns
True or False Equations
Making 10- students write equations to match the snowflakes in the tens frames
Time to the hour
Counting Strip Scarves
Counting Cups-counting up to 60
Skip-counting Cups- skip-counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
Place Value: Tens and Ones: cut and paste the tens and ones to match the numbers
Place Value Blocks- color the tens and ones to match the number
Missing Part Penguins- determine which number completes the equations
Snowflake Addition/Subtraction
Dot Addition/Subtraction
Counting Coins- color the coins to match the price tag
Ordering Numbers
Comparing Numbers
Number Mittens- number words
Winter Story Problems (2 pg)
Winter Combinations (2 pg)- find combinations to make a number
Shapes- identifying 2D shapes
Winter Fractions- color one half or one fourth of a group of objects
Roll and Graph a snowman- roll a die and graph according to the key
Snowflake Graphing - count and graph the pictures, answer the questions
Roll and Color (3 pg)- roll 3 dice, find the sum, then color
100 Chart Mystery Picture (2 pg)
Winter Story- complete the picture and write a story to go with it
Writing Prompts (6 pg)-
What do you like to do on snowy days?
What is your favorite part of Winter?


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