Year 2 place value, Dienes and arrow cards Smart notebook 65 pages!

A Smart notebook I used over several lessons for whole class teaching of place value, and for the more able for addition using partitioning. Also worksheets in MS publisher. It will obviously need customising - the animals were our groups that term. Pandas and Tigers were the more able. I kept them on the carpet a couple of times to show something more advanced. Some O&M starter links in there too.


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  • Thank you so much! You have saved me so much time this evening. Suitable for my year 1 HAG group on place value. I won't use every slide or worksheet but you have saved me time starting from scratch. :)

  • QueenBee42 years agoReport

    Thanks. This is very useful.

  • These are a great start for me! Thanks

  • Amazing!

  • alice003 years agoReport

    Thank you, I used different bits but found it very useful.