Year 6 Level 6 Test and Booster Booklets

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I found the 2011 optional test paper and realised I needed more to teach my L6 booster group. So I trawled through the KS3 papers, picking out L6 only questions and collating them into themed booklets. They are not comprehensive and need extra support. Update: Quite a number of people asked for answer booklets in the reviews. For me, I printed them off and worked all of them out as a master answer booklet. Most take too much time to type up answer sheets and since I took the questions from 8 years worth of KS3 papers, it was too labour intensive to cut and past from answer booklets.


  • Level 6 Objectives.doc
  • QCDA-11-5452_L6_maths_P1.pdf
  • QCDA-11-5453_L6_maths_P2.pdf
  • QCDA-11-5454_L6_maths_MS.pdf
  • QCDA-11-5462_L6_TAG.pdf
  • 1. L6 Booster Booklet WORKING WITH NUMBER.pptx
  • 3. L6 Booster Booklet CONVERSIONS.pptx
  • 4. L6 Booster Booklet WORD PROBLEMS.pptx
  • 6. L6 Booster Booklet HANDLING DATA.pptx
  • 7. L6 Booster Booklet SHAPE.pptx
  • 2. L6 Booster Booklet ALGEBRA.pptx
  • 5. L6 Booster Booklet COORDINATES.pptx

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    user avatarjonesirene4 months agoreport

    Thank you

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    Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into this resource.

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    user avatarjhshiva year agoreport

    amazing-thank you ever so much.
    the perfect resource anybody could wish for

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    user avatarbmc27a year agoreport

    Fantastic - thank you for making the booklets, they are so useful. It must have taken you ages!