Two support notebooks revising ratio and proportion. The ratio one makes particularly good use of the infinite cloner function on the Interactive Whiteboard to visualise how the children can tackle SATs style questions. I include the worksheets I used for ratio and one for proportion for children still tackling the basics of proportion.


  • HA word problems.pdf
  • Intro.notebook
  • Ratio IWB examples.notebook
  • Simple Proportion SEN.doc

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    user avatarRaphella12 days agoreport

    Thank you

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    user avatarrizziaha year agoreport

    I can't open the notebook files so I can't comment on those. I agree with @ruthie_p you have used 'ratio' language in the worksheet not proportion. But thanks for sharing

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    user avatarCath32352 years agoreport

    Thank you!

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you, very helpful!