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Resources to inspire and promote student leadership

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Empower your students and you’ll reap the benefits. Whether it’s as part of a school council or within the classroom itself, pupils with extra responsibility tend to engage more with the learning process, feel a greater sense of community and are generally better behaved.

So why not give it a go with this selection of hand-picked leadership resources? Choose from starter kits for developing effective student councils, pupil-led lesson resources to encourage students' active engagement or activities to consider the characteristics of a good leader.

For the classroom

30 Colourful Plenary Cards for Pupil Led Lessons

30 Colourful Plenary Cards for Pupil Led Lessons

Here are 48 plenaries I have tried to design the cards for pupils to use in order to promote student leadership in lessons. I also use them myself to promote variety in my lessons. I cut them out and laminated them in order to produce a deck of cards pupils pick out 4 cards and deliver one of t...
Leadership In Sport - Tutor and Student Resources
Neil Taylor

Leadership In Sport - Tutor and Student Resources

Documents to help with the delivery and assessment of any sort of leadership courses. Usually noted in BTEC Sport. Leadership is quite a wide and diverse field so I have sorted some information to help you through. Leadership, coaching, fitness, development, skills, qualities, roles, responsibili...
Inspirational Leaders table numbers

Inspirational Leaders table numbers

Bright and attractive table numbers with pictures of inspirational leaders along with a key quote for each. Numbering tables is useful as a behaviour management technique that fosters sense of productive competition and enables praise to be given to groups of students as well as individuals.