Inspiring independent revision in PE

Give PE students the confidence to revise independently with help from these hand-picked resources

Sian Evans

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Support student-led revision ahead of the upcoming exams with this collection of booklets, worksheets and frameworks

Exams are fast approaching and the fear will soon be setting in, especially as you remind your pupils that the revision they do on their own is crucial to their success. Before tears and tantrums take over your classroom, we’ve hand-picked a range of supportive resources to make the process of independent revision a lot less daunting.

KS3 resources

As young learners start to understand the science taking place during exercise, this learning mat* offers a combination of cloze sentences, labelling tasks and exam questions to revise the heart and the cardiovascular system. Equally, students can recap their knowledge of different bones in the body by labelling this skeleton diagram.

KS4 resources

These easily editable broadsheets are full of challenging questions and thought-provoking prompts, designed to support GCSE students as they break down key topics into digestible chunks.

Encourage your learners to recap essential knowledge and identify gaps in their understanding by completing tasks within this comprehensive anatomy and physiology booklet*. Alternatively, pupils can use these worksheets to consolidate all their notes on a variety of topics, including competition, training and roles in sport.

Post-16 resources

Prepare your AS-level classes for exam questions on anatomy and physiology with these detailed revision workbooks, full of supporting illustrations and definitions.

For older learners, working through this comprehensive booklet* on rational recreation, which has been created for the new specification, will help them to summarise essential information. Meanwhile, these sports psychology frameworks are ideal for getting students to challenge themselves before in-depth revision begins.

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KS3 resources KS4 resources Post-16 resources
Heart and CV system mat* Editable broadsheets Anatomy workbooks
Skeleton diagram GCSE workbook* Rational recreation booklet*
  Topic-based worksheets Psychology frameworks

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