Back-to-school activities for EYFS

Lesson ideas, activities and worksheets for EYFS classes to start new topics and recap key skills

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Top resources to introduce new topics and consolidate learning with your EYFS class

As you welcome young learners back into the classroom, it is the perfect time to reflect on everything they have learnt so far and to look forward to the future.

That’s why we have hand-picked a range of resources to help you introduce new topics in an engaging way along with activities to ensure that those key foundation skills are not forgotten in the process.

Introducing new topics

Settle down into the new term with this introduction to transport, which encourages pupils to think about how they travel to school each day and the journey they take.

Discover the variety of habitats that an animal might live in, from ponds to farms to hedges, using this interactive presentation. Or, find out more about famous extinct animals by asking learners to use their imaginations when listening to this adventure story about dinosaurs.

Consider the differences between old toys and new toys in this simple sorting game, designed to get learners discussing their reasoning and making a decision as a class.

Recapping key skills

Keep exploring basic numeracy with this resource pack of counting activities, which is full of different techniques to help you pupils’ mathematical knowledge. Alternatively, use these illustrated alphabet cards to encourage young learners to practise forming letters by following the correct pencil direction.

Challenge your class to identify the everyday sounds found in this straightforward presentation, offering a fun and engaging way to help pupils improve upon essential listening skills.

Finally, this cutting-out worksheet is ideal for letting learners develop their fine motor skills while simultaneously learning about shape.

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