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14th August 2019

Break the ice in your classroom with a range of fun games and activities for all ages

Meeting new people can be unnerving, regardless of how old you are, which is why icebreakers are so important in the first few weeks of term. As well as making students feel comfortable with each other, they are also a great way of finding out more about individuals’ strengths and personalities. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these ready-to-use icebreakers and pick your favourite for this September.

Getting to know one another

Back to school ice-breaker Lotto

Getting children to chat to each other on the first day back is easy with 'Find a friend who..'

I love watching my little ones play this on their first morning. Who is shy? Who can't stay on task? It stamps 'we are interested in one another and like to communicate' on my class from the very first moment.

Top Tip
Laminate and use again the next year.

Find a problem? Contact me and let me work out the kinks for you!

Many thanks
Laura Xx
By laurajharris

Back To School Icebreakers

As you know, the first few days of school set the tone for the rest of the year. Start out right with this set of ❄️11 FUN ICEBREAKERS.❄️ NO PREP REQUIRED! Just pop these up on your screen, or print them out and let the fun begin!

This super versatile collection of icebreakers works with any group, anywhere. Whether you have a room full of wild EIGHT YEAR OLDS, rows of nervous JUNIOR HIGH KIDS, or an audience of ADULT PROFESSIONALS, this bundle will get people up collaborating, talking, and building positive relationships with each other in no time. If you want to leave your students fresh, energized, and ready to work together, this is for you.

The bundle includes a FULLY EDITABLE PowerPoint so your audience can easily follow each activity, and also comes with a landscape PDF booklet if you prefer to hand out hard copies. This will save you valuable time on your first day: everything here is no prep and ready to roll.

These are also great activities all year round when you need to break down the barriers holding your group back from becoming a team. TEAM BUILDING MADE EASY AND FUN!

The bundle includes a fully-editable PowerPoint so your audience can easily follow each activity, and also comes with a landscape PDF booklet if you prefer to hand out hard copies. This will save you valuable time on your first day: everything here is no prep and ready to roll.

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By Innovativeteachingideas

Tutor Time Work From Home Pack

Tutor Time Back to School Work From Home Activity Pack 12 PAGE pack of classroom-ready summer end of term activities will enthuse and engage students. Suitable for KS3 and KS4 students to celebrate the end of term through a variety of activities. FUN/C8/AP/13

This booklet has been created by a dedicated team of experts and will allow competition, peer reflection and SMSC.
It can be used to help students engage, through a range of stimulating exercises, encouraging discussion and liven up lessons through structured engagement between students.

This Booklet Contains:

  • o Various thought-provoking challenges
  • o Design Activities
  • o 12 pages of ready-to-use student worksheets designed to be written on
  • o A wide range of activities, to suit all types of learners.
  • o Minimal preparation required
    Product Code: FUN/C8/AP/13

Can be used for a whole lesson or two.

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By Cre8tive Resources

Back To School With Probably The Coolest Ice-Breaker Board Game In The World

Breaking the ice is so important, here are some great resources I and others have used in and outside class.

This ice-breaker game is suitable for all ages and abilities, used in small groups in a class where the buzz and dynamics can be immense, the learning rich, social skills blossoming, resilience and confidence is nurtured.


By msterry21

Ice Breaker Games

Learning Objectives:
-Become more comfortable with the group
-Have fun and laugh together
-Break down barriers
-Make new friends

Great Ice Breaker games to get a new class laughing with each other.
10 fun, silly games that help students become more comfortable with each other and stop them from being self-conscious and shy with their peers. These games are great to use with your form, a new class or with a class where friendships and relationships are breaking down.

By saragh-uk

Getting to know you: ice breakers

This resource pack contains everything you need to help break the ice with your students. This would be ideal for any new class whether they are just new to you or even new to each other! Although it is great for the start of the academic year, many of us deal with casual admissions and students who join late in the year. These resources will be great for helping you get to know them better and for them to integrate into the group.

You will find physical activities to get them up and about, moving and talking to one another and finding things in common, helping the group to improve their social skills in talking, bonding and making new friends.

Enjoy getting your group of students to begin bonding and making friends!


• If you choose to download this resource, please take the time to leave a rating - I do really value your feedback and I always look forward to reading what you think about my resources! If you have any questions about this resource or anything else, you can email me at

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By TeachersResourceForce

Working together with new classmates

Ice breaker - desert island plane crash debate

Students have to select 10 hypothetical people to survive a plane crash on a desert island. Promotes groupwork, discussion, interaction and debate.
By MissLMLovatt

English Icebreaker: Thingys in a Minute

A fun icebreaker for induction week.
This is an English themed take on one of my family's Christmas games. It aims at encouraging the students to work together, recall names and details of each other.

Divide students into teams, decide the order of play and explain the following:

The tutor picks a task card at random and reads it to the team.

The team must decide which of its members is going to complete the task on the card. That team member cannot play again until everyone in the team has completed a task (this is to encourage involvement and to add a tactical element to to game).

The class as a whole will ensure that the task is performed correctly.

Where the team member completes the task the team earns a point.

You can easily increase the difficulty of the task by simply increasing or decreasing the numbers given. Likewise, you can easily add your own, or change the subject theme.
By Rhyland15

Den Day STEM Challenge - Build a structure that stands

To support pupils taking part in Save the Children's Den Day, use these resources to challenge children to build a structure that stands, out of everyday materials.

The accompanying presentations for KS1 and KS2 can be used to help children learn about the impact of natural disasters and how families can lose their homes.

These resources have been specifically designed to use for Save the Children's Den Day on Friday 16 June. Schools around the UK will be building dens out of everyday materials and raising money to help give more children around the world a safe place to shelter.

Sign up at for your free fundraising kit with everything you need to take part.
By s_pirouet

D&T Mini Project Practical: The Cardboard Chair Challenge

An OFSTED graded Outstanding lesson for introducing students to the design, make and evaluate requirements of design technology.

Ideal for Key Stage 3,4 and 5 including students with no previous hard technology experience.

The main focus of the lesson is to work as part of a small team to creatively problem solve, by creating a cardboard chair with limited equipment and resources.

The chair must be freestanding, and support the weight of a team member.

All Personal Learning Thinking Skills and Functional Skills are developed throughout this lesson and are detailed in the lesson plan.

Resource is fully differentiated including a help sheet and extension task. Assessment for Learning is fully detailed, as is a risk assessment and resource requirement list.

By craigb87

Lego Design Challenge

A fun activity to do at the start or end of the class. Also can work as an icebreaker or team building activity. Also works well with adults!

By missedutton1

10 science icebreakers and starters

A resource containing 10 activities with a science theme that can be used as icebreakers or starters. They are excellent at promoting discussion and will be excellent as starter activities. These are also ideal to use with new classes in September.
Depending on the activity students work in small groups, large groups or as a whole class.
By GCSE_science

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