Back-to-school resources for US teachers

Resource packs, worksheets and lesson ideas to help US teachers prepare back-to-school activities

Tes Resources Team

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Be organised, prepared and ready for the new school year

As the summer vacation draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your new arrival of students and how you can help them to settle in as quickly as possible.

From Pre-K through to high school, we’ve selected 10 top back-to-school resources that can be used to welcome new classes, break the ice and set up the right classroom environment from day one.

  1. All about me resource pack
    A planning web and full day outline of cross-curricular, practical activities that encourage Pre-K learners to engage with each other.
  2. Classroom helpers chart $3
    From light monitor to calendar assistant, this resource gives you everything you need to assign class roles and share our everyday duties.
  3. Western-themed activities $2.35
    Say howdy to your new class with this booklet packed full of ideas, ranging from drawing a self-portrait to math questions and word searches.
  4. All about me worksheet
    Use this simple task to discover the individual personalities of your new elementary students, and ask them to introduce themselves to the rest of the class.
  5. Elementary activity pack $9
    Embrace the new school year with this back-to-school resource pack that will help you be prepared for any situation, from organizing the classroom to setting behavior goals.
  6. New class bingo
    Let your students find out more about their new classmates with this game of people bingo, which is dependent on them moving round the class and talking to each other.
  7. Back-to-school rules and task cards $2.50
    Establish clear rules from the outset and check your learners understand them all with these task cards, which could be displayed on your class bulletin board.
  8. Middle school survival kit $5
    Give new arrivals a warm welcome and help them adjust to middle school with this detailed set of resources, designed to answer their questions and concerns.
  9. Classroom expectations posters
    Display these editable posters, which are useful for any age, to ensure that everyone is aware of classroom expectations and the consequences of poor behavior.
  10. Icebreaker questions for all ages
    Pick and choose from 100 funny icebreaker questions that allow your students to learn more about their new classmates in a light-hearted way.

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