Celebrate World Book Day!

Sian Evans
16th February 2018

Ignite your pupils' imaginations with these engaging World Book Day resources

On World Book Day, learners of all ages from schools up and down the country will come together to celebrate their favourite authors, illustrators, books and, of course, reading! So why not get your class or form group involved? Encourage them to explore the pleasures of reading with this selection of activity ideas for both primary and secondary students.

Resources for younger learners

What better opportunity than World Book Day to get your classes excited about their favourite characters and discovering their next adventure? From activity packs to spelling bees, to more competitive quizzes and certificates for the best costume, we’ve selected lots of great ideas to make the day memorable for young learners. On your marks, get set, read!


World Book Day Activity Booklet

Included in this booklet are printable activities detailed below,a template to make monster corner bookmarks, and World book day hats which the children can draw their favourite book onto and certificates, activities include:
What I came dressed as
My friends on world book day
Character Selfies
Character Thoughts and feelings
Story time book review
Book Bunting
Book Balloons
My Favourite book
By littlemisstechnical

Best Costume Certificate: World Book Day

A decorative certificate to award children wearing the best costume on World Book Day. Printable and ready to use.

By Simon_H

World Book Day Activities Pack

I created this pack for World Book Day 2014. It contains various book activities including: writing a character profile, a diary entry, an author interview, a quiz, designing a new book cover and blurb and making a word search. You can adapt it to suit your year group and can be used for any fiction/narrative book.
By katerinaa

Hold your own SPELLING BEE for KS2 BOOK WEEK

Here is nearly everything you need to hold your own Spelling Bee. The spelling lists relate to famous children's books so it could be held during a Book Week. You will need a microphone. It is also worth having a cup made for each year group and having each winner&'s name engraved on it. We are shortly holding our first one. I think we will put the words from the lists for each year group in separate hats and have rounds where they individually come up and have to spell the word, by using letter names, speaking into the microphone. If you use this let me know how it goes!
By ellieteacher

WORLD BOOK DAY Quiz / Task Cards

Celebrate this year's World Book Day with this fun activity!

The activity is mainly aimed at lower KS2.

A set of 24 task cards with multiple choice questions about the books and characters children are familiar with. Recording sheet and answer sheet included.

Can be used as table tasks or hidden around the classroom for a fun hunt activity.
By hoppytimes

World Book Day Extremely Short Stories template

A nice idea to get the whole school writing based on the World Book Day Extremely Short Stories. A template is provided. Once the stories are written they can be displayed around the class or school as bunting. Some examples are included.
By lbrowne

Resources for older learners

Captivate all of your students’ attention and remind them of the power of the written word with help from this collection of engaging form time tasks. Whether you are looking for ways to get them talking about books they have read or inspire them to find books they would like to read, the Tes community have the answers.


Book Taboo - book, author guessing game

book, quiz, reading, world book day, wbd, worldbookday, literacy, literary, literature, library, library lesson, taboo, articulate,
By missedutton

100 fiction books all students should read before leaving secondary school

This is TES' top 100 books to read before you leave secondary school, as voted by teachers. From The Time Machine to 1984, download this resource to take a journey through the top 100 books teachers have recommended for students at key stages 3 and 4...
By TES_Editorial

World Book Day Quiz

A quiz for use with classes or form-groups for World Book Day. The powerpoint contains the questions, the pdf file for groups to choose their answers and the word document contains the answers for the teacher.
By John Iona

'Book Ninjas' Library Tasks

30 engaging tasks for students to complete in the library. I created these little library challenge cards for my boys group who really engaged with them! The idea is that ninjas are silent and focused and a class in the library should be too. These vary in ability and challenge and be easily adapted!

Suitable for KS2 or KS3!
By MissCResources

Book club discussion questions

24 question cards for students to use as prompts for book club discussion. I keep a laminated set with me and then students take it in turns to draw cards and answer the question. They make for great discussion!
By LikeAnExpert

Book Covers

A PowerPoint which can be used as an introductory lesson to learn something about your new class whilst teaching them the skills of summarising and appealing to an audience. Great for use at the start of a year if wanting work for displays. Includes option of peer assessment.

Can also be used as an independent cover lesson.

For use with KS3 or even year 5&6.
By sugardumpling

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