Celebrate World Book Day!

Nicola Davison
23rd February 2017
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Ignite your pupils' imaginations with these engaging World Book Day resources

On Thursday 2 March, learners of all ages from schools up and down the country will come together to celebrate their favourite authors, illustrators, books and, of course, reading! So why not get your class or form group involved? Encourage them to explore the pleasures of reading with this selection of activity ideas for both primary and secondary students.

Primary resources

  1. Extremely short stories bunting
    Create a vibrant class display by getting pupils to write and illustrate ten-word stories on bunting triangles.
  2. Best costume certificate
    Celebrate some of the very best character costumes in your school with this ready-to-use certificate template.
  3. World Book Day activity pack
    From designing a new book cover to writing questions for an author interview, these fun tasks can be applied to your students' favourite fiction or non-fiction book.
  4. Book Week spelling bee
    Including posters and parent letters, engage your KS2 learners in competitive spelling with these word lists taken from classic children’s books.

Secondary resources

  1. World Book Day quiz
    Complete with questions and answers, this well-presented quiz includes rounds on film adaptations and award-winning books.
  2. Discussion prompts
    Intrigue your class with a number of book-based facts before opening up a discussion about whether or not books should be censored.    
  3. Literary taboo
    In teams, learners have to communicate book titles, characters, genres and authors to a fellow team member without using the given clue words.
  4. Book-based data investigation
    Get students to explore and analyse the numbers of letters and words in different book extracts in this interesting activity.

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For even more inspiration, why not take a look at our other blog posts on promoting reading for pleasure in the early years, as well as at primary and secondary? Alternatively, check out our jam-packed World Book Day Pinterest board.

This post was originally published on 23 February 2016, and was refrshed on 23 February 2017.

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