Mental health awareness

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31st January 2020
Mental Health Awareness

Resources to start conversations and raise awareness about the importance of mental health

With Children's Mental Health week commencing on February 3 2020, it's a good time to start conversations in your classroom and help your students understand the importance of mental health. So, to help spark those conversations, we have brought together a selection of assemblies, lessons and mindfulness activities you can use to support students in your classroom. On Thursday 6 February 2020, as part of Children's Mental Health week, schools are being invited to take part in Inside Out day. Find out more about Inside Out day here.

Assemblies and lessons

Being ourselves – help children develop self-esteem

Some children and young people can find it difficult to think positively about themselves. Designed for primary school children, this assembly plan and presentation will help children to understand that there are ways in which we are similar even though, at the same time, we are all different.

It will also help them to:

  • recognise the importance of celebrating the differences and similarities in ourselves and others
  • explore what “being ourselves” means
  • identify things we can do to enjoy
  • make the most of our similarities and differences
  • be connected with those around us.
By Place2Be

Children's Mental Health

**Inside Out Day Power Point Presentation:
A resource for schools around children’s mental health and emotional well-being.

The presentation includes:

  • What and Why
  • Background on Mental Health
  • How to get Help
  • Some Exercise Ideas for Primary School Children

Reminds us to always be kind and think of others as no one knows how another person may be feeling; a way of making us stop and think about how someone may look OK on the outside but inside they may be feeling sad or worried


By JNovick

All about me

The activities, lesson plans and assembly plans in this toolkit - which meet the learning objectives for the PSHE curriculum - will help children to think about who they are as a person, recognise what they are good at, identify positives things about themselves, learn from their experiences and set goals. There are also activities to support staff wellbeing. For more primary mental health resources visit

By MentallyHealthySchools

Lesson on Happiness and Mental Wellbeing

This was my second attempt at trying to develop a programme on mental wellbeing. This lesson is on happiness and how doing enriching activities and setting smart goals can help us to feel happy. I used this with Yr10 but I guess it could be used from Yr9-13. I have uploaded (what seems like) lots of files but they are just the worksheets I created to go with the lesson.
By Looplou13

End of Term Art - Mindfulness Colouring Page FREE!

Keep your class calm and relaxed with this end of term art activity. Blow up to A3 for even more fun - why not play some relaxation music in the background twit-twoo whilst they colour...

Image taken from the colouring book called

with permission from copyright owner.
By TheFutureTeacherFoundation

Mental Health Awareness - Positivity

One hour, fully resourced lesson (PowerPoint, worksheets, clip tasks, activities, all differentiated three ways) all about the importance of happiness and positivity to our health and well-being. The lesson focuses on all the ways we can help ourselves and others when we feel a little low - focusing on healthy activities and their long and short term benefits to our well-being and mental health.

The lesson is adaptable, easy to follow and fully differentiated. It could be used by a Citizenship, PSHE or Tutor group. It is suitable for KS3 or KS4.

This resource pack includes an hour long PowerPoint with accompanying worksheets, templates, well differentiated activities, literacy focus tasks, clip tasks with three-way differentiated questions and information sheets.

The lesson has been left editable and is filled with engaging, well differentiated and fun activities. As with all our lessons, you don’t need any prior knowledge as all the information is included - you can just pick up and teach it.

You can find many more inexpensive and free RE, RSE, Citizenship and PSHE resources at my shop: MORE RE RESOURCES or at

By EC Resources

Mental Health Assembly

This is a FREE resource to highlight Mental Health.

It includes a link to a YouTube clip educating them on this. This resource includes inspirational quote and an OPTIONAL Christian prayer.

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