Introducing ethics in RE lessons

Introductory presentations and lesson ideas for teaching ethics to secondary students

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Top ways of approaching ethical topics that will lead to informed discussions

Any RE teacher knows the challenge of talking about ethical topics in a way that is sensitive and unbiased. With students of any age, it is important to create an atmosphere where your class are confident and comfortable discussing complex issues with their peers.

We’ve gathered a range of presentations and lesson ideas to help you approach these topics and give learners the tools they need to discuss emotional issues in an educational environment.

KS3 resources

This comprehensive resource pack is ideal for introducing learners to the civil rights movement because it uses anecdotes from Martin Luther King’s childhood as a catalyst for discussing racial segregation.

Consider whether there is a right or wrong way to live with this engaging morality activity, which breaks down a scenario into a series of actions. For each action, the class must debate whether or not it is moral.

Help your pupils grasp the basics of utilitarianism, sparking a discussion about its merits and flaws, with this introductory presentation, which focuses on the famous trolley problem.

KS4 and post-16 resources

Start examining the complexities of abortion, from looking at the timeline of a foetus to the legal ramifications, and encourage to students to evaluate when life begins with this detailed introduction.  

Challenge to your class to think about what is fair and just about our legal system with this lesson, which uses a provocative quiz about prison statistics to get the ball rolling.

For older learners, this presentation on situation ethics provides an extensive overview of the key questions, terminology and concepts that make up this moral perspective.

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KS3 resources

KS4 and post-16 resources

Civil rights movement resource pack

Morality activity

Utilitarianism introductory presentation

Introduction to abortion

Law and justice introduction

Situation ethics presentation

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