Kick-off Euro 2016 in your classroom

Cross-curricular resources, ideas, activities and lessons for teachers looking to bring a bit of football fever into the classroom during Euro 2016.

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Reach fever pitch with these cross-curricular lesson ideas for the UEFA European Championship

For the next month or so, football fans from all over the continent will be talking about nothing other than the Euros. For the first time since its inception in 1960, a total of 24 teams will show off their soccer skills to compete for the prestigious Henri Delaunay trophy.

Even for those who are not so enthused by the beautiful game, the tournament offers up a lot of exciting cross-curricular learning opportunities. We’ve brought together a selection of primary and secondary lesson and activity ideas to help you engage your pupils from kick-off right up until the final whistle.

Primary resources

  1. Euro 2016 resource pack (£3)
    Including a wall chart, research templates and kit design worksheets, this comprehensive collection of activities contains something for all ages.
  2. Football-themed phonics kit
    Support pupils in their learning of phonics at any phase with these adaptable worksheets and game ideas.
  3. Reading aloud football game
    Ideal for reluctant readers, this simple game aims to promote reading for pleasure by introducing a football-themed competitive edge.
  4. Interactive Euro 2016 maths quizzes
    Embrace football fever in your class with these fun TES iboard word problem quizzes, ideal for homework or summer maths fun.
  5. Pitch perimeter worksheets
    Pupils can practise calculating the perimeter of goals and pitches with these well-structured worksheets for all abilities.
  6. Player coordinates grids
    Originally designed for the World Cup, these differentiated cut-and-stick worksheets can be easily adapted to include more relevant players.
  7. Flag fun in French
    Discover more about the flags of the 24 participating countries with this colour-by-numbers activity in the language of this year’s hosts – French.
  8. Euro 2016 and Battle of the Somme literacy pack
    Mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and engage pupils with history through a football lens using the activities in this cross-curricular, Euro 2016-themed resource pack.

Secondary resources

  1. Fantasy football spreadsheet activity
    Get pupils to practise data entry and using simple formulae in Excel with this clever spreadsheet that tracks pupils’ top picks for the tournament.
  2. Rallying the troops, Henry V-style
    Use the Euros to engage students in Shakespeare with this editable presentation, which culminates in the production of motivational speeches based of that of Henry V.
  3. Football-themed maths revision
    Recap learning on vectors, Pythagoras’ theorem, time and much more with this pack of well-designed worksheets.
  4. Match day substitution activity
    Learners can compete against each other in this interactive substitution game, in which the expressions they use are decided by the roll of a die.
  5. Euro 2016 French activity workbook (£2)
    Encourage students to talk spontaneously about football and other sporting tournaments in French with the varied activities in this 12-page booklet.
  6. French Top Trumps game
    Including one player from each competing country, these Top Trumps cards can be used to revise numbers and basic personal information in French.
  7. Geography-focused video quiz
    Students can find out more about the countries involved in Euro 2016 by completing this comprehension task, based on a short video.
  8. Euro 2016 dominoes game (£2)
    Get learners recalling key facts about the countries participating in the tournament using these sets of dominoes, focused on capital cities, flags and geographical location.

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