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Craig Barton
08th July 2019
end of term maths lessons

End the year in with a bang with this fantastic selection of the finest end of term activities, ideas and resources our Tes maths community has to offer

The end of of another school year is finally in sight, and what a year it has been! I am certain they are getting longer and harder.

Anyway, as is tradition, I would like to end this year’s series of newsletters with a selection of the finest ideas, activities and resources to help get you through these final few weeks. Here you will find fun, engaging challenges which have maths at the heart of them… well, apart from a couple of rounds of the end of year quizzes!

Enjoy and I wish you all a brilliant summer.  See you next year!

Craig Barton


Maths mysteries

Completing the Square Mystery

A good puzzle to practice completing the square, identifying turning points and bring in other elements of algebraic graphs.
Its best used for higher groups but could be adapted to support others.
The ppt just introduces the puzzle and runs through steps to get to about 75% of the answer. The last slide has the answers
The oringal resource is from NCETM, via Resourceaholic.

By Greenprint

Year 8 . Mini Murder Algebra

Year 8 algebra: like terms, substitution and expanding

By cassh

Murder Mystery - Data Handling with solutions

Murder Mystery style activity used as end of topic revision.
Covers: Pie charts, Time series, Grouped Frequency tables and cumulative frequency graphs.

By Ollie232

Maths Murder Mystery 13 - Made to Measure

A maths murder mystery with 6 suspects. Each of the 5 clues eliminates one suspect. All the clues are based on measurement covering: time, speed, weight, area, perimeter, capacity, measuring length and scale.
By sessa1

Escape rooms and code-breaking 

Maths Code Breaking Lesson

Introduction to Code Breaking. Perfect for Transition Year Classes.

By Sarah Tallon

Crack the Code

This resource is inspired by Escape Rooms, a fun challenging experience loved by most, especially my family. This specific task is to unlock or crack the code by solving different problems, which include numbers, algebra geometry and a little bit of stats. Students have to solve equations, and then use the answers to solve something else again. They even have to construct, read angles, find the median and mode, and much more. There are 36 questions, a Key, and an answer sheet. I gave it to my Year 7’s to solve individually but they were allowed to check their answers with each other. It took them about 2.5 lessons to figure it out. The Maths is not that hard, it’s reading the questions that was the main problem. I then gave it to my Year 8’s to solve in groups of 3/4, only one group could finish it in one lesson. I bought a few locks for my 6-year old son for his birthday as he likes making his own Escape Rooms at home (I know!). This definitely spiced things up as students could see the lock in the classroom and tried their luck with it.

By dawie23

SUVAT Burglar Mystery escape rooms style activity

This is an escape rooms style activity to take rougly 90 minutes (or more depending on teacher input) for a group of about 10 students. The crown jewels have been stolen and the detectives must use the suvat equations to determine which of the arrested suspects is guilty. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully as the task is quite complex, but lots of fun once it gets going!

By supergenau

FDP escape room

This is an end of topic group activity simulating an escape room. You can go full on and use padlocks (8 x 3 digit and 1 x 4 digit) or just get the children to give you the answers. It gets rave reviews from kids and adults alike and can get a bit frantic.
The questions are reasoning type worded questions, instructions are on the first slide, enjoy!
By crochetaddict

Maths projects

Airbus Discovery Space Activity 2: Build a Rocket!

This activity has been designed to span several lessons, and is where students put what they have learned in Activity 1 into practice by actually designing and building their own water rockets.

It incorporates many different maths skills (see below), as well as non-maths specific skills like teamwork and communication.
It is a group work task which works best with groups of 2 or 3 people.

It can be easily adapted for the needs of your particular class. For example, on the Measurement sheet, any concepts that the students have not yet encountered (such as volume of a cone) can be deleted. Likewise, the scale drawing can be simplified by not asking for the plan and elevation, and by giving students squared paper.

This project can incorporate the following areas of maths, with the option to remove components if they are not suitable for your class:
● Money calculations
● Estimation
● Measuring lengths and weights
● Calculating area
● Calculating volume
● Density
● Scale drawing
● Drawing plans and elevations

By AirbusDiscoverySpace

Maths - Projects and other Cool Extension activities - critical thinking

There is always a few classes here and there where there is a bit of extra time and students could be doing activities that go beyond the syllabus.
Long ago I decided that I wanted to use this “extra time” on activities that encourage deeper thinking.
This was why I put together this list of activities. Here there are projects, research activities, discussions and games. Most of those activites are taken from somewhere on the internet, shared by some of the awesome sharing souls out there. The others, I created myself.
Download the word document here and then download the resources from dropbox (link in the word document).
Hope you Enjoy :)
#extension #beyond_the_syllabus #projects #games #critical_thinking #fun #Maths

By Danielle Molisani

Regular Polygon Investigation

A short project where students find the optimal area for a regular polygon with a perimeter of 900m using isosceles triangles. I first get the pupil’s to investigate areas involving rectangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and isosceles triangles before looking at regular polygons. I have also included the PowerPoint to help support the project.
I have used this resource with my top set year 8’s who have not studied Trigonometry yet, therefore I have included the dimensions of some the sides which can easily be adjusted/deleted depending on your group. This project lasted over two weeks, getting pupil’s to create a poster of their posters at the end.

By lane1988

Functional Mathematics: Build a Farm

LO:  Think  about perimeter and area in context.
Overview: This project gets students to think about using constraints from written information to create a farm yard space. The farm also brings in the ideas of money calculation, areas and perimeters.
Suggested approach: Use the introduction PowerPoint to engage the students with the task. Once all questions have been answered each student can then be given a copy of the constraints sheet and a copy of the double-sided values sheet. Student will also need and piece of A4 centimetre squared paper and an A3 piece of paper.
By dhoskin

End of year maths quizzes

2019 End of year 9 Maths Quiz

6 rounds of questions ideal for an end of term activity
4 rounds being on the rounds being Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics covered during Year 9 with the remaining 2 rounds being a picture round and a general knowledge round.

Hope you enjoy
Please leave feedback

By simon murphy

Maths End of Term Quiz

An end of term Maths Quiz suitable for yr 5 through to year 10. 8 Blocks of 10 question featuring dingbats, 2 pics one word, memory, number answers, prime factors, world record estimates etc Designed to be accessible by all not just the top end of each class. The answers are on the ppt after the 80 questions and an excel pupil answer sheet is included to print off. It worked well with my classes so I hope you find it useful too.

By mmilne

Big Fat End of Year Quiz

A quiz for the end of year, ten rounds of brands, animals, lego figures, Mr Men, landmarks, flags, cartoons, board games etc There is a round which is specific to my school but you can delete or upload your own photos. There is an answer grid for students to complete. Answers are in the comment section of the powerpoint. Enjoy
By mtowns

End of Term Maths Quiz

5 rounds with 10 questions + bonus question Can be used with Key Stage 3 and 4 classes, maybe possible to use with some key stage 2 classes.
By Mayuri Degan

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