Preparing SEN pupils for exams

Sian Evans
10th March 2017
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Tips, tools and templates to ensure that students with SEN are prepared for success ahead of the exam season 

You’ll be hard-stretched to find a pupil who doesn’t dread exams, let alone one with special education needs. The thought of exams is often more stressful for SEN students, who can find the change in routine and pressure to work under exam conditions a challenge.

Whether your learners need help with memorising information, organising their revision notes or managing their time effectively, we’ve selected a range of resources to ensure their success. 

Primary resources

Recap how to write simple, compound and complex sentences using this easy-to-follow revision lesson, complete with an accompanying CPD presentation about teaching grammar. Follow this up by making sure that all the words in those well-constructed sentences are spelt correctly with these innovative tips for learning spellings.

Alternatively, these colourful mats are ideal for use a handy reference for pupils revising the basics of number, money and time in maths lessons.

Improve pupils’ memory skills ahead of any test with help from this short clip, containing a range of activities and games that are designed to make revision fun. 

Secondary resources

Help pupils to avoid losing marks for silly mistakes in any written exam using this cloze-sentence activity, which focuses on the correct use of there, their or they're. 

Ensure that students take ownership of their revision by using this resource pack, including a study timetable template as well as hints and tips for effective learning. Equally, these one-sided step-by-step guides are full of advice about creating mind-maps, research boards and to-do lists to help revision feel less overwhelming.

Finally, encourage learners to make the most of the extra time they receive during their exams by taking them through this detailed presentation, outlining a variety of practical tips.

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