Preparing SEN pupils for exams

Sian Evans
18th April 2018
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Tips, tools and templates to ensure that students with SEN are prepared for success ahead of the exam season 

You’ll be hard-stretched to find a pupil who doesn’t dread exams, let alone for students who find the change in routine and pressure to work under exam conditions a challenge. Whether your learners need help with memorising information, organising their revision notes or managing their time effectively, we’ve selected a range of resources to set them on the right track.

Primary resources

Recap how to write simple, compound and complex sentences using this easy-to-follow revision lesson, complete with an accompanying CPD presentation about teaching grammar. Follow this up by making sure that all the words in those well-constructed sentences are spelt correctly with these dyslexia-friendly spelling lists.  

Alternatively, these colourful mats are ideal as a handy reference for pupils revising essential mathematical vocabulary during revision lessons.

Improve pupils’ memory skills ahead of any test with help from this short clip, containing a range of activities and games that are designed to make revision fun.


SPAG- superb sentences

Sixth in the series. focusing on sentence work and a short power point for CPD for staff on grammar in general .

Dyslexia Friendly Spelling Lists KS1 and KS2 Big Spellings

This resource can be used along side my other Big Spelling resources. Big Spellings can be used in a primary or junior school so that each child has a spelling list to suit their ability. (see my other resources which include initial assessments and full instructions). These lists can be used for a few children in each class who really struggle to retain spellings. Each week these Dyslexia Friendly spellings consist of the same 5 High Frequency Words for 3 weeks in a row. Each week the other 5 spellings change and are phonic based, with the easier sounds first. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!
By ellieteacher

Maths Vocabulary Mats

A selection of colourful vocabulary mats to support maths, some double sided and with picture support. Highlights the core vocabulary for the maths topic covered. Sassoon font used throughout
By bevevans22

Helping Children's Visual Skills and Memory

Professor Amanda Kirby describes how to improve children's visual skills.
By DysTalk_UK

Secondary resources

Help pupils to avoid losing marks for silly mistakes in any written exam using this cloze-sentence activity, which focuses on the correct use of there, their or they're. 

Ensure that students take ownership of their revision by using this resource pack, including a study timetable template as well as hints and tips for effective learning. Equally, these one-sided step-by-step guides are full of advice about creating mind-maps, research boards and to-do lists to help revision feel less overwhelming.

Finally, encourage learners to make the most of the extra time they receive during their exams by taking them through this detailed presentation, outlining a variety of practical tips.


There, their, they're sorting activity - SEN

This activity requires students to sort clozed sentences by whether the missing word should be there, their or they're. These resources were designed for use when teaching adults using a multisensory structured literacy programme (for example, Alpha to Omega or Hickey), but could also be used for children.
By colleenpearson

Guide to Effective Revision - book and timetable

This illustrated guide explains effective revision in a fully illustrated booklet, ideal for KS3/KS4 pupils. Laid out in a clear, concise format that pupils might actually read, the booklet is full of hints and tips and follows the popular Oaka Books revision pack style. Hugely popular, this booklet is now being used by over 4,500 teachers around the world.

As we know just how much time is spent creating a revision timetable work of art (rather than actually revising!), we have also put together a downloadable revision timetable for you to print off for your pupils.

This resource booklet comes with timetable for download.

Since July 2015, this resource has been downloaded over 4,500 times and has been a TES Recommended product.

Full details of 50 Oaka Books topic packs for KS1, KS2 and KS3 can be found at
By OakaBooks

One-Page Study Skills Guides - Mind-Maps etc

One-sided step-by-step guides to creating a mind-map, a research board and a (useful!) to-do list. Can be stuck in books, used as a poster or laminated as a 'help card&'. Good for English lessons for lower-attainers and for study skills mentoring(especially those who have dyslexia-type difficulties). I&';ll keep adding more as I create them... For more:
By Matt Grant

How to use your extra time in exams.

This is a powerpoint we use in our Learning Support department to encourage our students to use their extra time effectively.
By alfr75

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