Revision homework for GCSE history students

14th March 2019
history GCSE revision booklets for students

Encourage students to take control of their own revision using this hand-picked selection of GCSE resources from our collection

As GCSE examinations are drawing rapidly nearer, encouraging students to become independent learners has never been more important. Support your students to structure their revision at home with these chosen revision resources created by teachers for teachers. 


Revision Clock

A way of revising which can break a topic down into 12 sub-categories.
Ask a student to make notes in each chunk of the clock. Revise each slot for 5 minutes, turn the clock over and ask the student to recite back to you certain sections of the clock. 'e.g. what was in section 2-3'.
Works well with GCSE students.
By teachgeogblog

GCSE 9-1: The Big Story of British Medicine Revision Activity

GCSE British Medicine Through Time
New 2016 Specification
Grades 9-1
Can be used for AQA, Edexcel, OCR or iGCSE exam boards.

Revision activity sheet covering the ‘Big Story of British Medicine’ from Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial and Modern Britain.
Timeline activity for key dates across history, heart rate tracking of mediecal progress across time (treatment, ideas on cause, prevention and care)

Perfect for an overview of the British medicine topic

Print on A3 for maximum benefit

Please see my other lessons & resources
Feedback welcome!

By MrThorntonTeach

Revision Booklet Medicine AQA Health and the People

Revision work booklet for students studying the new GCSE AQA Health and the People. Contains key questions and vocabulary as well as an area to consider the significance of key figures throughout the 4 eras. Some exam question advice and practice question ideas also.
By Ellenmaep

AQA GCSE History Revision Activity Booklets

Useful for students completing Paper of AQA Modern History Spec B.

Topics covered:
1) Peacemaking 1918-19 and the League of Nations
2) Hitler's Foreign Policy and the Outbreak of WW2.
3) The Origins of the Cold War 1945-60
By jbenstead1

AQA GCSE: Norman England 1066 – 1100 Revision Placemats (Topic 1)

This resource includes 3 revision placemats covering topic 1 of the new AQA GCSE topic, Norman England 1066 – 1100. Each placemat is titled:

• The Succession Crisis
• Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?
• How did William establish control after the Battle of Hastings?

These are great for last minute revision or to put on a ‘google classroom’ for all students to look at on their home computers.

If you have found this resource useful or want to get even more value for your money please follow this link to find a bundle of over 30 revision placemats covering a variety of AQA GCSE History topics: Major AQA GCSE History Revision Bundle
By matthew_nolan

New AQA GCSE History: Russia 1894-1945 Revision Placemats

These are revision placemats for the new AQA GCSE History course covering the topic 'Russia 1894-1945'. For each of the key questions there is a placemat with the key events, key words and also in depth analysis for the major points needed for the exam. The topics are:
1) Why did the Tsarist Regime collapse in 1917?
2) How did the Bolsheviks gain power in October 1917?
3) How did the Bolsheviks hold on to power?
4) How did Stalin gain and hold on to power?
5) What was the impact of Stalin's economic policies?
6) What role did Stain's wartime leadership play in the defeat of Germany in the Great Patriotic War?

They are created on A3 (on powerpoint) but can easily be adapted to A4.

If you have found this resource useful or want to get even more value for your money please follow this link to find a bundle of over 30 revision placemats covering a variety of AQA GCSE History topics: Major AQA GCSE History Revision Bundle
By matthew_nolan

Germany 1890-1945 Democracy and Dictatorship AQA GCSE 9-1 Bundle Part 1

  • This bundle is the first part in a series of lessons I have created for AQA GCSE 9-1 Germany 1890-1945: Democracy and Dictatorship. I have taught this course for more than 20 years now and have finally decided to completely overhaul my lessons to bring them up to date with the latest teaching and learning ideas I have picked up and with a focus on the new 9-1 GCSE. Furthermore I have dispensed with learning objectives to focus on specific exam questions which all the lessons are tailored to.

  • As well as focusing on GCSE exam practice questions, the lessons apply the skills necessary to enable the students to achieve the highest grades. The lessons will allow students to demonstrate (AO1) knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of the period studied from the Kaiser and the problems he faced as well as the implementation of the Treaty of Versailles and the challenges faced by the Weimar Government. They will study (AO2) second-order concepts such as change and continuity in the new Weimar Constitution and the causes and consequences of Stresemann’s policies. The analysis and evaluation of sources (AO3) are used in for example the Treaty of Versailles and the Munich Beer Hall Putsch lessons whilst substantiated judgements are made (AO4) on political and economic problems of the Weimar Republic as well as questioning whether the later 1920’s really were a Golden Age.

  • The lessons are as follows:

  • L1: Kaiser Wilhelm II

  • L2 The Kaiser’s Government and Weltpolitik

  • L3 The impact of World War 1 on Germany

  • L4 The Weimar Constitution and Political Parties

  • L5 The Treaty of Versailles

  • L6 Political Uprisings – the Spartacists and the Kapp Putsch

  • L7 The Ruhr Crisis and Hyperinflation

  • L8 The Munich Beer Hall Putsch

  • L9 Super Stresemann

  • L10 The Golden Age of Stresemann

  • Please note that setting a full mock examination in class after completing this unit is strongly recommended. All the examination resources and markschemes are subject to copyright but can easily be found on the AQA website.

  • Each resource gives suggested teaching strategies and are differentiated . They come in PDF and Powerpoint formats and can be amended and changed to suit. If you like this bundle, please review it and receive a Germany 1890-1945 Revision Summary Guide worth £3.50 for free which can be found here:

  • I have also made AQA Germany 1890-1945 Revision Guide, which has two 5 star ratings and can be found here:

  • If you like this resource, please click here for Part 2 of Germany 1890-1945: and click here for Part 3 of Germany 1890-1945:

By PilgrimHistory

Power and the People Revision Guide AQA 9-1 GCSE

  • This 33 page revision guide covers AQA GCSE Britain: Power and the People, c.1170 to the present day.

  • The Guide is broken down into four sections: challenging authority and feudalism, challenging royal authority, reform and reformers and equality and rights. The Guide starts by explaining the 4 questions types asked in the exam and gives suggestions and tips on the easiest way to tackle these.

  • The Revision Guide gives over 20 typical exam questions asked on each topic (from significance, to how useful, to similarities and differences to factors) and how to put these questions into practice with model answers.

  • This Guide has been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow and can be adapted and changed to suit with PDF and word formats supplied.

  • This Guide can be used for revision, interleaving, within the classroom as well for homework purposes.

  • Any reviews on this resource would be much appreciated. Please review and receive a free copy of the AQA Power and the People flashcards I have made worth £4 which can be found here:

  • If you like this guide, please check out my others for AQA History on Germany 1890-1945, Conflict and Tension 1918-39 and Elizabeth.

By PilgrimHistory


GCSE History Edexcel Crime & Punishment Revision Pack/Booklet

This pack includes:
31 fact sheets for each topic needed for the Edexel 1-9 Crime and Punishment GCSE History Paper 1 unit. Each fact sheet can be copied into a revision booklet for your students. The amount of detail is high but key points are highlighted throughout for weaker students.
Also included are 4x revision diagrams for each period of the study and 4 x example exam question sheets with sample questions from Edexcel’s specimin and sample papers.

This will make a perfect revision booklet for the students as I find the revision workbooks currently available seem to lack some detail in key areas. Information has been taken from both Hodder and Pearson books to keep a balance.

Please be kind enough t leave a review if you find this pack useful.

I am about to start a differentiated version of this content so watch this space.

By RAResources

Henry Viii and his Ministers Revision Booklet

This booklet is designed for students to complete independently with the use of the Pearson textbook for the Edexcel/Pearson exam (from 2018 entry.) Page numbers on each page/activity coincide with the textbook. This booklet is designed to get the key aspects of revision content in one place. PDF and Publisher versions are included in the package.
By Griff-Griff

Edexcel 9-1 GCSE - Weimar and Nazi Germany Revision Guide

Edexcel 9-1 GCSE
Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 - 1929
New 2016 Specification

Revision guide covering the complete Weimar and Nazi Germany topic
- The Weimar Republic
- The rise of the Nazi party
- Life in Nazi Germany
Contains detailed top level (Grade 9)l knowledge on all aspects of the course, covering the specification from Edexcel
Includes a wide range of exam questions (Explain, Source Utility, Inference and Interpretation) with 'how to' guide for each question
Knowledge Organisers included alongside contents page
Visually laid out revision guide with images aiding information.

Can be used for revision, homework, interleaving, within class teaching and as a basis for a workbook.

Cheap to print for students (76p a copy) which is cheaper than purchasing multiple revision guides which can lack detailed content for higher ability students.

Please see my other lessons and resources
Feedback welcome

By MrThorntonTeach

Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91: Unit 2 Revision Guide and Workbook

A 28 page revision guide and workbook for the Superpower relations and Cold War GCSE course. This booklet contains detailed grade 9 knowledge and information on all aspects of Unit 2 Cold War Crisis 1958-70. There are a wide range of exam questions with a how to guide for each question type, example responses and hints and tips. There are a range of worksheets and revision activities for each key area in unit 2. Mutiple choice quizzes, self assessment tasks, key term quizzes and the opportunity to practice exam style questions throughout. This booklet can be used to teach the entire unit during lessons or set as homework tasks or for flipped learning. If you are short of time this booklet can be used to ensure that your students cover the required knowledge, skills and are exam ready. This booklet amounts to around 10 lessons or is ideal for cover too. These resources take a very long time to plan and prepare, so please leave a review if you have the time. I hope that you find these resources helpful. Unit 3 IS NOW AVAILABLE.
In addition to these study guides a complete study guide for Edexcel 9-1 Nazi Germany can be found here

By PlanMyLesson .

Edexcel 9-1 Medicine & WW1 Exam Question Practice booklet

This is a revision guide which breaks down the approach for each questions and includes a wide range of Edexcel-style questions for students to practice from Paper 1 (WW1 and Medicine). All of the questions are credited from Edexcel or Hodder 9-1 materials.

By bamblemash

EDEXCEL GCSE History 9-1: Western Front and Medicine in Britain

Revision aid to support students revising for Medicine in Britain from c1250 to present and Surgery on the Western Front.

By Charlieo27

GCSE The American West, c1835 -c1895 Revision & Quiz Book

A 12 page revision and quiz book for the GCSE The American West, c1835-c1895 course. This GCSE revison guide includes activities to develop the in depth knowledge needed to succeed at GCSE level, for instance there are quick fire quiz questions for each unit, key event anagrams, consequence activities etc. A teacher answer booklet is included. These can be used for homework activities, unit tests or taught along side lessons.

By PlanMyLesson .

GCSE Anglo Saxon & Normans Revision Booklet

Revision booklet with detailed timeline, helpful tips to layout revision and exam questions!

By teni_oladehin


OCR SHP The Elizabethans Revision Booklets Units 1 -5

OCR SHP Elizabethans - 5 revision booklets with answers integrated in the PPT

By tanyarogers

OCR SHP GCSE Revision sheets

Revision sheets designed for GCSE OCR SHP History options Crime and Punishment, the Elizabethans, The Making of America and living under Nazi Rule

By Usersby

Revision Booklets for OCR SHP B GCSE NEW

4 content revision booklets with exam questions and exemplar answers.
Making of America
Living under Nazi Rule
Crime and Punishment
The Elizabethans

By stephanieparrett

OCR SHP Making of America Revision

These resources were used during ‘turbo’ sessions in the lead up to the summer exams. Exam focused. Simple and effective overviews. Nicely structured for students.

By kneller

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