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14th February 2020
GCSE Revision

Help students prepare for GCSE/iGCSE and tackle revision with confidence using these exam practice resources from our very own GCSE/iGCSE revision collection

With exams right around the corner, and intervention classes and afterschool revision gearing up, it's now time for students to start thinking about helping themselves and taking charge of their own revision.

To ensure your pupils get off on the right foot, we’ve gathered a range of supportive resources to help them prepare for exams using these exam practice resources and revision timetable templates, all of which can be found in our GCSE/iGCSE revision collection.

Revision Timetables

Reflection Revision Planner

Instead of a revision timetable, I have created a Reflection Revision Planner.


Unlike a timetable, it requires you to reflect on yourself and your studies regularly in order to make sense of what you are studying and why.

I hope it will keep you motivated, as you can shape and adapt your revision and have more meaningful study sessions that make a difference.


Download now for your students!
By Miss C

Revision Timetable Planner

A revision timetable planner that students can use to plot their revision from February to June. It also contains a page of top tips and revision ideas.
By Anon31963635360579024

English & MFL

AQA Language Paper 1 Practice Papers

Two practice papers for AQA Language Paper 1, mocked up to include a tick/cross evaluation for both students and teachers. I have used these with my Year 11s as Homework in practice for their upcoming Mock Exams.
By Matt Ebbs

AQA Language Paper 1 - custom paper with mark scheme

AQA Language Paper 1 - custom paper with mark scheme

This is a mock exam based on the AQA new specification.

I hope some of you might find it useful in preparing for the summer exam.
By Kattin

GCSE French speaking booklet

KS4 booklet with about 90 questions to practice conversation questions for French GCSE.
Questions are divided into 5 themes.
Students can write in the booklet.
By Aude BIE

German GCSE 9 - 1 Specifications Speaking Exam Photo Cards.

Based on the new specifications of exam boards for German GCSE, I have produced 40 different photo cards, all have 5 questions. The range of questions covers both foundation and higher tiers. The cards cover all 3 themes and all sub-themes. The questions are based on information/ specifications/ sample materials from several exam boards. They can be used over many lessons for practising this part of the exam and/or as part of mock exams.

By cgazzal


Going for gold! - GCSE problem solving papers

These papers test skills that appear on both foundation and higher tier papers.

Each paper has three versions to choose from: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They are the same questions, but the amount of scaffolding is adjusted in each.

There are worked solutions to accompany every paper.

The Platinum paper is an extension to further challenge your students.

Full preview available at http://www.JaggersMaths.co.uk/going-for-gold

By JaggersMaths

Algebra | Grade 8/9 target New 9-1 GCSE Maths

This pack contains 48 exam style question cards covering the curriculum for the top grades of the new (9-1) GCSE in algebra written for students aiming for grades 8 and 9.

Topics included are as follows:

*Rearranging Equations - 2 cards
*Expanding Binomials - 3 cards
*Algebraic Fractions - 4 cards
*Algebraic Proof - 5 cards
*Quadratic Equations including Completing the Square and Factorising where the x^2 coefficient is greater than one - 8 cards
*Sequences including Quadratic Sequences - 5 cards
*Geometric Sequences - 4 cards
*Quadratic Inequalities - 5 cards
*Simultaneous Equations involving Quadratics and the Circle Equation - 3 cards
*Functions - 4 cards
*Iterative Methods - 5 cards

The design of a card means you can use these in a variety of ways in your classroom; as a starter or a plenary, as extension work, as homework or as a revision tool. An answer key is included. As is a handy student answer sheet where students can pit their answers, allowing for the cards to be reused.

We also have available our grade 6/7 target algebra gcse cards.

This is available as part of a bundle with graphs, geometry, number and statistics, all aimed at grades 8/9.
By LittleStreams

MATHS GCSE REVISION & PRACTICE PAPERS confidence building 50+ papers- Regenerates

Confidence building GCSE papers
50 + papers (or 100+ if you want) since regenerates new questions every time.
You need Microsoft EXCEL
Each paper is predictable by design. Same layout each time. Students master over 30 key topics in mixed papers.
Complement, not replace, GCSE past papers.
Answers provided - can choose to give to students or not.
Aimed for students to complete a series of, to gain confidence.
Over 30 topics for those targeting grade 2 - 6 on Foundation or Higher paper.
Can select grade 2-3 (2 pages), 4-5 (4 pages) or 2-5 (6 pages) papers,
Topics covered include:
long multiplication, fractions, simplifying algebra, expand and factorise, percentages, ratio, averages, negative number arithmetic, substitution, short division, area of shapes incl. triangles, trapezium and circles, probability, tree diagrams,missing angles, simultaneous equations, worded sim eqns, mean from a group table, expand and factorise and solve quadratics, standard form, speed, surface area and volume of cylinders, trigonometry and pythagoras in right angled triangles, nth term solving eqns and inequalities.

Please re-download every now again. Any bugs will be fixed and I hope to extend the topics that are included.
By creative-moments

Exam questions- Direct and inverse proportion

Exam questions on direct and indirect proportion compiled into a double sided worksheet to help with the photocopying crunch!

By Clover26


Physics (AQA) student revision grid timetable new GCSE 1-9

Give to your students from January. Each day has a different question for them to work out for preparation and revision of the 1-9 GCSE.

Questions for combined, separate, F and H tier students. Dates are from Jan 2018 (so they may need to be slightly altered if you use in 2019 onwards)


GCSE Biology: Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport Worksheet Pack

A comprehensive pack of five worksheets aimed at GCSE Biology students, covering the topic of ‘transport across membranes’.
The worksheets are visually appealing and are designed to encourage independent learning and familiarisation of the key terminology. Students can use textbooks or their notes to complete the sheets. The sheets could also be used for revision of the topic or as an assessment.
Answer sheets are provided for each worksheet.

The pack includes the following worksheets:

  1. Diffusion
  2. Factors that affect diffusion
  3. Osmosis (two versions: one using water potential in the definition, the other using water concentration)
  4. Active transport
  5. Summary crossword on all of the above
By Rebecca Moon

GCSE Chemistry Revision Quiz

50 Question multiple choice revision quiz for GCSE Chemistry. Ideal class activity testing knowledge and understanding of content from across the specification. Suitable for students who have completed or nearly completed the course as part of a revision lesson and helps with developing memory recall skills. Contains some higher tier questions which can be edited for lower ability groups. Fully editable with ‘Ask me’ to give all students opportunities to answer.
The quiz makes use of a 15 second timer to encourage quick thinking and improve speed of knowledge recall, after which the question is covered, only leaving the possible answers. Incorrect answers chosen are highlighted red to provide instant feedback to the students during the quiz and allowing for opportunities to discuss the correct answer.
When playing the presentation, the quiz is navigated by on-screen buttons to encourage students to answer all questions rather than skipping through to ensure that they are familiar with these topics and consolidate their learning across the course. This also provides opportunities for students to identify areas of weakness where they need to focus their revision.

By jdlangford1

New GCSE AQA 9-1: Energy Stores

Questions for students to complete on energy stores for the new GCSE. Matches the new way of teaching energy. In the first questions students write down energy stores at the start point and end point, in the second set of questions they analyse "model" answers and suggest corrections.

Answers are on the second sheet.
By colinhannah1982


Paper 2 Questions – Henry VIII and his Ministers

A mock paper with question guidance for the second half of Paper 2 for Edexcel - covering Wolsey and Early Cromwell

By historynade

GCSE 9-1 Edexcel Paper 2 Structure Strips - Consequence, Importance and Narrative Questions

9-1 GCSE
New 2016 Specification

Structure strips to aid students answering the three types of exam questions from the Edexcel 9-1 Period Depth Study from Paper 2.

Students stick to the left margin and use to aid writing assessment questions. Can be used for peer/self assessment also.

Can be used for the following topics:
● Spain and the ‘New World’, c1490–c1555
● British America, 1713–83: empire and revolution
● The American West, c1835–c1895
● Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941–91
● Conflict in the Middle East, 1945–95.

Credit to @mrlockyer for original idea

Please see my other lessons & resources
Feedback welcome
By MrThorntonTeach

AQA New 9-1 GCSE Geography - Revision Question Booklets - Urban; Economic World; RM; Rivers ;Coasts

New AQA 9-1 GCSE Geography revision work booklets. Topics; Urban; Economic World; RM; Rivers and coasts.

I have included both the PDF versions and PPT versions so that it can be easily adapted to suit your own case studies/topics. Each booklet is designed to be used as homework or intervention.

Each booklet follows the same format; 3 marks awarded for knowledge recall; 3 marks for using and applying knowledge using a figure; 2 marks for further knowledge recall; 1 mark for planning a long answer and 6 marks for an extended exam question

I hope you find them useful.
By ritchiefoster21

Become the Examiner: Describing and Measuring Birth Rate

'Become the Examiner' Resources come in two parts. A worksheet gives students the chance to practise answering an example examination question. A presentation then allows students to look at sample top, middle and bottom level answers along with annotations that justify the examiner's marks. Good exam practices as well as common errors are highlighted. This 'Become the Examiner' looks at how we describe and measure birth rates.
By Anon25659074882152920

Sport & Creative

EXAM Q PYRAMIDS Anatomy & Physiology

These powerpoint starters provide you with 3 LEARNING PYRAMIDS focused on the Applied Anatomy & Physiology section of the AQA GCSE (9-1) specification. Answers are displayed in stages within the powerpoint to allow comprehensive self or peer marking (another time saver!).

Each LEARNING PYRAMID tests the students in the key areas of Knowledge (AO1), Application (AO2) and Evaluation (AO3).

Students are presented with:
3 Knowledge questions RED
2 Application questions AMBER
1 Evaluation question GREEN


I give my students 10 minutes to complete one LEARNING PYRAMID (timer on-screen) which corresponds with the typical
’1 mark per minute’ approach to GCSE PE theory exams.

Also provided are students answer sheets in both printable JPEG form and editable form.

By Mr PE

300+ Exam Questions for GCSE PE (AQA) with markschemes

Fully interactive Powerpoint containing 300+ Exam Questions for GCSE PE (AQA) with markschemes. The questions include multiple choice, short answers and long answers. This is an ideal classroom resource or a great revision tool.

By hannafords

GCSE PE NEW SPEC REVISION - Exam Question Analysis - How to deconstruct an exam question

This is a booklet that helps you learn how to deconstruct exam questions and answer them.

It includes over 15 questions from every single GCSE PE Topic

By Darren Wheeler

GCSE Music Language for Learning Bundle Bellringers Starters Revision Activities

No matter which GCSE Music specification you are offering, every single one of the 190 - let me say that again 190! - activities in this pack will help your students master the language for learning/ terminology/ vocab - call it what you will - for the GCSE Music course.

Included in this pack is:

44 x word searches to pre-teach vocabulary
44 x flash card templates to pre-teach definitions
44 x mix ‘n’ match activities to teach/ revise vocabulary and definitions
44 x crossword puzzles to use for revision activities. (PLUS you can re-use all the mix ‘n’ match resources to create indefinite Quiz-Quiz-Trade activities for revision starters and plenaries in Year 11.)
14 x Interactive Quizzes covering all elemental areas, Music general knowledge, and even common foreign terms (up to ABRSM Grade 5 ABRSM standard).

I really hope that you will enjoy my resources and find them useful. I pride myself on the quality of the resources that I publish, and I welcome feedback and enquiries from all of my colleague-customers across the world. I can be contacted directly at rainynightmusic@hotmail.com and I would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for considering this resource for your classroom.

By rainynightmusic

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