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Full of assessment and science-y type stuff!




Full of assessment and science-y type stuff!
BUNDLE Year 6 Chemistry: Properties of Matter/ Materials

BUNDLE Year 6 Chemistry: Properties of Matter/ Materials

Year 6. C64. Properties of Matter/ Materials Six fully developed lessons for Year 6 Chemistry: Properties of Matter/ Materials. A workbook which runs alongside the presentation to give ease of marking and proof of assessment and feedback. Once complete, pupils can use this as a revision tool as it will be fully self, and teacher assessed. A SOW with ideas on how to best present and run this series of lessons. All ready to download, print and go! Lessons included: • Lesson 1: Acids and alkalis. What are hazard symbols? What are acids and alkalis? What is the pH scale? • Lesson 2: The pH scale. What is an indicator? Practical Assessment: Making an indicator. • Lesson 3: Neutralisation. What is neutralisation? How to neutralise an acid and an alkali? Testing wasp and bee stings. • Lesson 4: Indigestion Remedies. How to neutralise an acid and an alkali. What’s the best remedy? • Lesson 5: Temperature. What is temperature? What is heat? Save the penguins from the cold challenge. • Lesson 6: Insulators and conductors. Define an insulator. Define a conductor. Which materials are fit for their purpose? Each lesson incorporates: • A starter task • A main task(s) • A plenary • A PIT STOP activity (where pupils can check their progress in the lesson so far) • Paper resources and practical activity ideas • Assessment opportunities (we use a purple pen to show progress throughout using self-assessment, this is what the purple pen icon represents throughout the presentations) • Feedback and self-reflection • Extension opportunities • Prep tasks (homework) I don’t own any of the images in any document. If you’d like to have a look at the quality of the work then please check out: Lesson 1. Biology. Classification is avaliable for free from here if you’d like to try out the lesson and see the quality and quantity before purchasing the bundle. https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/year-6-biology-living-things-and-their-habitats-lesson-1-classification-12348712