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EYFS and KS1 leader in a primary school.
EYFS Medium term plan for Owl Babies/Nocturnal animals.

EYFS Medium term plan for Owl Babies/Nocturnal animals.

EY unit of work. Within the learning challenges for this topic the children will research and learn about nocturnal animas. They will explore their own feelings about the dark and discuss what it is like to be afraid and brave. The children will research animal homes and discuss how these compare to their own. Asking questions and research will be a key element of learning throughout all the challenges. The children will develop their art skills and represent the nocturnal animals using different media. Outdoor den making, using musical instruments, and retelling the story ‘Owl Babies’ story will also be key learning opportunities. There will also be an opportunity for the children to bake some nest cakes and follow cooking instructions, An educational visit to an owl centre could be planned for the final week and visits from people within the community who look after hedgehogs and bats could also be invited into the school.