Launching the TES Global Data and Insights Group

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About joining the TES Global Data and Insights Group - rules of the road

Thank you for your interest in the TES Global Data and Insights Group. This group is aimed primarily at educators, education writers and policy makers but it may be valuable to any individual who engages in public discourse about education.

It is designed primarily to provide early access to exclusive education data published by TES Global, the publisher of TES (formerly the Times Educational Supplement) and Times Higher Education. These publications can include but would not necessarily be limited to:

  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings releases
  • Data stories from TES
  • Global EdTech in the Classroom survey
  • TES Recruitment Index
  • Occasional surveys of the 8 million education professionals in the TES community, which focus on current issues

We invite interested individuals to subscribe to the group to receive releases of new data and insights 1-2 days in advance of their general release. This information is provided under a strict embargo, which is to allow publication to be coordinated between many interested parties. For those who are prepared to respect the embargo, it provides time to consider the data pending release, to prepare responses or acknowledgements where these are relevant or appropriate.

In some cases, we request those publishing the data to cite the full data published on our website with a link, where appropriate.

We reserve the right to refuse applications to subscribe to the group. Our aim is to foster open discussion on important issues facing educators in any branch of this fascinating and exciting sector. However, if we believe individuals are misusing our data and insights releases (for example, by breaking embargoes), we may stop their subscription.

Obviously, we'll get this wrong sometimes so if you think we could improve the way we manage this group, please let us know, any time.

Click here if you would like to join the group.