Less than one in 10 teachers set to use textbooks in most lessons by 2020

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The Tes-YouGov findings follow calls from ministers to use textbooks more in class, in line with top-performing nations

Fewer teachers are using textbooks in most of their lessons, and the number is set to drop further, a survey has found.

One in 10 teachers say they use textbooks in more than half of their lessons – a drop from 13 per cent three years ago. And just 8 per cent of those surveyed think they will be using textbooks in most or all of their lessons by 2020, a Tes-YouGov survey reveals.

The finding has come despite calls in recent years for teachers to use textbooks more often, in line with the world’s top-performing education systems.

Schools minister Nick Gibb has railed against an “anti-textbook ethos” in the profession, and the government has provided match-funding aimed at increasing the use of textbooks in the classroom.

But a major reason for the declining use of textbooks appears to be their cost in a tight financial climate for schools.

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