Lord Jim Knight's response to NAO Teacher Recruitment Report

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Lord Jim Knight, TES Global’s Chief Education Advisor on the NAO Teacher Recruitment report published on 10 February 2016.

A more creative response is needed: 

"More creative thinking is needed about the recruitment and retention of teachers. And as a sector we need to better sell and celebrate the profession, with a particular focus on selling teaching of the shortage subjects like Maths and Physics and practicing the profession in tough-to-recruit areas such as London and the South East.

We should remove the barriers to qualification with flexible and accessible training for all level of candidates, such as easier routes for teaching assistants with suitable degrees to become qualified teachers.

The retention of teaching talent should have a greater focus, including how we can remove friction and stress from the profession, investing in professional development and part time working options. We should think about how we can tap into teachers that have left the profession, retired or never practiced.  It’s important we keep in touch with teacher alumni especially if they leave for caring responsibilities."

Unique regional and subject insights from the TES Teacher Recruitment Index:

"Unique TES data confirms the NAO report that there is a shortage in teaching talent across England, although our data shows that it’s particularly telling for specific regions like London and the South East and for subjects like maths and physics.

Schools in London, the South East and West Midlands are facing the biggest challenges compared to just three years ago. Inner London, Yorkshire & Humber and North West England have experienced the most rapid falls in recruitment rates since 2012. Physics is the hardest subject to recruit for currently, according to the research. Others that are proving difficult include maths, English and Information Technology.

The impact on schools is an increase in failed recruitment processes and less candidates to choose from. Schools recruiting for physics teachers in London currently receive just 2 applications on average compared to 8 in 2012. Schools recruiting for maths teachers in the East of England now receive just 3 applications on average compared to 7 in 2012."

For more information on the TES Teacher Recruitment Index visit: www.tesglobal.com/index