New online marketplace helps teachers share and sell educational content worldwide

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Worlds largest and most active teacher network expands U.S. footprint
Makes play for $8.
3 billion digital education content market
Gives 100% of U.S. proceeds back to teachers

TES Global, a digital education business committed to supporting teaching and learning, today unveiled, an online marketplace for teacher-generated content and resources. allows U.S. educators to access a global community of teachers and resources. With over 7.3 million registered users, TES is home to the largest online network of teachers worldwide. This active community downloads over one million resources a day. U.S. teachers will be able to share or sell their resources on, and unlike other platforms, will receive 100% of the proceeds from content sold.

Data shows that a seismic shift is taking place in the U.S. classroom. Sales of print materials have fallen in recent years, while the market for education software and digital content has grown to $8.3 billion.[1] Today, 69% of teachers say that open resources are already used more than textbooks.[2] 68% of U.S. teachers say that sharing resources is helping them become better teachers.[3] helps teachers share and access classroom resources and strategies from the source that they value most– peers with experience in the classroom.

Teachers on will enjoy:

  1. Entrepreneurial freedom – Teachers can choose to make their content available for free or for a set price.
  2. Recognition – Teachers receive 100% of proceeds from all resources sold to U.S teachers.
  3. Massive community – TES supports 7.3 million members worldwide, including 1.8 million U.S. teachers, and welcomes between 20 and 30,000 new members each month globally.
  4. Authors’ shops – Teachers can promote themselves and their content through the authors’ shop with a bio and links to social profiles.
  5. Business support – TES’ expert team of content analysts, who are all former classroom teachers, give personalized guidance and support to help authors reach their entrepreneurial goals.

“Teachers are the real experts in education,” said Rob Grimshaw, chief executive officer of TES Global. “Great teachers innovate every day in their classroom, developing tips, resources and materials. With the launch of, they can now share with a vibrant global network of fellow teachers facing similar challenges.”

“I’ve always had textbooks in the classroom, but they’ve never served me or my students very well. While I want to monetize my resources, I also want my content to reach and help as many students as possible," said San Francisco teacher and resource author Charles Snyder. “TES gives teachers worldwide a way to both earn money and earn the professional respect they deserve.”

Teachers using will also have access to virtual classroom technology, powered by TES’ Blendspace, to make it easier to build lessons and fully utilize the online resources and lesson plans they download.

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