Protecting teachers' copyright on Tes Resources

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Tes is committed to helping support and connect teachers. We are proud to provide a platform that allows teachers to publish resources to share with the education community all around the world. We believe that teachers should have the choice to share freely or be financially rewarded for their time and expertise if they want - this decision is entirely in their hands.

Ownership of content

Teachers who upload to Tes must accept responsibility as the owner of the materials they publish into the website - this is built into the upload process and resources do not go live without it.

Respect for each other's work is crucial. As with many hosting platforms and marketplaces, content is not monitored as it goes live into the site. Where content is found to include copyright infringement, this is clear misuse of the site’s terms and conditions and is unacceptable.

Reporting problems

The process for dealing with copyright complaints includes establishing where ownership lies, taking down offending content and ultimately suspending or closing the account where misuse of the site is discovered. Read our full takedown policy here.

We act quickly - within 1 to 2 working days - as soon as we are aware of problems. Where you see copyright infringement, you can contact us directly by emailing, including the link to the page and evidence of original ownership. There is also a ‘Report a problem’ button on all resources pages.

We deal with all complaints on a case-by-case basis through email in order to protect users’ privacy. While it is absolutely unacceptable that a teacher might sell a colleague’s work without permission, it is also vital that all individuals are not identified publicly.

Continuing the discussion

We want teachers to find Tes a wholly constructive, productive place, where education professionals can find the support they need. If you’d like to share your thoughts, visit the Tes community forum to participate in the discussion. This feedback is vital for helping us improve the service we provide.

About the Tes Resources Marketplace

There are currently 640,000 educational resources on Tes, two-thirds of which are freely shared. Paid content, also shared by teachers, has been growing since the introduction of the Marketplace in February 2015. The Marketplace is one of the important ways Tes can support teachers today and we have invested over £50m in running the platform since its launch. It now sees one million downloads a day with the materials being used in classrooms in over 180 countries. The small fee we take from the sale of the resource contributes to helping make the website self-sustainable.