TES and Google for Education join forces to help teachers create and share virtual reality field trip lessons

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World’s largest online teacher network will integrate with both Google Classroom and Google Expeditions to help teachers develop the next generation of digital resources

tes.com, home to the world’s largest network of educators, and Google for Education are working together to help teachers create and share lessons worldwide. Announced at the 2016 ISTE conference, the collaboration will make it easier for teachers to access and share digital resources, and create lessons to accompany virtual reality field trips using Google Expeditions

Starting today, teachers who access a new Google portal on the tes.com marketplace at tes.com/Google will find brand new lessons showing how to use Google Expeditions virtual reality field trips in the classroom, Google’s training center, and featured teachers who are sharing their lessons with their peers through the tes.com global network.  Teachers sharing their creations across tes.com’s eight million registered users worldwide will also be able to login using their Google account, and share their resources and Blendspace lessons in their Google Classroom.

tes.com, which sees over one million downloads of educational resources daily, will also now be even easier to use for teachers who already use Google in the classroom.

Brigitte Ricou-Bellan, Managing Director for TES Digital, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Google for Education to better support the global teaching community. Together we can make it even easier for teachers to quickly and easily create engaging digital lessons wherever they are in the world.”

Emma Fish, Education Partnerships, Google for Education said: "We're excited to launch this integration with tes.com. The new portal offers TES users a seamless experience with Google's suite of tools. Teachers can now find lesson plans compatible with Google Apps for Education, share those lesson plans using Classroom, access free training on Google tools, and even take their classes on immersive virtual journeys to bring their lessons to life with Google Expeditions and the TES portal. It is an exciting integration bringing together content and advanced collaboration tools to save teachers time."

Heidi Bernasconi, Biology and Marine Biology Teacher, Clarkstown North said: “Google Expeditions allows students to experience and interact with media in a way that no student has been able to do before in the classroom.  We can spark a student's interest and increase engagement on the curriculum being presented. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share my classroom-tested lessons with other teachers around the world through tes.com, giving them some practical guidance as they start to experiment with this new technology. Take your kids where a school bus can't. Be your own Ms. Frizzle!”

TES and Google teams will be available for comment at the ISTE conference. For additional information, please visit: www.tes.com/Google

About TES

TES is a digital education company that has been supporting educators for over 100 years. Its mission is to help teachers, schools and universities to succeed. TES is home to the world’s largest online community of teachers, with over 8 million registered users, downloading 1 million classroom resources every day across its global marketplace. We are the foremost education news, analysis and opinion site for teachers, school leaders and other educators, delivered through a global family of news sites, blogs, apps, podcasts and the world’s longest-running education magazine. In the UK, TES is home to the leading teacher recruitment business, a national supply teaching business and the TES Institute for teacher training.

About Google for Education

Google for Education is a solution built for learning and designed for the classroom that includes easy-to-manage affordable devices like Chromebooks, a “mission control” for class through Google Classroom, a powerful suite of productivity tools with Google Apps for Education, and new ways to engage students like Google Expeditions. Together these tools help teachers save time, increase collaboration, and inspire curiosity while students discover and learn together on any device, from anywhere.