The TES bucks trend with 14.5% growth in circulation

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The TES has the 13th best growth rate of all non-free titles in the UK - higher than both The Week and The Economist (18th & 19th respectively), making it one of the most popular titles this year.

The latest ABC certificate shows that the TES circulation (including the TESS) has grown by a significant 14.5% in the last six months; which, in a world of falling print circulations, is a phenomenal achievement.

The ABC report also reveals that the TES (including the TESS) is ranked 42nd in the UK’s subscription based weekly titles - an improvement of 4 places on the last period.

TES Editor, Gerard Kelly, says: "The success of the TES is due to the fact that it serves every type of education professional, whatever role, age or stage they are at in their career. We regularly conduct research with our 400,000 strong readership to ensure we are delivering the content they want to read: Over 80% of our audience says they feel that the TES is written for them.

A major part of our circulation strategy is to engage students as they begin their teacher training, before they enter the classroom. The TES enables them to grow with us and they come to rely on us throughout their entire teaching career." 

A series of editorial developments have helped the TES drive up readership in the last 6 months:

  • Re-focusing the newspaper on:
  • More analysis of policy and news events aimed at explaining how these will play out in the day-to-day lives of teachers and heads
  • More in-depth investigations; breaking stories that are important at both a national and a classroom level
  • More controversial opinion pieces both in the comment section and in the news and analysis pages
  • International news, both sporadic in-depth pieces and in a regular weekly slot

A re-designed magazine that delivers:

  • Greater focus on serious/contentious issues that have a day-to-day bearing on teachers and heads.
  • Longer and more in-depth features
  • A new review section covering books and films and how they relate to the classroom

Across both the newspaper and magazine, there's also been a focus on getting the right columnists for the right audience, including award-winning writer, Ian Martin and cult icon among Heads, Mike Kent.

As the TES reaches its centenary year in September, it is still firmly entrenched at the heart of education, in both print and online providing a highly targeted environment for education businesses to reach their target audience. TSL Education, publishers of the TES, have invested heavily in developing and providing cutting edge online platforms that allow teachers to share hundreds of thousands of resources and talk to each other in a secure and professional online environment. The platforms also help schools to recruit in the most efficient and effective way.

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