TES Institute: Bett Award Winners!

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The TES Institute has won the prestigious Bett Award for the best Learning, Teaching and Assessment tools for schools for its continuous professional development (CPD) courses system for teachers. It is notable that the award is for the teacher centric content as much as the beautifully designed technology platform, including the time and effort taken to film in schools and conduct thorough research with teachers. 

The TES Institute team is seeing real demand for the courses, including the new 'Promote Growth Mindsets in Your School’ by star UK teacher Mike Gershon which is the best selling course of 2016. Since the course was first launched in mid-December, at least one in four course bookings have been teachers signing up to learn about the “growth mindset,” a theory popularised by the research of Carol Dweck at Stanford University – and how to teach it to school children.

Rob Grimshaw, CEO of TES Global commented on the award win and said:

"I am delighted to see TES Institute’s professional development courses recognised by the Bett. A great deal of thought has been put into the content and technology behind them and they are proving very popular with teachers, including our most recent course on growth mindset. This win underlines TES Institute’s position as a real innovator in all areas of teacher training."