Tes authors: The rising stars

Each year we celebrate new authors who’ve thrived since sharing their resources on Tes! When highlighting the author's success, we interview them to find out a little more about their journey and success.

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Below you can find the previous winners of the annual rising star awards! 


2022 Rising stars

Dhir (aka Resourcify) and Rhiannon (aka PsychologywithRhi) both began sharing their resources on Tes in 2021 and have since supported thousands of educators and students worldwide. To celebrate their author success, and provide you with author-to-author support to help you thrive as a resource sharer, we’ve asked the rising stars a few questions about their experience.  
Below you can read the authors’ guidance on simplicity, consistency, resource descriptions and much more.   


Dhir AKA Resourcify   

Tell us a bit about yourself and your teaching background.   

I am extremely passionate about economics and business. This has led me to share my educational resources on Tes.


What motivated you to start sharing your resources on Tes?   

The motivation came to light when I acknowledged the opportunity to share my resources both nationally and internationally via an online platform. This meant that I could help teachers (and thus students) all over the UK and across the world, whilst generating some extra income.  


Why do you think your resources have been so popular with teachers through the last year?   

I believe simplicity (in terms of explaining content clearly) has definitely made my resources popular. This makes my resources more ‘student-friendly’ and prevents unnecessary stress on students.  


What advice would you give to new authors?  

I would recommend that new authors remain consistent. For example, creating and uploading five resources per week for a prolonged period of time (ie, three months plus). Consistency will help new authors remain motivated as it will create a habit.  

Moreover, new authors must appreciate that in order to make money, they need to make quality resources that they would be happy to use. This will increase the satisfaction of the teachers who purchase the authors’ resources and make them more likely to leave a positive review.  

Finally, a good way to boost sales would be to offer free resources to teachers who leave a review. This can be done via email.  


Rhiannon AKA PsychologywithRhi  

Tell us a bit about yourself and your teaching background.  

I’ve been teaching for 13 years and have taught a range of subjects but psychology is my specialism. I have experience in both selective and non-selective schools and I’m currently a head of psychology and sociology in a high performing grammar school. I’m also a psychology examiner.  


What motivated you to start sharing your resources on Tes?  

I would frequently search for resources that would save me time but would benefit my students too. However, being a less mainstream subject, many times I wouldn’t find what I was looking for. So, I began to create resources that I knew I would want to find if I was a psychology teacher, especially one just starting out in their career!  


Why do you think your resources have been so popular with teachers through the last year?  

I have made my resources clear and simple and it’s apparent from my descriptions that I’ve covered all the specification requirements. This means teachers can be assured that they’ll be fit for purpose. My revision notes, in particular, were inspired by students saying to me that they struggled to find really concise notes that just get to the point. So, it’s these students (as well as the teachers) I had in mind when creating them!  


What advice would you give to new authors?  

To really think about what you would want or need from a resource. If you’re looking for something and you can’t find it, then it’s likely someone else is looking for it too, so create it yourself! Be really clear about what’s contained in your resource through previews and product descriptions too. 



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2021 winners:


Charlotte AKA TheTeachingCoach 

What advice would you give to new authors? 

My advice to new authors would be: 
1) develop a ‘brand’ for yourself where your resources are identifiable to you as an author 
2) only produce and upload resources you would be happy using yourself 
3) look for gaps in the resources available on Tes. The platform has loads of amazing resources and my best sellers are those that there are fewer of. 


Clare AKA Cltiplady 

What advice would you give to new authors? 

My advice to new authors would be to be creative, be yourself and share your own ideas (no matter how small they may be) as you never know what someone else is looking for! 



2020 winners:


Alex and Drew (aka twoteachers002


Sam Green (aka Sam1902) 


Abbey Elton (aka Abbeypitts24



2019 winners:

Jake Andrew (aka PrimaryMrAndrew

Daniella O’Brien (aka The Primary Hut



2017 winners

Little Miss Technical 

Rose (Miss C Resources

David (Maths 4 Everyone)

Paul (Lead Practitioner




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