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A level applied maths: Decision revison

A level applied maths: Decision revison

A great resource for A level students on Decision maths. Specifically for AQA but can be used for all other exam boards as well. Provides quick, easy to understand information for the topics. Has many uses including as flashcards, posters, powerpoint presentation for revision and introduction of decision topics. A great and very helpful resource

By suz1230



Battleship is a classic game of strategy and logic kids of all ages love to play. Best of all, it is a great to play in your maths class as it teaches students how to use acartesian planeand understand how to use co-ordinates on a grid. I have made up two PDF versions of the classic battleship game you can download and print The first one is the traditional battleship game and the second one is the slightly more advanced 4 quadrant version of Battleship which is more suited to secondary students. "You just sunk my Battleship!" Enjoy

By Innovativeteachingideas

Position and turns year 1 new curriculum

Position and turns year 1 new curriculum

3 days planning Practical activities - beebots required for most days. Adult instruction, success criteria, starter, AFL and plenaries included. Lessons differentiated. English cross curricular links - we are going on a bear hunt + Spot the dog.

By jodiebaker-14