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Spring Math Task Cards (3rd Grade Common Core)

Spring Math Task Cards (3rd Grade Common Core)

Spring Math Task Cards is a book filled with spring themed cards that you can use to create fun activities. They can be used in your math centers or workstations. They can also be used as an activity for early finishers, pairwork or for homework. This book includes 30 different math task cards for 3rd grade. In this book you will find three different units, each featuring ten task cards for your students to complete. Each unit features a scenario sheet that you can use to introduce the scenario to your class. It also includes the Common Core standards used in the unit so that you will know what skills your students are practicing in each unit. Each individual card asks a question that features one or more Common Core standards that your students can practice. The number of the standard can be found at the bottom left corner of each card, with the skill being practiced on the bottom right. These Common Core Standards are covered: Operations and Algebraic Thinking 3.OA.1 3.OA.2 3.OA.3 3.OA.4 3.OA.8 Number and Operations in Base Ten 3.NBT.1 3.NBT.2 3.NBT.3 Measurement and Data 3.MD.1 3.MD.2 3.MD.7 3.MD.8 Number and Operations – Fractions 3.NF.1 3.NF.3 Geometry 3.G.1 3.G.2 Answer keys are provided in this booklet. All graphics are original and created by myself. Spring Bundle for 3rd Grade Endless - comes with a 25% discount! For more Common Core task cards for 3rd grade, click here. For more Earth Day Common Core task cards for 3rd grade, click here. Thanks for visiting my store, Yvonne Crawford Total Pages 21 Answer Key Included Teaching Duration N/A

By YvonneCrawford

A level applied maths: Decision revison

A level applied maths: Decision revison

A great resource for A level students on Decision maths. Specifically for AQA but can be used for all other exam boards as well. Provides quick, easy to understand information for the topics. Has many uses including as flashcards, posters, powerpoint presentation for revision and introduction of decision topics. A great and very helpful resource

By suz1230

English Correction Code for Subjects

English Correction Code for Subjects

Marking work should be consistent and show students how they can improve. according to Ofsted (Outstanding Teacher). Using this code, teachers have the ability to do exactly that. This will show students how their work is marked and what it means. This can and should be used for any subject. The aim of marking is not to correct the students work for them, as this does not let the pupil improve. Using this framework, we can do exactly that.

By mcwjbanner