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Das EU Referendum

Das EU Referendum

Remain or stay? Get your students involved in the EU referendum debate! Practise reading skills with recognising cognates and using prior knowledge. Grammar focus with 'um...zu...' for higher ability students.

By thegermanclassroom

German A2 Speaking Test Questions and Answers - Topic: Asyl

German A2 Speaking Test Questions and Answers - Topic: Asyl

Edexcel and AQA A-level questions and answers for your 2016 SPEAKING exam practise. The topic covered: Asyl. Links to resources are provided. You can choose from a wide range of answers and/or formulate your own. All information is up-to-date and relates to the current situation in 2015-2016. Further questions and answers topics: Rassissmus und Integration, Gastarbeiter, Ausländer, Aussiedler are published separately.

By StartGerman

German:  Radicalisation - Warum radikalisieren sich junge Menschen?

German: Radicalisation - Warum radikalisieren sich junge Menschen?

Gapfill Listening exercise from an interview with Jochen Müller (ufuq in Berlin). Audio file can be found at: http://www.br.de/radio/bayern1/sendungen/mittags-in-muenchen/jochen-mueller-zur-radikalisierung-jugendlicher-100.html Transcript of interview is also included. Duration of interview: 8mins 18secs NB: The audio file has since been removed from the BR website. I have uploaded a recording of the file. Apologies for the interference towards the end of the file.

By lmd030190