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World Poetry Day Assembly KS2

World Poetry Day Assembly KS2

ednesday 21st March 2018 A detailed KS2 assembly to celebrate World Poetry Day in your school. 8 famous poets from around the world introduced with a short biography and a famous poem they have written. All the poems are short, relevant for KS2 and engaging. Each country has a map, flag and landscape picture to develop geographical understanding as well. Reasoning questions about each poem are provided and time at the end of the assembly to reflect and look forwards. Use this assembly to inspire your pupils to become writers whilst developing their understanding of how everyone in the world has the same questions and feelings. Show them how poetry can capture the creative spirit of the human mind. All reviews welcome. You might also be interested in my packs of poems and lessons: India Culture Poem Collection Arctic Tundra Poem Collection 5 Reading Lessons on Writing Poetry 5 Reading Lessons on Performing Poetry