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Chlamydia – what you need to know to stay safe

Chlamydia – what you need to know to stay safe

The subject of this presentation is Chlamydia, a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), which has the highest incidence of all STIs in England and affects young people with few initial symptoms but serious complications. This presentation is for people aged 15-24, based in England, who may have questions about sex. This demographic was chosen to reflect the target group of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) overseen by Public Health England (PHE, 2016). Others who would benefit are the broader public, parents and care-givers. The slide design and notes inform and enable risk based decision, rather than shock and stigma; research suggests this is more likely to improve young peoples’ sexual health decisions (Smith, 2015 and Newby et al., 2013). The purpose is to address lack of knowledge that young people, their parents and even General Practioners (GPs) have of the screening process. UK Government estimated £100,000,000 was spent on screening between 2003-2010; by 2008 only 5% of 15-24 year-olds were tested, the target was 15%. Effort to prioritise this resulted in a testing rate of 16% by 2009. Statistical models indicate the target testing rate is essential to bring Chlamydia under control (Woodhall et al., 2014). This approach is opportunistic, meaning young people self-refer for screening using online services, GPs encourage screening during consultations and so on.


The Very Healthy Caterpillar

The Very Healthy Caterpillar

The Very Healthy Caterpillar -play script, with coloring pictures, adapted from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle . Reading comprehension exercises: - Read the play script and fill in the gaps with missing words. -Answer the questions below. Draw a circle around the correct answer. - Match the characters with their names. -Find the healthy food in the wordsearch.

By Liana2013

Key vocab revision - 11 topics

Key vocab revision - 11 topics

An interactive PowerPoint presentation that revises and reinforces high frequency vocabulary in a fun way. The first slide displays the 11 topics and the teacher or pupils decide which topic to test themselves on. Lots of popular games such as bingo can be played using the slides as a prompt. The topics included are - days of the week - months - colours (11) - pets (9) - numbers 1-20 - countries (12) - verbs (10) - sports (7) - Transport (8) - Weather (5) - Free time (6) This can be used as a starter or a plenary too.

By rooney33