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Spanish Lesson  Write a Script (greetings)

Spanish Lesson Write a Script (greetings)

Teach beginners basic vocabulary to write a script and rehearsal some drama. The lesson has 2 parts, first the children will learn the vocabulary and then we will link this vocabulary to a real conversation.
Sentence Wheel

Sentence Wheel

Template for a sentence wheel, where students can expand their sentences by adding more information. Especially useful when teaching opinions and reasons.
Spanish Instagram Food Posts

Spanish Instagram Food Posts

Fun Activity or Project, where students get a blank template included in this powerpoint of an Instagram post with a comments section. Includes directions for students to post a photo of a meal (or draw) create silly hashtags about the meal, and include comments from their peers using the IR+A (voy a comer...) structure that can easily be adapted for what you are working on in your unit. Students include the number of likes in Spanish as well, and makes for a great display in your classroom revolving around a food unit. NO PREP needed.