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KS3 News Crossword:  Plastic recycling crisis

KS3 News Crossword: Plastic recycling crisis

Develop your pupils’ vocabulary with this entertaining KS3 crossword. The UK is on the verge of a recycling crisis, as authorities figure out how to deal with a Chinese ban on imports of plastic waste. Boost your your class’ vocabulary and understanding of recycling, sustainability and waste management with this First News puzzle! First News comprehensions are excellent for vocabulary development, exam preparation, and comprehension. First News puzzles use current event to make literacy relevant and exciting in the classroom. Each puzzle contains an article taken from First News, the award-winning weekly newspaper for children, and an engaging crossword that encourages vocabulary development in your pupils. **This is a First News Level One activity aimed at Lower KS2 (Years 3 and 4). Each week, First News creates three levels of literacy activities based on news stories: ** Level One for Lower KS2 (Y3 & Y4) Level Two for Upper KS2 (Y5 & Y6) Level Three for KS3