The United Kingdom

A complete unit for KS3. The lessons cover the UK for a human geographers perspective and a physical geographers perspective.

All the lessons have starters/connect activities, main/activate and demonstrate activities and plenary/consolidation activities. The worksheets have been created and included at the end of each presentation. Answers have been provided and all you need to do is click through the PowerPoint, making self/peer assessment easy.

Below is a summary of the main activities in each lesson.

Lesson 1: A mapping activity, so students understand where the different human and physical features of the UK are.

Lesson 2: What is England? This lesson breaks down what is meant by the UK and it different states.

Lesson 3: Students use their learning from the previous two lessons and use data to help them explain the distribution of the UK’s population.

Lesson 4: The weather and climate of the UK, students will use figures to help explain why the UK has such a varied climate.

Lesson 5: Why are some areas in the UK wetter than others, students will use sources to explain this.

Lesson 6: Students will use census data to make conclusions about the UKs population.

Lesson 7: What is the EU and the Commonwealth and how are we connected to the rest of the world.

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