Preschool German resources: physical and character description

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Body Parts Treasure Hunt Activity

Body Parts Treasure Hunt Activity

Here is an activity for all age ranges learning the different body parts. Print off the body parts cards and stick them around the room. Pupils get the skeleton that they have to label using the clues. Rewards can be given for quickest. Extension activity to find plurals in a dictionary. Enjoy!

By swillard8

Qui est-ce? DIY  game to print Who's Who

Qui est-ce? DIY game to print Who's Who

Taken from the wonderful website, here is a game of Who's Who to print. An excellent activity to have the students describe the images, work on adjectives and be creative as well!

By minik66

Stimmt 1 Translation and Speaking tasks

Stimmt 1 Translation and Speaking tasks

Save 60% on individual purchase. Stimmt 1 New GCSE-style translation and speaking tasks Get your students used to GCSE-style questions early on with translations (Eng-Germ and vice versa), picture description and role plays based on vocab learned in Stimmt! 1 -powerpoint with three pictures with questions in English to guide students along. The first picture can be used as example/writing task, the other two for pair work. . -translation worksheet -two role play cards for student pair work -example answers for speaking and answers for translation task included in the powerpoint

By jusch12

Key Stage 2 Primary Languages End of Year Review French, Spanish, German

Key Stage 2 Primary Languages End of Year Review French, Spanish, German

This document includes worksheets to fit your classes' needs in reviewing progress in French, Spanish and German - one of, or all three languages. This is the perfect review document to test progress in personal information, fitting in with the statutory requirement for Key Stage 2 languages. There is a self-assessment review page at the back also, and a 'just-for-fun' adjectives self-description activity in all three languages which can be adapted easily. Enjoy! #primary #primarylanguages #keystage2 #french #german #spanish #endofyearreview

By loveparis77

German MFL describing yourself lesson bundle.

German MFL describing yourself lesson bundle.

2 lessons with activities included, graded as an outstanding lesson. Presentation 1: describing eye colour and hair colour and style. Games and activities included, including gap fills and matching tasks. Using audio in the presentation and using SPaG elements. Presentation 2: recap of presentation 1, then introducing height and weight. Activity at the end to recap all presentation 1` and 2. Images are not my own. Ideas for activities taken from various websites.

By kirstybryden



Interactive activity for practising the personal qualities frequently tested by the GCSE. The file contains 20 key adjectives but will select a different set of ten every time it is opened, Will work on IW or PC and can used on a computer suite so that each student has a slightly different activity in front of them.

By petermorris2001