Easter ActivitiesQuick View

Easter Activities

There are various activities - matching vocab, word search, unscrambling Easter words, a reading comprehension exercise, numbers revision, Funny Easter jokes with answer key and coloring pages. Hope it helps!
Easter - FREEBIEQuick View

Easter - FREEBIE

This simple science experiment is a great activity to add to your Easter fun and is sure to keep children hopping and exploring at the sensory table. Check out this activity and browse through our entire store for a complete unit on Easter.
EASTER ActivitiesQuick View

EASTER Activities

A range of fun Easter activities to keep kids happy in the run up to Easter. Coloring, mazes, word searches, images and an egg template for designing on. ALL FOR JUST $2.00!!!
Easter timeQuick View

Easter time

Reading and comprehension worksheet. Have a nice Easter holiday!
German Easter Color by NumberQuick View

German Easter Color by Number

Fun NO PREP German Easter Activity - Six beautiful Easter designs which can be used to create a colorful wall display or cut out and put on Easter cards. This pack contains six different designs. A copy of each design is included, with the numbers but not colors filled in, in case the teacher wants to teach particular colors or for students to choose the colors themselves.
Easter Island Resource BundleQuick View

Easter Island Resource Bundle

What happened on Easter Island to make it go from a bustling civilisation to a derelict island? Use the Easter Island Resource Bundle to answer this question and engage your students in a study of Polynesian expansion across the Pacific. Australian Curriculum Links: ACDSEH013, ACDSEH066, ACDSEH067, ACDSEH068 This resource is delivered as a 12 page PDF in A4 size. So, what's included? ✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce the topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it! ✓ Engaging article entitled What Happened on Easter Island? ✓ Comprehension questions about the above article to assess student understanding. ✓ The Cult of the Birdman worksheet ✓ Doves and Hawks game instructions, to illustrate the once peaceful attitudes of the Rapanui ✓ Cartoon Analysis ✓ Essay Planner ✓ Write Rongorongo activity Purchase Issue 28 of HistoriCool Magazine in print or digital format to use this resource alongside the coinciding mag.
Easter Word Work - WorksheetsQuick View

Easter Word Work - Worksheets

Need some time fillers for Easter? This resource is full of fun worksheets for the students. You'll find word searches, scrambled words, missing letters, sudoku and more. I have included 15 word cards that will serve as your word bank to use for ABC order, vocabulary, or even spelling.
Easter Math Activities for PrimaryQuick View

Easter Math Activities for Primary

This Easter Activities Pack is full of Math Fun. Print and go. Includes a roll and color Easter Egg for number recognition, Color the correct number of eggs for one to one correspondence and number writing,2 cut and paste sheets for sequencing in counting order by ones and tens, an Easter number bonds sheet, and a sheet with ways to make ten. Lots of fun for April! ©2017 HappyEdugator.
Easter Activities and PuzzlesQuick View

Easter Activities and Puzzles

Fun at Easter! This pack includes: * 9 color flashcards/posters * Write Around the Room activity b/w * Anagram puzzle plus answer key b/w * Easter flip book * Crossword puzzle (2 versions - one with initial letters given to provide for differentiation in the classroom) plus answer key b/w * Wordsearch activity with answer key b/w * 2 Happy Easter color by number cards * Mobile You might also be interested in our Easter color by number
Easter Word SearchQuick View

Easter Word Search

This Easter word search also doubles as a coloring sheet!. The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included: ♦ Basket ♦ Bunny ♦ Candy ♦ Carrot ♦ Chicks ♦ Chocolate ♦ Egg ♦ Flowers ♦ Spring
Nouns and Pronouns - Easter ThemeQuick View

Nouns and Pronouns - Easter Theme

This Easter theme resource reviews nouns and pronouns. Students read the words on the cards and sort them by nouns and pronouns. Student directions, answer key and center cards are included. All you need do is print the packet, laminate and cut out the pieces. Store the centers in file folders, manila envelopes or Ziploc baggies.
Easter Write the Room - ReligiousQuick View

Easter Write the Room - Religious

This is a Christian write the room activity that is perfect for any religion classroom, homeschool, Sunday School, and more! There are 12 cards with Christian Easter items with the picture and name. These can be placed around the room and have the kids write on their worksheet what it is. There are 2 types of sheets included. One has the words for little ones to trace and the other is a blank line with the object for the kids to write as they get to each card location. The words included in this Easter product are: soldier, Communion, disciple, Mary, Jesus, crown of thorns, cross, angel, Calvary, palm, lily, and tomb UPDATE: So there is a choice other than just a Communion card, I added Eucharist and Last Supper. The first page of the tracing comes in all 3 choices as well. (This update is NOT shown in the preview.) † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † I use this activity in my class and they just love it! I have littles, so they use the tracing page and I printed it 2-sided (front and back) so they'd only have one paper to keep track of. I have them go around to each card in small groups and I have volunteers read a little description about what each one is and where it takes place in Holy Week and Easter. After they've gone to each location, they go back to their desks and color the pictures. They're so proud of themselves when they complete this because they get to fully work on this alone. When parents come to get them, they actually remember the Easter pictures and what they stand for. † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † Copyright 2017 by Elaine G of "The Treasured Schoolhouse". All Rights Reserved.
Addition Puzzles: Easter SetQuick View

Addition Puzzles: Easter Set

This is a set of 42 addition puzzles. The number is on one piece, and the addends are on the other piece. Sums range from 0 to 20. Includes: -42 addition puzzles (split into three sets of 14) -recording sheet There are three sets of 14 puzzles, so they can be used three different times, or multiple students can work independently on the puzzles at the same time. Ideas for using these puzzles in the classroom: -literacy center -in a pocket chart -cooperative learning activity -early finishers
Happy Easter SetQuick View

Happy Easter Set

Easter in the UK - Reading Comprehension. This reading is suitable for Upper elementary and intermediate students and refers to several traditions, most of them involving eggs. After reading the text, students do a multiple choice exercise, answer several questions on the text and, finally, find equivalents and opposites. Easter Around the World - Reading comprehension. Students read the texts and say who said what. Then they do a multiple choice exercise and find references. Easter fun activities. students try to find the words in the puzzle (vertically and horizontally - KEY included) and then match them to the pictures. Pictionary to complete with missing vowels. Kids get familiar with vocabulary associated with Easter. Crossword Puzzle. for intermediate or upper elementary students. They look at the pictures, match them to the definitions and find out the words in the puzzle. The Yellow squares should read EASTER HOLIDAYS. Easter QUIZ. Students do the quiz to find out how much they know about this festivity. You can use this as a follow-up of the activities. KEY included.
Easter Math - Eggciting ProblemsQuick View

Easter Math - Eggciting Problems

Fun and eggciting! Lots of different activities, some where the students can write their one problems. There are blank cards with Easter figures that are perfect for early finishers but the cards can also be used as conversation starter in the classroom. In addition, the students can use the cards to play math games. The package contains: • Help the bunny to get as many eggs as possible • Add numbers • Chose an egg - size • Add numbers up to 20, make your own sums • I spot • Number pyramid • Number pyramids, make your own number pyramids – adding numbers • Add a friend – counting by 2 • Counting by 2 • Jumping high and losing eggs – subtracting • Write your own math story • Do sheep eat carrots? ��� subtracting – 20 • Shapes – invent names • What shapes can you see? • Sharing eggs and flowers • 28 blank cards with figures (2 of each ) to make a math game
Easter Stationery | Set of 3 Easter letterheads to color in and write a letter or story for EasterQuick View

Easter Stationery | Set of 3 Easter letterheads to color in and write a letter or story for Easter

These three Easter letterheads are perfect for staying organized this Easter. Keep a list of the people you want to buy eggs for, use it as an Easter egg treasure hunt checklist, write a letter to the Easter bunny or write a letter to a friend! Each black and white design is 8.5 x 11″ but can be scaled to print any size. Number of pages: 3 File format: 3 x PDF files saved in a .zip folder Size: 8.5 x 11" (US Letter)
German Easter Activities and Puzzles - OsternQuick View

German Easter Activities and Puzzles - Ostern

This 27 page pack contains resources and activities to teach German words for talking about Easter. The vocabulary set includes: das Küken, das Osterei, der Korb, die Karte, der Osterhase, das Lamm, die Ostereiersuche, Frohe Ostern, das Nest, die Osterglocke. The pack comprises: * 10 color flashcards/posters * Write Around the Room activity b/w * Anagram puzzle plus answer key b/w * Frohe Ostern flip book * Crossword puzzle (2 versions - one with initial letters given to provide for differentiation in the classroom) plus answer key b/w * Wordsearch activity with answer key b/w * 2 Frohe Ostern color by number cards * Mobile You might also be interested in our German Easter Color by Number
Easter Picture Word Search PuzzleQuick View

Easter Picture Word Search Puzzle

Fun Easter-themed word search game with a little more challenge! Rather than just find the words from a given list, students create their own word list from the pictures, and then find the words in the word search puzzle. Leftover letters will reveal an Easter phrase. This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary and spelling. Also perfect for ESL!