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Easter: Christianity

1 hour PP, worksheets, clips, well differentiated, KS3/ KS4. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below: Mental Health PSHE Bundle 1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources British Values Citizenship Bundle Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle Islam Bundle Sex and Relationships Education


5 week scheme of work for KS2 , charting all the key events of HOLY WEEK up to Easter Sunday. All resources and Power points are included. If the sound does not work on the PPT's please try downloading them separately. (for some reason the unzipping process seems to affect them sometimes?) Let me know if there is an issue and I will respond immediately. Please leave feedback.
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This lesson follows on from the Lent/Holy Week lesson (also available). It draws on a range of activities card sort/word association/video clip to help students consider the importance of Easter as a Christian festival, the symbolism involved and the intrinsic link to Spring. Links to new Edexcel RS syllabus
Creme egg crazy, Easter quiz. Easter maths quiz. BIDMAS.Quick View

Creme egg crazy, Easter quiz. Easter maths quiz. BIDMAS.

Creme egg crazy Easter math quiz. BIDMAS. Great starter, plenary or form activity before Easter. 20 question slides with answer and mark sheet 20 BIDMAS practice questions using crème egg animations. Tie breaker is to count the crème eggs. Change the difficulty by moving on the slides quicker or slower. Increase engagement with a crème egg prize for the winner.
Easter 2017 QuizQuick View

Easter 2017 Quiz

Easter 2017 Quiz PowerPoint quiz about Easter 1. What do you know about Easter? 28 slides in total. 2. What do you know about Easter 2016? 51 slides in total
Easter 2017: Easter Around the WorldQuick View

Easter 2017: Easter Around the World

Easter 2017: Easter Around the World 1.PowerPoint presentation/quiz and task sheets about Easter around the world and how it is celebrated. Looking at different countries across the globe and how they mark this important religious period. 2. Twenty-Eight A3 PDF printable task sheets in zipped file for students to complete; present and display their findings about Easter around the world. Twenty-six task sheets, each featuring a different country, with one left sheet blank to be used as seen fit by teacher or student. One task sheet for the whole group to record the different names for Easter across the world. A word search featuring 25 countries. The activities include colouring nations’ flags and researching and writing about how Easter is celebrated across the globe. Students can work individually; in a pair or in a group.
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French Paques Easter PowerPoint

Amended to correct a mistake. If you have already purchased this resource, please download it again. Then you can email me at betsybelleteachesfrench@hotmail.com and I will send you a free resource by way of apology. Introduce and practise French Easter vocabulary with this gorgeous PowerPoint. Includes; Vocabulary Qu'est-ce que c'est game Flying words game Qu'est-ce qui manqué game Listening grid Noughts and Crosses Please see co-ordinating activities or consider saving money by purchasing my Easter Bundle
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Easter Card to colour French Paques

Amended to correct two mistakes. If you have already purchased this resource, please download the corrected version and then email me at betsybelleteachesfrench@hotmail.com and I will send you a free resource by way of apology. 2 designs of Easter card included in the file. Pupils follow French instructions to colour the front of the card. Also included are suggestions in French for a message on the inside of the card. 2 versions with a coloured background, 2 with no background (to save printing costs).
End of Term: Easter 2017: QuizQuick View

End of Term: Easter 2017: Quiz

End of Term: Easter 2017: Quiz Six rounds. Six topics: • Capital Cities • Chocolate • Countries • Male Celebrities • Flags • Easter 79 questions 88 slides in total
End of term Quiz EASTER 2017Quick View

End of term Quiz EASTER 2017

A fun end of term quiz - EASTER 2017. General knowledge Current Affairs, (Jan - March 2017), maths, science, ICT, geography, bonus music round. Complete with answers, students peer assess. A great way to end the term on a high. Enjoy!
Comparison between Aslan and Jesus at EasterQuick View

Comparison between Aslan and Jesus at Easter

After reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the children highlighted statements they thought were true about the deaths and resurrections of Aslan and Jesus. This led to an excellent discussion about what they knew about the Easter story. Also included is an answer sheet. Thanks for looking! Please have a peak at my other items for sale in my TES shop :) https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/HanMade
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Easter Egg Hunt quiz plenary !!!!

A fun Easter plenary for any subject. INSTUCTIONS 1. Pupils will be working in teams, your teacher will decide how many and who is in which. 2. Teacher asks teams a question, based on what they have been learning, in turn. 3. If the team get the answer right, they can choose an Easter egg. Your teacher will then click the egg. Under each egg, you can find: A coin – your team wins 1 point Chocolate – your team wins 2 points Easter Rabbit – your team wins 4 points A white cross – your team wins 0 points The team with the most points wins! NOTE - all sounds and visuals, including the Rabbit image and other designs created by Leszek Ekert, Monsieur MFL
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French Easter Board Game Paques

A board game to practise vocabulary for Easter. Pupils roll the dice and say the French for the picture they land on. Extra challenge given as they progress through the game and have to describe the pictures and give opinions. Great lead on from my Easter PowerPoint. Great speaking and listening practice. Increased enthusiasm and engagement. Adds dimension of competition. Could be used as a reward for early finishes. This resource is available as part of an Easter bundle, saving you money.
Easter symbols and easter storyQuick View

Easter symbols and easter story

This is amalgamated from a few places so hope I wont pretend I did it all myself, it just takes the best bits of a couple of presentations and puts them together, hope you like it!
Easter in France/ Easter in SpainQuick View

Easter in France/ Easter in Spain

Perfect at Easter. Both Spanish and French. Borrowed a Spanish quiz on TES and adapted added rounds and made it Easter-like!! Starter: Information exchange, pupils have a card they have 3-4 mins to go around the room and exchange information. They ask questions and give the answers and if they don't know the answer they like the fact they can say I don't know!! Once a piece of info has been exchanged, whether that person knew the answer or not they should exchange dominoes and move on. Collect in dominoes and tell them to remember as much as they can. Then do quiz!! EASY!
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powerpoint to use in assembly or starter briefly explaining what Easter is and how it’s celebrated