The Smartest Giant in Town ResourcesQuick View

The Smartest Giant in Town Resources

Word Mat Story Map Story Map- missing sections Giant description page Giant’s have, can, are worksheet Design a tie for the giant Letter template Word/picture matching
Marvellous Measuring! - Resource PackQuick View

Marvellous Measuring! - Resource Pack

Resource pack to support the teaching of height and length in Early Years. How to set up: Laminate writing board for children to write ‘how many’ cubes the object measures Print and laminate images Add whiteboard pens Add a range of multilink cubes or objects for the children to use to measure …enjoy!
Room on the Broom Literacy ResourcesQuick View

Room on the Broom Literacy Resources

25 pages of resources to use alongside the teaching of the book, Room on the Broom. Ideal for early years- Adjectives Create a potion Rhyming CVC words Wanted posters Filling in missing words Word search Book reviews Writing Frames Complete sentences Story sequencing
The Smartest Giant in Town story resourcesQuick View

The Smartest Giant in Town story resources

A bumper resource pack for the story 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. An engaging Literacy unit with worksheets, display materials, games and crafts. The pack includes: Display banner- a long colourful banner for your display Display border- a colourful themed border to print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size Word cards- words on decorated cards relating to the story Title poster- an A4 poster with title, author and illustrators name Word and picture flashcards- colourful cards with the different clothes to add to a display or writing area A4 word card- an A4 word card with words and pictures for the children to use when writing about the story Clothes alphabet- a lovely alphabet line on colourful clothes Writing sheets- a set of writing sheets with borders for the children to write on and use in the writing area Speech bubble worksheets- fill in the speech bubbles to show what the characters are saying Word searches- two word searches with words from the story to find Write about the story- write sentences about the different pictures Diary- write George’s diary Questions worksheets- write some questions you would like to ask the Giant Labelling and matching worksheets- label the clothes and animals, write the missing words, Match the clothing to the correct animal and fill in the initial letters Letter writing- write a letter to the Giant Thank you letters and cards- write some letters from the animals to thank the Giant Sequencing worksheet- cut and stick the story pictures in the correct order What happens next- draw and write what happens next in the story Number line- a number line to 50 Missing number worksheets- fill in the missing numbers on the shoes plus a blank worksheet so you can differentiate Size ordering worksheets Dot to dots- three different sheets with numbers from 1-10, 1-15 and 1-20 Colour by numbers- colour the pictures using the numbers Repeating patterns- copy and continue the patterns on the ties Matching pairs Bingo- a colourful bingo game Dice game- throw a die to collect the parts of the picture first Design a tie- design a new tie for the giant to wear Tracing ties- various patterns on tie to trace over the dotty lines Draw new clothes- draw a new outfit for the giant Finish the picture- draw the missing parts of the different pictures Face masks- a set of coloured face masks Stick puppets- coloured and black and white stick puppets
What, How, Why - Resource PackQuick View

What, How, Why - Resource Pack

A pack of easily-adaptable resources to help teach students the What, How, Why approach to analytical writing. The pack contains the following: Prompt Sheet w/ questions. Prompt Sheet w/ questions and link to Reading Response Paragraph. Blank Planning Sheet for WHW paragraph. Blank Planning Sheet for WHW comparison paragraph. Two model plans: one for a standard paragraph (Hamlet) and one for a comparison paragraph (Bayonet Charge / Charge of the Light Brigade).
Ultimate construction area resource bundleQuick View

Ultimate construction area resource bundle

6 Resources
This bundle contains ALL of the construction area resources you can find in my TES shop at a discounted price of just £7. If you were to purchase all of these items separately they would be £9. The bundle includes: construction lettering religious buildings from around the world set seasons bundle- spring, summer, autumn, winter (4 sets) UK geography bundle- containing landmarks for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland each as an individual pack (4 sets) Landmark bundle- featuring general human and physical features of the world and famous landmarks around the world (3 sets) Construction area resource bundle including construction area labels, signs and design sheets
Talk For Writing - Poetry Unit ResourcesQuick View

Talk For Writing - Poetry Unit Resources

Talk For Writing - Poetry Unit Resources This is a collection of editable worksheets/templates/learning objective sheets/resources I created and used for Year 3 for the Talk For Writing Poetry unit. Although I created it for Year 3, it can be easily adapted for other year groups. Bundle includes: Brief outline/plan for each lesson. Model text map (can be used ‘as is’ or adapted/tweaked/taken from) Templates/worksheets/learning objectives for each stage of the T4W process (learning the text, creating and performing actions, boxing up template, ideas generation, shared writing, hot task sheet etc.) Link to model text (free access) (*Please note: a copy of the text is not included in any of our T4W resources as we do not own the stories and this would therefore be a copyright infringement. The T4W model texts are available to download for free from the Talk For Writing website or the links provided by us). All resources are fully editable.
Welcome to Sociology! (Lesson and resources)Quick View

Welcome to Sociology! (Lesson and resources)

Introduction to Sociology- Lesson and resources. This bundle contains a PowerPoint lesson and video clips. It is designed to be an introduction to students who have not studied Sociology before and could be used as an intro to GCSE Sociology, Year 9/10 taster courses or A level/VCE Sociology type classes. The lesson contains information on the way Sociology differs from Biology and Psychology, The Sociological Imagination, Norms and Values, Socialisation including the agents of socialisation.
Woman in Black - Full SOW & ResourcesQuick View

Woman in Black - Full SOW & Resources

21 Powerpoints and scheme of work overview Covers reading/teaching of whole novel Reading and writing assessment opportunities included Success Criteria/scaffolding throughout Range of activities and resources to choose from, providing excellent challenge and effective differentiation Originally designed for higher ability KS3 teaching, based on GCSE AO criteria, also well suited to GCSE level teaching Please do leave a review if you can - all feedback much appreciated!
Energy ResourcesQuick View

Energy Resources

KS3 new for the Activate 2 unit ‘Energy’. Full lesson ready to use straight ‘out of the box’. Similar structure to my other power points following the input - activity - review phasing plenary sections for progress checking Clear learning objectives and outcomes Modern and engaging layout Little adaptation needed Practical activity included Covers an hour lesson of content matched to the specification 42 ppt slides Please give constructive feedback :D
Anglo-Saxon Art  Lesson & ResourcesQuick View

Anglo-Saxon Art Lesson & Resources

Easy to follow PowerPoint art lesson for KS2 Perfect for Years 5 and 6 Lots of images and easy to follow explanations and examples The lesson covers the following points… What is Anglo-Saxon Art? What examples of Anglo-Saxon Art are there? Where can I find Anglo-Saxon Art? What are the features of Anglo-Saxon Art? The children are then challenged to design their own Anglo-Saxon sword handle. Resource sheets with hand drawn examplesof the key features are provided. The PowerPoint guides the children and teacher through the design process - step by step - with hand drawn illustrated examples for each slide. Everything you need for a successful lesson!
Christian beliefs revision resourceQuick View

Christian beliefs revision resource

A summary of content and key sources of wisdom for Christian beliefs covering the Edexcel B specification, but broadly suitable for AQA and other GCSE. Works well for ‘crammer’ sessions and as a resource to support student revision. Created to be concise and accessible to support student understanding. Covering the following sections: The Nature of God Creation The Incarnation The Last Days of Jesus’ Life Atonement and Salvation Eschatology Evil and Suffering
AQA GCSE Science Revision ResourcesQuick View

AQA GCSE Science Revision Resources

20 Resources
A set of revision resources that contain resources suitable for Combined Science (Trilogy) and Separate Science. These revision materials have been updated from the sets available from the 2022 exam materials to now include all content. Included in this set is: Revision Model Answer Booklets Summary Sheets Blank Revision Mats Revision Guides Revision Sheets This is a very large bundle and has the max of 20 resources added to it. There is one resource I was unable to add (Physics Paper 2 Revision Sheets). Upon purchasing please contact me at and I will email the other resource. So that I can confirm you have purchased the resource, please send me a screenshot or feel free to leave a review.
Geography plan and resources - EuropeQuick View

Geography plan and resources - Europe

Europe plan 8 lesson plan that focuses on a range of topics related to Europe. Lesson 1 - What is Europe like? Lesson 2 - Countries in Europe Lesson 3 - Fact file on a country in Europe Lesson 4 - Capital cities Lesson 5 - Population and currency Lesson 6 - Temperature Lesson 7 - Mountains in Europe Lesson 8 - Landmarks (persuasive writing) Initially planned for Year 4 but could be adapted for other year groups.
Somebody Swallowed Stanley ResourcesQuick View

Somebody Swallowed Stanley Resources

13 pages of resources based on the book, Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts. A beautiful story about plastic pollution and following the journey of Stanley, the plastic bag. Included in the resources are both maths and literacy aimed at Reception to year one. Resources- Ordering the story Counting x2 Describing Feelings x2 What would you do? Where did Stanley come from? (prequal) Sorting actions Thought bubbles Repeating patterns Design a jellyfish Ordering by size
National and Global Energy ResourcesQuick View

National and Global Energy Resources

AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy unit ‘Energy’ Full lesson ready to use straight ‘out of the box’. Similar structure to my other power points following the input - activity - review phasing Plenary section for progress checking Clear learning objectives and outcomes Modern and engaging layout Little adaptation needed Please leave constructive feedback :D
Table Tennis Ideas/ResourcesQuick View

Table Tennis Ideas/Resources

This pack provides ideas for drills and games to help make table tennis lessons interesting for pupils. It is basically all the ideas that I used on a placement where I had to teach it for the first time.
Maths - Free Resource LibraryQuick View

Maths - Free Resource Library

This is a library of Maths teaching resources I have put together over many years. The word document is just a few things to bear in mind when using it. It was originally on Dropbox, but that seemed to be a little unreliable for some people which is why is has been moved across to google drive, with the link below. If this library helps you then please leave some positive feedback! :) The library can be found here: