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Supply teacher planning and resources

**Please leave a review for £3 worth of resources! After leaving a review, email, stating which resources you would like to receive. Thank you! ***** As a supply teacher this is a resource I often use. Supply teaching can be very last minute and you don’t want to be spending hours the night before planning. This resource provides a clear Literacy and Numeracy lesson plan, with PowerPoint and printable resources to match. In addition, you get a phonics/reading lesson and 2 Health and Wellbeing/PSHE lessons. Time/fillers and extra ideas are provided. Could easily be adapted for other phases. All resources are editable.
PE Teacher Starter Pack - 150+ LessonsQuick View

PE Teacher Starter Pack - 150+ Lessons

20 Resources
Every lesson plan I’ve used and written in a 7 year period. Ideal for a trainee, supply or NQT teacher needing a solid foundation to base their initial lessons on. Most if not all lessons include: Learning Objectives Teaching Activities Questions Health and Safety Considerations Differentiation Equipment Contexts Include: Basketball Badminton Football Gymnastics Hockey Netball Table Tennis Trampolining Lesson plans cover Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Some KS5.
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Supply Teaching Lesson Plans - Reception

This pack contains six individual lesson plans for Reception, designed particularly for supply teachers as they are stand alone lessons and require little to no resources, apart from what you would usually find in a primary school classroom. The lesson plans are clearly set out, including a lesson objective and learning outcome, introduction/warm-up, the learning activity, plenary and clearly state any resources needed. Six lesson plans in total, one each for English, Mathematics, Art, Geography, Physical Education and Science. Delivered as a downloadable pdf document.
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Drama Lessons for Cover or Supply Teachers 2

This is a collection of 7 individual lessons that could be taught by a non-specialist. There are notes to guide the teacher, as well as the lesson plans and resources. They are designed for occasions when the Drama teacher has to be absent and somebody else is filling in. There are also 4 short scripts that are not finished. They can be read and then groups act out what happens next, or they can write the rest of the script. I have included some advice about script writing lessons. The lessons have all been used used with 11 to 14 year old students many times. The first lesson revolves around a diary entry that can be printed out or projected. The second lesson uses a picture as the stimulus material. Magic powers is the topic of the third lesson. The fourth lesson has a planning sheet and can easily be spread over two lessons. ‘Conversations from Starting Lines’ can be done with the students seated for the whole time if necessary. (Some cover teachers refuse to let the students move around.) ‘Role Reversals’ has the students consider situations from two sides. The lesson titled ‘Mime’ is about silent acting. Many times I have been forced to conduct Drama lessons in ordinary classrooms with other lessons going on next door. Silent acting is better than no acting, and this lesson has lots of ideas for it. All the lesson plans can be edited, so the teacher setting the work can change it.
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Supply Teachers Bundle

7 Resources
As a supply teacher its always great to have a few things up your sleeves for those moments when you need to keep the kids busy. This bundle gives you a quick reference sheet for websites and game ideas plus lots of extra resources - Need to plan a quick lesson, a quick way to support behavior management or a game for the end of the day - its all here! Download and feel more prepared and in control. Find it valuable? Remember to leave a review!
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Supply Teacher Emergency Toolkit

5 Resources
Supply Teacher Emergency Booklet: provides you with lots of activities and ideas for when you get to a school and there has been no planning left. Rhyming Bingo: fun activity to help children understand rhyme. Recommend to print on coloured card. Give each child a bingo card and put the rest of the words in the middle. Take it in turns to try and fill your board. Planning Proforma FS2 - Y2: Different ways of planning stories, instructions, reports, character descriptions etc. Missing Sounds Worksheets: Look at the picture and figure out the word, fill in the missing sounds. Phonics Powerpoint: Phonics Powerpoint compatible with RWI, Letters and Sounds or Jolly Phonics. Use as part of a phonics lesson or as a filler throughout the day. Includes: 3 pop the sound games 290 green words 92 red words 35 alien words 8 captions or sentences to read, memorise, write and substitute 10 memory game templates All slides can be edited to suit the needs of your class.
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Supply Teaching Lesson Plan Year 1 English

An easy-to-implement Year 1, English lesson plan for Supply Teachers. If you’re a Supply Teacher, you will have been faced with times when no lesson plans have been left for you. This lesson plan for English, aimed at Year 1 (can be adapted for Reception or Year 2) needs little to no preparation and uses only resources that can be found in the typical primary school classroom. This means that you can pick up and teach with no stress about what to do! Find more resources for supply teachers on our TES shop or head to
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Emergency Supply Teacher Activities

An emergency English and Maths lesson suitable for Years 3 to 6. Useful for teachers who don’t want a supply teacher to teach the lessons planned or for a teacher who suddenly has to cover another class. Instructions An introduction sheet which needs some basic information added. The English and Maths activities are described on the sheet. It has space for other lessons including afternoon activities if needed. There are two instructions sheets - one with English first and the other with Maths first. English Activity A paired writing activity in which the children are NOT allowed to talk! Maths Activity The children have to continue a sequence and search for patterns. INCLUDES FREE EASY CERTIFICATES. JUST TYPE IN THEIR NAME, WHAT THE REWARD IS FOR AND YOUR NAME. 32 CERTIFICATES IN ONE DOCUMENT. THIS WAS CREATED USING WORD 97-2003 AND WORD 2013 SO IT CAN BE EASILY ADAPTED. Visit for free teaching resources.
The Supply Teacher Survival Pack: English LessonsQuick View

The Supply Teacher Survival Pack: English Lessons

15 Resources
This is a selection of resources that can be used in any English/Literacy lesson. Carry a selection of these resources with you and you have a better chance of surviving the most difficult of lessons that you are thrust into. There are differentiated reading and writing activities, some that will engage most pupils. There are also many full units of work so that if you are with the same class for a longer period of time, you have the resources ready to go. This bargain bundle includes: 4 All About Me Units, including differentiated reading texts and comprehension exercises and writing plans and activities. Both full sets of Stage 3 challenges of the Ultimate Writing Championship! All the writing challenges focus on particular literacy skills and the pupils can use them to write about any topic. A very valuable resource. Reading questions that can fit any fiction or non-fiction book. You can therefore use any reading resources, in any classroom and you will have differentiated reading questions ready to give to the pupils. A full imaginative writing unit of work including the short story ‘The New Pupil’ with numerous activities for the pupils to do about it. A booklet containing many engaging short stories with comprehension exercises and other activities to go with each story. You can give these to pupils to work independently or in groups. Or you can read them to the class, engaging them this way before they complete the tasks. Functional Skills reading tips and practice papers. A good resource for teaching basic reading skills. GCSE editing and proof-reading activities. A whole unit of work for the increasingly popular wrestling novel ‘Night Of Warriors’. This is used in a growing number of schools as a reading catch-up resource for use of with small groups. However if you carry a copy of this book with you, reading it to a class is sure to engage many more challenging pupils and you can then use their interest as springboard to their engagement in this unit’s resources.
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Super Supply Teacher Planner/Reflection

A great little set of forms for either Supply Teachers or teachers preparing for daily or short term cover. They have simple headings that help teachers pick out the key goings-on needed for a good handover. Each sheet offers different ways of presenting the information, so that you can find one that will suit you and your setting, but, obviously, feel free to adapt. Forms include: Checklists and times for what should happen during the day Space to say what work was completed and marked Comment boxes for: Highlights of the Day; Helpful Children; Behaviour (good and bad); Absent children, accidents etc; and any other further comments Supply Teacher signature and contact details If you find these useful, please look out for my Teacher Lesson Planner and Reflections, which follow a similar format and are available from TES resources via My Shop for free. Follow me on twitter @EmmisStories to keep up with my latest resources and news
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Cover Teacher / Supply Teacher Lesson Plan

A simple to follow, fill in the blank lesson plan template for cover staff and supply teachers. This document can be applied to all subjects. This document is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint PDF The document is divided into various ‘bubbles’, each coloured to attract your attention to keep you on track with your lesson. Areas within this document include: PAGE 1: ‘Teacher name / subject / group / focus / lesson duration’. ‘Learning objectives’ ‘Please read aloud to class’ bubble. ‘Items needed for this lesson’ bubble. ‘Pay particular attention to:’ bubble. ‘Note for cover staff’. ‘Through the door activity’. ‘Main body activity’ bubbles’. ‘Closing activity’ bubble. PAGE 2: Class information (No. of students) Seating plan Bubble for staff feedback As a former cover supervisor and supply teacher, I found it quite frustrating when cover lesson notes either were not detailed enough, difficult to follow or simply did not exist. With this document, lesson instructions are easy to follow, staff are made aware of particular students and seating arrangements and an open dialogue between staff members about their lessons can be maintained. Cover staff can also inform the normal staff member about any particular incidents, where the class got up to, or if they had any other feedback. Within each activity bubble, simply write the activity name, duration and a brief description. Within the ‘Pay particular attention to’ section, write the names of students who can be a distraction to others or those who may need additional support. On the second page, a seating chart can be edited to show the layout of your classroom. Move the boxes which represent tables and fill them in with student information. E.g, Sam - 6 - PP - SEN. etc. Other classroom layouts have been provided on the PPT and Word documents for ease of editing. Ensure you fill in all the relevant areas of this document so that cover staff will be able to run your lesson as you would. It is recommended this document is printed ‘back to back’.
Supply Teaching Lesson Plan Year 3 MathsQuick View

Supply Teaching Lesson Plan Year 3 Maths

This Year 3 Maths Lesson Plan is designed for use by Supply Teachers. Easy-to-implement and requiring no resources, other than what would typically be found in a primary school classroom, this lesson plan is great for those occasions when no lesson plans have been left. Find more resources for designed for supply teachers in our “Supply Teaching Success” TES shop or head over to our website:
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Supply/Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

A well-designed, easy to use, comprehensive supply/substitute teacher feedback form. Whether you’re the supply teacher or someone is covering you, this form will support any cover teacher to give detailed and useful feedback on everything from behaviour to attainment and marking. This form covers: Cover period Agency Class behaviour (including praise, issues and comments) Lessons, work and attainment (including work completed and marked, work not completed, additional work completed, how closely the given lesson plan was followed, attainment, and what is left to do.) Highlights, incidents, accidents and concerns Important information (for any messages such as a change in hometime arrangement or a letter sent home) Additional comments The only resource you need to provide outstanding feedback as a supply teacher!
The Hunger Game: Global Distribution of Food, Food Insecurity, Food Supply, FamineQuick View

The Hunger Game: Global Distribution of Food, Food Insecurity, Food Supply, Famine

This is a one-off lesson based on a game. ‘The Hunger Game’ explores the issues of food insecurity and reasons why the world’s food supply is distributed unevenly. The game uses Skittles and requires teams of six students. Each player represents a continent and Skittles are distributed according to what percentage of the world’s food supply that continent receives. Real life events are played out and players lose or gain food supplies. Players can intervene and provide food aid to other continents. At the beginning and end of the game students each complete a worksheet which encourages reflection of the events that affected them and others, and how they felt about it. I designed this game for an observation lesson and received an ‘outstanding’. It is an original resource which was inspired by the popular Jelly Babies Population Game. I have used the game with both a low and high ability Year 8 class and also a Year 12 class. The KS3 and A-Level groups were highly engaged with the lesson and played the game independently. Differentiation was very much through team discussion, reflection outcomes and teacher questioning. I was amazed by the implications discussed by the higher ability Year 8 class – issues we hadn’t yet covered in lessons. The game requires 100 Skittles per team and plastic cups or bowls for players to keep them in. The resources provided include: Lesson plan PowerPoint Starter and plenary activity Player instructions Continent profiles Student worksheet Positive and negative chance cards It is ideal for a 60 minute lesson but could easily be extended through follow-up discussion. I managed to squeeze it into a 50 minute lesson, but revisited the worksheet the following lesson to reflect on the outcomes and key learning points. Please leave feedback and/or rate if you do purchase this lesson! Thank you!
'Supply Teacher's Survival Kit'  BUMPER BUNDLE OF RESOURCESQuick View

'Supply Teacher's Survival Kit' BUMPER BUNDLE OF RESOURCES

This is the Supply Teacher's Survival Kit - everything you need for supply work in both primary and secondary schools. Nineteen resources which can be used in all subjects and age groups! A great time saver and ensures you are prepared in those classrooms that lack resources or when no work has been left. Begin with the 'Instructions and Overview' powerpoint which explains all of the resources and how to use them. The Survival Kit includes: Instructions / overview of how to use each resource. Task management boards. Maths Mats. Times table fortune tellers. Plenary dice. Code Wheels. Ten Vocabulary Games. Blank Wordsearch Grid. Ten Teaching Activities. Group work presentation and poster. Plenary Question Cards. Peer feedback templates Oral presentation feedback templates. German Who wants to be a millionare? Quiz for covering MFL lessons. French powerpoint and quiz for covering MFL lessons. Writing checklist. Essay planning sheet. Storyboard templates. Teaching for neurodiversity information and checklist.
EDITABLE Teacher Binder Covers - School SuppliesQuick View

EDITABLE Teacher Binder Covers - School Supplies

EDITABLE Teacher Binder Covers - 63 Different Ready Made Binder Covers and Spines for back to school. Choose which ones you wish to use, print out and slip into your binder front and spine. Also includes an editable cover and an editable spine, so you can add your own words if you need to! These can also be used as dividers in a larger teacher binder (cover for that included) and the spines can double as page tabs. Just print out the pages you need and put in page protectors. Print out the tabs on card stock, laminate if desired, and attach with clear packing tape to protect and make durable. Back to School background. Enjoy! - HappyEdugator With the EDITABLE BLANK covers and spines, you can create your own binders for anything you wish. Also includes ready made covers for: 504's Art Assessments Benchmarks Calendar Class Rosters Common Core Standards Conferences Curriculum Maps Cursive Data Department Duties ELL English Language Arts Evaluations Extracurricular Activities Field Trip Information Foreign Language Geography Gradebook HIstory IEP's Lesson Plans Mathematics Meeting Notes Modifications Music Newsletters Parent Guardian Contacts Passwords/Tech Information Professional Development Reading Schedule Science Social Studies Spelling Standards STEM STEAM Student Information Substitute Syllabus Teacher Binder Transportation Website Information Work Samples Writing AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY HOLIDAYS TESTING
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Easy Cover Lessons for Drama

8 stand-alone, simple cover lessons for Drama. Download these and leave them somewhere accessible for supply teachers to use when you are sick - or even to use yourself as back-up when you’re having a manic day! These are easy to teach, even for a non-specialist, and can simply be printed off and taken into the classroom. Full lesson plans included. Resources for Lesson 6 can be found at the bottom of that lesson’s plan. Resources for Lesson 8 included. No other resources required! Please leave a positive review if you download these and find them useful :)
Supply and Demand - Escape RoomQuick View

Supply and Demand - Escape Room

An interactive escape room lesson about supply and demand. Easy to prep lesson, as task cards simply need to be printed in advance. The lesson provides a fun introduction to supply and demand and the interchangeable relationship between the two. Included: Five task cards to complete the escape room relating to supply and demand PowerPoint with starter and plenary Lesson Plan Answer sheet for teacher Answer sheet for students to complete
Plants - Save the Supply Teacher Escape Room KS3Quick View

Plants - Save the Supply Teacher Escape Room KS3

Finish and reinforce a middle school module on plants or revisit it prior to exams with this innovative, enjoyable and challenging escape room lesson which includes: Anatomy of the flowering plant Life cycle of the flowering plant Photosynthesis Students have to work their way through the clues to find the code to a combination lock on the school exam paper store in which the supply teacher has been accidentally locked in the stationery store. The pack contains: PowerPoint – scene setting and instructions (sound effects and built-in timer); crossword; word search; dominoes activity; worksheet; code breaker sheet; answer keys; lesson plan. If time is limited just the crossword, word search and domino can be used. The worksheet is the most challenging clue to solve and this can be omitted completely for less able classes. Both 3 and 4 number combination locks can be purchased very cheaply online or the teacher can pretend to phone the school office for the staff to attempt to release the teacher. Full instructions are given on the PowerPoint itself. More high quality resources available here. Elf Off the Shelf Resources