Italian for beginnersQuick View

Italian for beginners

Italian introduction to greetings, numbers and months which leads into first homework task. Learning objective : To know basic greetings. To practice a conversation. To compare two conversations. Recognise numbers 1-10 (more for MATs) and to play a game before creating an informative spider gram which serves as homewerk framework. (As such the spider gram could be done on paper if not wishing to send books away) See my other resources for FREE provision of a range of mind maps which you can use for the spider gram activity here.
Italian GCSE Voluntary workQuick View

Italian GCSE Voluntary work

Material for Italian GCSE Theme 2 Voluntary work. Includes a PPT with pictures, speaking and writing activities. Also includes a worksheet with new vocabulary, reading exercises and a translation exercise.
Halloween in Italian BundleQuick View

Halloween in Italian Bundle

5 Resources
Includes 5 of my products which are listed individually. Card Games introduce the vocabulary. The other products use the same vocabulary and pictures.
Italian prepositionsQuick View

Italian prepositions

A worksheet that explains how to form Italian prepositions when they are followed by the article. Also includes some practice exercises for students.
Greetings in ItalianQuick View

Greetings in Italian

Used this for my first Italian lesson, we learnt the greetings and they created a short comic strip using the greetings.
Languages - ItalianQuick View

Languages - Italian

This photocopiable text is designed to develop the Italian reading and writing skills of able students at KS4. It could also serve as a springboard for a KS5 discussion on fashion.
Italian Grammar in ContextQuick View

Italian Grammar in Context

Italian Grammar in Context is a set of 17 passages in Italian, each of which is used to illustrate a particular grammatical point. Full explanations of the grammar points are given and practice exercises are provided, together with answer keys. The contents list is as follows: 1. La mia vita di casa: Adjectives 2. La giornata di Edoardo: Reflexive Verbs 3. Richard Gere: Perfect Tense with Avere 4. Boris Becker: Perfect Tense with Essere 5. La fidanzata di Valentino: Imperfect Tense 6. Cosa farei come lavoro: Future Tense 7. Cosa fare in futuro: Conditional Tense 8. Le prime impressioni della Scozia: Pluperfect Tense 9. Una cena in famiglia: Past Definite Tense 10. La televisione: Subjunctive Tense 11. Milano 2: una nuova città sportiva: Impersonal Verbs 12. L’Università italiana per stranieri di Perugia: Volere & Potere 13. Un matrimonio singolare: Stare per + Infinitive 14. Venezia, città morente: Stare + Gerund 15. A cavallo: Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns 16. I pericoli dei computer: Negative Expressions 17. California, paese dei sogni: Towns, Countries, Regions, Continents & Nationalities


Are you looking for resources to revise module 1 Identity & Culture: Daily Life? This 24-slide long Powerpoint Presentation contains: 2 grammar activities with exercises Reading and Listening activies on this module Writing task + translation linked to the task Speaking preparation (role play, picture & general conversation) Key verbs to practise this topic This is intended to revise topics with Y10s and/or Y11. Since there are different skills/activities it should take up to 3 lessons (or a week) to complete every task. I hope you find this useful If you do, please leave some positive feedback Grazie!


11 weather phrases in Italian to label. I have set out the phrases, grouping those together which share the same pattern. This might be of help when children are meeting them for the first time. The extension graduated worksheet is to practice how to use weather expressions to give a simple weather forecast Useful for introducing Italian cities and where they are situated. There is also a tick report for practising days of the week. Any feedback is always welcome. If you consider this worth buying, ‘grazie mille.’ As Tes continue to have problems with resource previews I have included a screen shot so you can see what the worksheet will look like when downloaded. My thanks to and for the use of the clipart images.
Italian Grammar Revision BookletQuick View

Italian Grammar Revision Booklet

A great revision resource for KS3-4, explains the grammar point and then gives students exercises to practise the grammar point. Excellent for a holiday homework!


19 Resources
If you are teaching Italian at KS3 for the first time or if you are looking for well-organised resources to teach Italian at KS3, then look at these 22 resources! I have created a bundle with my most popular resources to teach Italian to KS3 students. It includes Powerpoint Presentations and booklets for the following topics: basic intro/physical descriptions school life hobbies & opinions my area/my home food & drinks past tense activities pocket money holidays a Translation booklet & a Grammar booklet with solutions to all exercises. I hope you find these resourses useful. If you do, please leave some positive feedback Grazie e buon lavoro
Year 7 Italian bookletQuick View

Year 7 Italian booklet

This a booklet for independent work covering the following topics: Greetings Numbers, days, months, dates Me, Myself and I Animals Personality Physical appearance It includes a number of activities such as translation, reading comprehension, sequencing activities, counting etc.


ITALIAN PRESENT TENSE -ARE VERBS I’ve found that these are a great introduction to, and consolidation of, conjugating Italian verbs. They work well in a range of contexts such as independent work either in class time or at home, holiday refresher work, or individual activities for sub lessons. Students really benefit from several opportunities to work through the workbook, once or twice a term across a whole school year is a great way of both mapping progress and developing overall understanding and competence. There are 25 regular and irregular verbs -ARE verbs in the present tense. The workbook focuses on the correct conjugation of verbs, rather than usage - students find that when they can immediately recall and produce the correct conjugation of a given verb, particularly out of context, they are really getting to grips with conjugation. The structure of the resources is as follows: Two alphabetical verb reference lists: Italian-English and Italian-English Three conjugation challenges, each with 50 individual conjugation questions, so 150 conjugation questions in total Conjugation Challenge 1: each verb conjugated across a range of pronouns, with students writing the corresponding English verb conjugation. Conjugation Challenge 2: gives the infinitive of each verb in Italian, specifying the target pronoun. Students write the corresponding verb conjugation. Conjugation Challenge 3: students write the corresponding Italian verb conjugation, and its infinitive form, from an English prompt. 6-page answer key, which is an integral element of the resource - it gives students an additional opportunity to engage with the language and grammar, and really helps them develop more independence in their learning. They also genuinely enjoy assessing their own - and particularly each others’ - work! Notes and Next Steps template, which I encourage my students to visit regularly, reflecting not only on the verbs and conjugations they feel confident about, but also how they think their general skills in Italian might be developing through the activity - and equally importantly, what they can reasonably do to keep improving. They also note down any new verbs they learn, which enables them to build up a really comprehensive verb vocabulary. We use the template to guide and inform whole-group discussion about learning and progress in general - students find this a very useful activity. Have a look at this sampler which is free to download - you’ll be able to see if the workbook would work well for your students: ITALIAN CONJUGATION DRILLS SAMPLER There are 3 non-editable files in a zipped format. The product is copyright, all rights reserved. It may not be copied, rewritten, shared or distributed in any way. The license is a single-user license only. Please read the Terms of Use. GRAZIE MILLE E BUON APPRENDIMENTO!
Italian Verb and Vocabulary Writing MatsQuick View

Italian Verb and Vocabulary Writing Mats

I print and laminate these so that pupils can use them every time they complete a writing task. This eliminates a lot of time asking questions and using dictionaries and encourages independent learning. The pack includes a verb mat with different tenses, useful GCSE controlled assessment phrases and KS3 key vocab phrases.
Overview - Mendelssohn 'Italian' SymphonyQuick View

Overview - Mendelssohn 'Italian' Symphony

This resource will benefit teachers delivering the WJEC/Eduqas A Level Music specification and only using the Mendelssohn symphony for Q14. It highlights the main features, particularly those relating the Harmony, Melody, Instrumentation/Sonority and Structure. It also gives a brief overview of each movement. It will be ideal for those needing to use it as a starting point for the symphony.
GCSE Italian Model AnswersQuick View

GCSE Italian Model Answers

I wrote these model answers in preparation for my speaking and writing exam for June 2019. I received a grade 9, so clearly they must have been good enough to secure the grade. They were marked and corrected by my GCSE Italian teacher, who is a native speaker. There are 21 answers and questions in the document.
Italian GCSE Speaking ActivityQuick View

Italian GCSE Speaking Activity

An activity aimed at GCSE students of Italian A speaking game that is done in pairs - simply cut the cards out, turn them over and each student takes it in turns to respond to one of the questions on one of the topics Includes 10 different topics: La moda e gli acquisti Alimentazione e salute Viaggi e trasporti Sport e tempo livero Le feste in italia Media, informazione e comunicazione Il mondo del lavoro Il cinema italiano Il mondo della musica Italia
Italian Club ResourcesQuick View

Italian Club Resources

These resources taken from a lunchtime Italian club I used to run. Covers: Greetings Personal details (name, age, where you live) Food and drink Focus on culture Focus on the region of Campania Wordsearches, gapfills, certificates and worksheets provided as well as lessons.