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Martin Luther King Jr - his faith & fight PPT taskQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr - his faith & fight PPT task

A powerpoint titled - Martin Luther King – how did his faith influence his fight against racism? It looks at MLK and his Christian beliefs, which teachings influenced his fight, how his life compares to the life of Jesus and why some might see him as a modern saint. Includes a link to U2's 'Pride'. Worksheets to go with it on the life of MLK/Jesus.
The Martin Luther King StoryQuick View

The Martin Luther King Story

Clear PowerPoint with supporting illustrations telling the story of Martin Luther King, from his birth in Georgia to the announcement of his commemorative day in 1983. Pitched at an UKS2 level but could be useful elsewhere
Martin Luther King AssemblyQuick View

Martin Luther King Assembly

An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday on the 15th January. Over 45 years after his death the assembly examines his life and work, and asks what still needs to be done today to remove discrimination from our society.
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayQuick View

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

A two-minute thirty second reading on a topical issue. We would be grateful if you would share your thoughts with us and comment on this article. Other assemblies available at
Martin Luther King Jr. Task CardsQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr. Task Cards

These task cards are a great way for students to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. This product contains 18 cards with multiple choice questions about Martin Luther King Jr. A recording sheet and an answer key are included. Blank cards are also included for questions to be added, if wanted. The same 18 cards are also available in a non-multiple choice option as well.
Martin Luther King Jr. - Guided Reading and ActivitiesQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr. - Guided Reading and Activities

Younger students understand reading about famous people when they were young because they identify with those similar in age. My Brother Martin is told by his sister. The story shows how Martin lived and reacted as a young child in Atlanta when a neighbor would not let his white children play with Martin any more. Students will use reading comprehension strategies as they listen to this read aloud. The rooms illustrated in this story are the actual rooms of Martin’s home. I have provided the website where students can take a virtual tour of each room in Martin’s childhood home. Students will fill in a graphic organizer, a two-column organizer I have made to describe what the family did in each and every room of Martin’s home. Students will then “synthesize” all of the information they have learned and write a letter to Martin as if he were still a child. (I have included a letter format). In Martin’s “I Have a Dream” speech, students can highlight words and phrases they understand as they read as a class to put them into a poem, (Found Poetry). I have included directions how to write a “Found Poem.” The poems and letters can be put on display to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Or students can share their letters and poems at an assembly or parent breakfast.
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Book StudyQuick View

Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Book Study

This book study is written to correlate to the book Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? by Bonnie Bader (Penguin, 2008; ISBN 978-0-448-47805-0). Included in this pack are the following: · A pre-test for assessing current understanding. The pre-test has an “answer key on the bottom. · A page of questions for each chapter, including multiple choice, True or False question, matching, and short answer. · A page with a simple writing prompt for each chapter. · Five additional brainstorming work pages, including a character exploration page, a compare and contrast Venn diagram, and a timeline page. Although this product was created with a specific biography in mind, if you do not have access to the biography I selected for this book study product, you could find your own sources about Dr. King’s life and use those sources as background for the writing and brainstorming assignments.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Puppet Literacy ActivitiesQuick View

Martin Luther King, Jr. Puppet Literacy Activities

This MLK Jr. product includes a Martin Luther King, Jr. puppet to cut and paste on a paper lunch bag and 6 reproducible choices to fill out and paste on the back of the puppet bag. The six back facing reproducibles include: 1. A reading reproducible which is completely text about MLK, Jr. for students to practice their reading fluency. 2. A research reproducible #1 asks for Fast Facts, Famous Quote, and Interesting Fact. 3. A research reproducible #2 asks for why we celebrate MLK, Jr. day, why he is famous, and to define an important vocabulary term. 4. An open-ended reproducible with lines for your ready to go question. 5. Two pages (boy and girl versions) entitled "I Have a Dream." Your students answer how they can make home and school a better place.
Martin Luther King Jr. WebQuest (Internet Scavenger Hunt)Quick View

Martin Luther King Jr. WebQuest (Internet Scavenger Hunt)

This Webquest / Internet scavenger hunt is a perfect one day activity for middle schoolers to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on society. This is a fun lesson for technology classes or history classes. The lesson includes teacher and student resources (including links to videos), the student handout and an answer key. This is a great lesson to leave with a sub too!
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday Brag TagsQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday Brag Tags

Brag tags are a great way to add some positive reinforcement into your behavior management plan. Use them to encourage or reward your students with your holiday activities. Included MLK Day design "I have a dream" design Unity design Diversity design 4 pages in all! There are 30 of each brag tag per page. There are 4 different Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday brag tags. Each brag tag measures 2 inches high by a little over an inch wide. These are best when printed in color, I have tried to provide options as I know that some of the tags are ink heavy. If you like this product and have a suggestion for a different brag tag, I'm more than happy to add it. Students in my classroom keep their brag tags on a chain, but you could use ribbon or yarn as well. They are so proud of their accomplishments and can't wait to wear these throughout the school so they can show off what they have achieved
Martin Luther King Jr. Impact on Society - Social Media SimulationQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr. Impact on Society - Social Media Simulation

In this lesson, students take on the role of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as they research his life and create a simulated social media page that he might have created if that technology existed during his lifetime. Offering a creative approach to research, students need to draw conclusions about the information they locate to determine what Dr. King would have chosen to write on social media as well as what some of his interests and friends might have been. The lesson uses a prepared PowerPoint template that students customize with their own information to create a simulated social media page. This lesson was created for 7th and 8th grade middle school students, but would be appropriate for upper elementary students or early high school students as well. Files Included with this Lesson • Teacher Notes and Resources • Project Expectations and Grading Rubric • PowerPoint Template (Versions 1997-2003) • PowerPoint Template (Versions 2003 – 2016)
Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search Puzzle PLUS PosterQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search Puzzle PLUS Poster

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WORD SEARCH PUZZLE PLUS POSTER * * * MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: * 30 words to search for in this HUGE word search puzzle! * A TRIBUTE TO DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR ~ "I HAVE A DREAM" * All terms honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. * A history lesson all in itself! Students will learn some history of this iconic American as they search for these 30 terms. * Decorated with appropriate pictures. * * * MARTIN LUTHER KING POSTER: * "NO LIE CAN LIVE FOREVER" * ONE OF MLK'S MOST FAMOUS QUOTES. * HANG ONE OR TWO AROUND THE ROOM TO HONOR THIS ICONIC AMERICAN. * LEST WE NOT FORGET THIS WORTHY PERSON. Copyright© 2017 David Filipek All rights reserved by the author. Permission for downloads to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display. Some graphics provided by My Cute Graphics. Their website is:
Black History - Influential People - Martin Luther King Jr. (Bilingual Set)Quick View

Black History - Influential People - Martin Luther King Jr. (Bilingual Set)

This set of worksheets and reading comprehension are related to Black History – Influential People with a special version of Martin Luther King Jr. In this set, you will find the following activities: 1. A reading text (short biography) of the leader. 2. Reading comprehension questions sheet. 3. Write facts sheet. 4. A bubble map to write words related to the leader. 5. A KWL chart. 6. Facts square chart. 7. An interactive activity. 8. A Venn diagram to compare and contrast with another Black History Leader. 9. A poster of the leader in color. You can use these sheets for Social Studies centers, classwork or homework. **************************************************************************** Este set de hojas de trabajos y de lectura comprensiva está relacionado con el mes de la Historia Afroamericana con una versión especial sobre Martin Luther King Hijo. En este set, encontrarás las siguientes actividades: 1. Un texto de lectura (biografía corta) del o la líder. 2. una hoja con preguntas de comprensión. 3. Una hoja para escribir información. 4. Un mapa de burbujas para escribir palabras sobre el o la líder. 5. Un cuadro KWL en español. 6. Cuadro de información. 7. Una actividad interactiva. 8. Un diagrama de Venn para comparar y contrastar con otro/a líder afroamericano. 9. Un poster en color. Tú puedes usar estas hojas de trabajo en los centros de Ciencias Sociales, trabajo de clase o de tarea para el hogar.
Martin Luther King Jr.-Reading Comprehension- Read The Room- Grades 4-7Quick View

Martin Luther King Jr.-Reading Comprehension- Read The Room- Grades 4-7

This product offers an excellent way to give your students practice in reading for information. You place the 10 fact cards around the room and your students hunt,read,write,and learn all about Martin Luther king Jr.. 10 Fact Cards student worksheets answer key Aligned with CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.4.1-7.1 2 optional writing assignments are included.
Music Inspired by Historical Events Set 1 featuring Martin Luther King, Jr.Quick View

Music Inspired by Historical Events Set 1 featuring Martin Luther King, Jr.

EXPLORE the Stories behind these songs and how they relate their messages of Peace, Hope, Love and Freedom using the Universal Language of Music. These themes REFLECT the Struggles, Hopes and Dreams of President Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to help ALL PEOPLE enjoy a life of FREEDOM. What You Get: ♫ Tibits for each song in outline form. This will give you the option to quickly choose which bits of information fit in for your younger class levels. ♫ Video Links to the following Songs ♫“We Shall Overcome” by, Dianna Ross ♫“Abraham, Martin and John” by, Dion ♫“Free At Last” from the musical Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ♫“I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” by, The New Seekers ♫“I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” Jingle ♫“Do You Hear What I Hear?” by, Bing Crosby ♫“Let There Be Peace On Earth” by, Vince Gill ♫“Let There Be Peace On Earth” by, The Inter-Religious Choir (Due to copyright laws no soundtrack is provided.) Great for the General Classroom Teacher to *CONNECT* the curriculum! ***This is a smaller version of my Middle School resource: "Music Inspired by Historical Events Set 1" also available for purchase.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit for Grades 3-4 and Even 5: CCSS With Readers' TheaterQuick View

Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit for Grades 3-4 and Even 5: CCSS With Readers' Theater

Martin Luther King Jr. cross curricular, differentiated unit. The activities in this unit are engaging and perfect for grades 4-8. Pages 3-4: Who is Martin Luther King Jr?: Literacy Activity Pages 5-8: Readers’ Theater Script “I Have a Dream.” Page 9: “I Have a Dream Readers’ Theater Summary” Template Worksheet Page 10: Writing Across the Curriculum: Organization Game Directions Page 11: Organization Game Cutable Worksheet: Words and MKL Page 12: Vocabulary Building Page 13: Writing Across the Curriculum: Social Students: Sentence Sorting to Building a Paragraph Instructions Page 14: Sentence Sorting Activity and Template: MLK and the Quest for Civil Rights Pre-Writing Activity Page 15: From Sentence Sorting to Paragraph Writing: Teacher Template – A completed template for teachers to use to teach the following… Page 16: From Sentence Sorting to Paragraph Writing Student Template Page 17: I Have a Dream: “A think and write about me” activity. Page 18: I have a Dream Activity 20 Slide PowerPoint – MLK Jr. and the Road to Civil Rights 8 Slide PowerPoint to help instruct student about Readers’ Theater Guidelines and Participation
Martin Luther King: A Biographical Play(Reader's Theater Script)Quick View

Martin Luther King: A Biographical Play(Reader's Theater Script)

Martin Luther King Jr. A Biographical Play: Learn about this important civil rights leader who worked for equality in non-violent ways. Martin Luther King envisioned a world where the color of your skin did not determine a person’s value and civil rights! He was also a excellent orator whose " I Have a Dream Speech" is probably his most famous. Using this Reader's Theater Script, part of my Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show series of plays, your students will have fun acting out the parts and learning about the life of Martin Luther King, as they pretend to be in the audience of Ms. Bie Ografee's Talk Show. There are 10 audience informational questioners, a Did You Know? section of additional facts, comprehension questions, a teacher page with extension questions, vocabulary(which are highlighted in the play), additional links and the key. I also have similar plays on Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, the Tuskegee Airmen, Rosa Parks and Bessie Coleman. I have many other plays,too, including Sacagawea, Sequoia, Thomas Edison,Michelangelo, DaVinci, Susan B. Anthony, Simon: Victim of the Black Death, McSean: a Leprechaun, Interview with a Groundhog,Elizabeth Blackwell, Revolutionary War Female Spy, California Gold Rush Prospector and more. Please consider becoming a follower of mine. Thanks! Gail Hennessey
Civil Rights Word SearchQuick View

Civil Rights Word Search

This word search is a great way to review some famous civil rights heroes. The solution to the puzzle is included. Terms Included: ♦ Black Panthers ♦ Civil Rights ♦ Freedom Riders ♦ JFK ♦ Jim Crow Laws ♦ John Lewis ♦ LBJ ♦ Malcolm X ♦ March on Washington ♦ Martin Luther King Jr ♦ Rosa Parks ♦ Thurgood Marshall
Analyzing Arguments with Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham JailQuick View

Analyzing Arguments with Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Teach students how to analyze an author’s arguments with Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail! Analyzing an author’s arguments can be challenging for students; however, this step-by-step method will make this skill clear and easy while creating an in-depth analysis! Everything to teach rhetoric, and logical fallacies is included. Show your students how to analyze the rhetoric/fallacies/message/language of any author’s arguments through this iconic passage from Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Includes: - PowerPoint and Google Presentation on rhetoric and logical fallacies - PowerPoint Presentation & Google Presentation to introduce this step-by-step method - Close reading passage of Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail - Analyzing rhetoric graphic organizer - Reader response questions to further the depth of analysis - Separate logical fallacies PowerPoint and Google Presentation - Lesson plans - Lesson plans on teaching close reading strategies with this passage - Google Apps Links to Google Presentations & Graphic Organizer Google Documents - Extended response questions allow students to craft their own argument in response to this text. Do your students need more than a quick review with Ethos, Pathos, Logos & Logical Fallacies? Check out my Complete Guide to Analyzing King's Argument BUNDLE!
Reading Street Spelling and Vocabulary Activities: My Brother MartinQuick View

Reading Street Spelling and Vocabulary Activities: My Brother Martin

Spelling and Vocabulary activities from Fourth Grade Reading Series story, "My Brother Martin" These activities give several opportunities to practice the words in a variety of ways. As they go through the activities for this series, students make connections with other language concepts such as alphabetization, synonyms, antonyms, syllables, homophones, analogies, rhymes, word meaning, etc. Download includes 12 activity pages plus answer keys: * Worksheet for practice/self test * Word list to alphabetize. They can either rewrite the words from their list alphabetically or cut out the words and arrange in order before rewriting them. * Scrambled words puzzle * Scavenger hunt * Quotefall puzzle: answer clues with spelling words, and then transfer circled letters to reveal a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote. * Dictionary and writing activities * Silly sentences - students make sentences using words that start with letters from spelling words * Dictation activity * Vocabulary activity from the words to know. * Explanation and activity for coordinating conjunctions * Grayscale versions included
Famous African Americans  Flip BooksQuick View

Famous African Americans Flip Books

This product includes: Benjamin Banneker Bessie Coleman Billlie Holiday Booker T. Washington Edna Lewis Frederick Douglas George W. Carver Harriet Tubman Jessie Owens Rosa Parks Ruby Bridges Sojourner Truth Martin Luther King Jr.