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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

A two-minute thirty second reading on a topical issue. We would be grateful if you would share your thoughts with us and comment on this article. Other assemblies available at

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Two fun sheets to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Each has an informational text passage about MLK for students to read. Great for Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, or to go with any unit on the Civil Rights Movement. After they read the text, students need to unscramble the words in the word scramble puzzle. The trick - The words can all be found in the passage. Includes two sheets that tell the story of Dr. King, and answer keys. Enjoy! - Greg Smith

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Martin Luther King Jr.

13 page workbook This includes: 2 Posters A bio on MLK Jr.along with a link to hear his "I have a dream" speech link. Important facts and dates of his life and the civil rights movement. His most impact full quotes are also included. Worksheets: word search, quiz short essay writing *answer key included

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Facebook activity for Martin Luther King Jr.

Collaborative group work activity in which the pupils will compile a 'facebook&' profile page for Martin Luther King Jr. in an anachronistic activity. Blank templates should be increased to A3 paper in order to fit in images etc.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Activity

Martin Luther King Jr. MLK Coded Words fun activity sheet. Use as a time filler that is a vocabulary or spelling builder and a fun thing to do for a Martin Luther King Jr. activity. Figure out the coded words written with webdings by using the decoder. Key included. NO PREP. Print and go.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading

Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading Passages - Close Reading contains nine informational texts for your students to read to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Can be used at any time of year, including around Maritn Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month. Following each text are series of activities that your students can complete in class or as homework, including classroom discussions, interactive activities, and worksheets with thought-provoking questions that will get your students thinking about civil rights and what it means to have and protect them. Texts included: Slavery in the Southern United States The Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks: First Lady of Civil Rights Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Early Years The Peaceful Protests I Have a Dream After the Speech Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy President Barack Obama Close Reading is a central focus of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students learn to immerse themselves in the text, think about what the author is saying, and pick out important details in the text in a methodical way. I really appreciate your purchase, and I hope your students enjoy reading the informational texts and learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Check my other close reading packets: Back to School Reading Passages - Close Reading Halloween Reading Passages - Close Reading Thanksgiving Reading Passages - Close Reading Christmas Reading Passages - Close Reading Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading Passages - Close Reading Valentine's Day Reading Passages - Close Reading St. Patrick's Day Reading Passages - Close Reading Easter Reading Passages - Close Reading Earth Day Reading Passages - Close Reading End of the Year Reading Passages - Close Reading All graphics are original and created by myself. Thanks for stopping by my store, Yvonne Crawford

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Martin Luther King Jr - his faith & fight PPT task

A powerpoint titled - Martin Luther King – how did his faith influence his fight against racism? It looks at MLK and his Christian beliefs, which teachings influenced his fight, how his life compares to the life of Jesus and why some might see him as a modern saint. Includes a link to U2's 'Pride'. Worksheets to go with it on the life of MLK/Jesus.

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Martin Luther King Jr. English

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The following french MLK package is for students in grades 3-6. It includes: -Vocabulary list -Inference page -Informational (biography) sheet -Comprehension questions -2 different writing activities -Having fun with facebook: Create a facebook page for Martin Luther King Jr. ------------------------------------------------ * All information was found on Terms: All rights reserved by author. This product is for personal or classroom use only, and can only be used by the original downloader. Clipart and elements found in this PDF are copyrighted and cannot be extracted and used without permission and a license. Contact me: If you have any questions, concerns, or requests please contact me at Thank you for your visit! Come back soon, as new products are being uploaded regularly! Don’t forget to leave feedback, it is much appreciated!! :)

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Martin Luther King, Jr. 'I have a Dream' SpeechQuick View

Martin Luther King, Jr. 'I have a Dream' Speech

This Wordle can be used as a starter or plenary for KS3 or KS4 in English or History. The most common words in the speech are bigger than the less common words. For example 'freedom' and 'Negro' are quite prominently displayed while 'suffering' and 'segregation' are actually quite small. It is an interesting start to a discussion on the speech and its language.

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Martin Luther King Jr. 1929 - 1968

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister and activist who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. Interactive 'Prezi'; tutorial activity for secondary students Also includes: SMSC questions, Employability and Learning framework and Literacy question.

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s  Life and Work - Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life and Work - Reading Comprehension

A reading Comprehension on Martin Luther King's Life and work as a social activist and leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. There are a lot of comprehension exercises after the text including : True or False, multiple choice, gap filling and finding synonyms exercises. The vocabulary used in the text is quite advanced (higher intermediate to proficient level).

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The Martin Luther King Story

Clear PowerPoint with supporting illustrations telling the story of Martin Luther King, from his birth in Georgia to the announcement of his commemorative day in 1983. Pitched at an UKS2 level but could be useful elsewhere

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Martin Luther King Lapbook

Martin Luther King: This Martin Luther King Jr. lapbook is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. Students may research or show what they have learned by writing different facts on the provided blank lines about each Term Associated with the History of Martin Luther King Jr. A completed booklet with answers is included. Note: This lapbook fits inside of composition books (as shown on the cover page) This Martin Luther King Jr. Lapbook contains the following: 1. How to use and Assembly Instructions for the lapbook 2. Completed facts for each term: Martin Luther King Jr., Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1963 March on Washington, Selma to Montgomery Marches, Poor People's Campaign, SCLC 3. Blank versions for students to write their own facts for each term 4. Check out the preview for more details ***** Do a search for my other interactive notebooks in the folllowing topics: ***** U.S. History: ♦ 13 Colonies ♦ American Heroes ♦ American Revolution ♦ American Symbols ♦ Bill of Rights ♦ Black History Month ♦ Boston Tea Party ♦ Branches of Government ♦ Christopher Columbus ♦ Civil Rights ♦ Civil War ♦ Cold War ♦ Columbian Exchange ♦ Declaration of Independence ♦ French and Indian War ♦ Gilded Age ♦ Great Depression ♦ Immigration ♦ Inventors ♦ Jamestown ♦ Lewis and Clark ♦ Lost Colony of Roanoke ♦ Louisiana Purchase ♦ Loyalists or Patriots ♦ Martin Luther King ♦ Native Americans ♦ Pilgrims ♦ Progressive Era ♦ Reconstruction ♦ Spanish American War ♦ Texas Revolution ♦ Underground Railroad ♦ War of 1812 ♦ Westward Expansion ♦ World War I ♦ World War II World History: Get all 11 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ Absolute Monarchs ♦ Crusades ♦ European Explorers ♦ Famous Explorers ♦ French Revolution ♦ Holocaust ♦ Middle Ages ♦ Renaissance ♦ Titanic ♦ World War I ♦ World War II Ancient History: Get all 10 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ China ♦ Egypt ♦ Greece ♦ India ♦ Rome ♦ Incas ♦ Aztecs ♦ Maya ♦ Mesopotamia ♦ Vikings

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Martin Luther King Activity Sheet

Here is an 8.5" x 11" activity sheet for Martin Luther King, Jr. It asks the students to: 1. Sketch MLK 2. Use the calendar to determine the date of the holiday 3. Figure out how long it has been a holiday 4. List 3 important facts 5. Illustrate and define a vocabulary word 6. Name and give an example of a character trait 7. List some Fast Facts about MLK, Jr. 8. Find and write a famous quote. 9. Write their Sources. Students can add their own decorative touches to it after they fill it out. Great for a literacy center!

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Martin Luther King AssemblyQuick View

Martin Luther King Assembly

An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday on the 15th January. Over 45 years after his death the assembly examines his life and work, and asks what still needs to be done today to remove discrimination from our society.

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