Stories to improve sequencing and text comprehension, each with a four-part text to put in order. Each story has two versions: one with simpler text and more limited vocabulary, which is useful for less-confident readers. Suitable for KS1-mid KS2 plus older pupils with less-developed literacy skills. Previously available through Easylearn. Two more books available.


Stories to improve sequencing and text comprehension, each with a three-part text to put in order. Each story has two versions: one with simpler text and more limited vocabulary, which is useful for less-confident readers. Suitable for KS1 plus older pupils with less-developed literacy skills. Previously available through Easylearn. Two more books available.
Visual source analysis - story booksQuick View

Visual source analysis - story books

Two PowerPoints which include scans from two picture book memoirs. The Little Refugee (Anh Do) - It includes pre-reading questions. The powerpoint also introduces key terms for analysing these visuals: visual components of a text such as placement, salience, framing, representation of action or reaction, shot size, social distance and camera angle. Body Language – A non-verbal form of communication including facial expression, posture & gestures. Salience – a strategy of emphasis, highlighting what is important in a text. In images, salience is created through strategies like the placement of an item in the foreground, size and contrast in tone or colour. There are also comprehension questions and an explanation of things to note about the illustrations. The Peasant Prince (Li Cunxin) - a more comprehensive lesson (for a higher class). It includes information about the author and the illustrator and the techniques she used. It introduces visual literacy techniques to look for e.g. use of colour vs black and white. Ways to describe colour e.g. vivid and muted. Colour theory - the connotations of specific colours. Describing the positioning of elements within the image (e.g. foreground & background). How to describe the settings within the story (there is a graphic organiser for them to fill in to respond to three images from the book). Nonverbal communication (explanations of body langauge and facial expression). Students have the chance to apply this to describing three figures in the book. Shot size, Angle and Mise en scene are defined and there are further activities for each of these. Other concepts are covered incuding reading path, salience, positioning, vectors, allusion, symbols and language features.


Stories to improve sequencing and text comprehension, each with a five-part text to put in order. Each story has two versions: one with simpler text and more limited vocabulary, which is useful for less-confident readers. Suitable for KS2 plus older pupils with less-developed literacy skills. Previously available through Easylearn. Two more books available.
The Nativity Story Mini BookQuick View

The Nativity Story Mini Book

Christmas A perfect first book of the Nativity; simply told and beautifully illustrated. This mini book is a simple introduction to the Christmas story created for your kiddos. Both the colored and the black and white versions are a perfect addition to any lesson or theme about Christmas. Through clear, simple language this story is told and your kiddos can follow along with you. This book is great for guided reading activities as some of the words might be difficult for emerging readers. Simply print, cut and assemble. ***Colored and Black and White version included in this purchase***
Costing the Earth - Story BookQuick View

Costing the Earth - Story Book

This story centres on the Clayton household where Roger, Debbie Clayton’s nephew, is wasting energy wthout a thought for who pays. Children will explore how energy is used in the home and discover simple strategies to conserve energy. Children will plan individual actions to reduce energy waste around the home and the school environment and work collectively to create an energy-saving action plan for the class or whole school.


Start Listening A and B are excellent for those pupils with poor auditory and concentration skills. The differentiated tasks suit a range of abilities. The activities are carefully structured, enabling those who find listening difficult to develop their confidence and listening skills. This book involves colouring and drawing to instruction, and identifying whether or not sentences are reasonable. A further book is available: book B uses sentences and stories to focus on auditory memory. Previously sold through Easylearn.
Story Planning Flip BookQuick View

Story Planning Flip Book

This flip book was designed for me to encourage reluctant writers to plan their stories before writing. It contains flaps for title ideas, characters, setting, problem, other events and solution. Each section should be cut out and then glued or stapled together to make the flip book.
Assembly Story BookQuick View

Assembly Story Book

Assembly Stories are always popular with students. This pdf Assembly Story Book has 50 stories, each with a teaching point. Keep it handy on your phone or laptop and you will always have a ready Assembly. Click on the links in the contents pages to go straight to the story you are interested in.
FREE Story BookQuick View

FREE Story Book

Bungling Bert on Board the Pirate Ship An engaging story in six, short chapters suitable for whole class, group and individual reading with additional FREE resources for follow up activities. Stories are approx 15 minutes long. This is the PDF version of the narrated PowerPoint. Bert is a lovable rogue who gets up to mischief, always wanting something for nothing! He is closely watched by PC Percy and his dog, Buster. FREE resources for follow up activities: Great as a creative writing stimulus, a fun story in itself, or used in conjunction with the comprehension cards for more in depth sessions. One in a series of four e Bert books, all with follow up resources.
Lucky Duck Story BookQuick View

Lucky Duck Story Book

A fun story for young children about a duck who is learning about the similarities and differences between him and other birds. Great for provoking conversations about how we are all different as well as helping to identify common birds.
The Passover Story Activity Books BUNDLEQuick View

The Passover Story Activity Books BUNDLE

2 Resources
These Activity Books are a wonderful way to help students learn about the Passover Story. Bundle includes: The Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread: 58 pages of puzzles, coloring pages, creative writing and map activities, fact sheets, crafts, and more. Moses and the Ten Plagues: 107 pages of lesson plans,coloring pages, quizzes, creative writing worksheets, and activities. WHAT’S INCLUDED? Lesson One: Moses and the princess Bible quiz: Moses and the princess Coloring page: Moses and the princess Bible word scramble: Who raised Moses? Bible word search: Moses and the princess Comprehension worksheet: Land of Goshen Let’s learn Hebrew: Moses Worksheet: Baby Moses Question ’n color: The Hebrews are slaves Bible verse match Map activity: Where is Egypt? Coloring page: The Pharaoh Worksheet: The Egyptian Times Lesson Two: The burning bush Bible quiz: Moses escapes to Midian Labyrinth: Escape from Egypt! Worksheet: Moses escapes to Midian Map activity: Moses moves to Midian Comprehension worksheet: Life in the desert Complete the picture: Life in the desert Worksheet: Moses was a shepherd Bible activity: Mount Sinai Bible crossword: The burning bush Coloring worksheet: The burning bush Worksheet: What’s the Word? Let’s Write: A day in the life of Moses Coloring page: The burning bush Lesson Three: The plaguese Bible quiz: The plagues Comprehension worksheet: Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh Coloring worksheet: Pharaoh Worksheet: Write your name in hieroglyphics Comprehension worksheet: Egyptian gods Bible crossword: Ten plagues of Egypt Worksheet: Ten plagues of Egypt Question ’n color: The ten plagues Craft: Make a paper frog Worksheet: Plagues! Worksheet: The Nile Coloring page: Ten plagues of Egypt Bible craft: Make your own Ten Plagues lapbook Lesson Four: The Passover Let’s learn Hebrew: Passover Worksheet: What’s the Word? Comprehension worksheet: The Passover Worksheet: What do you eat for the Passover meal? Bible activity: The Passover meal Coloring page: The Passover Bible word search: Feast of Unleavened Bread Recipe: Unleavened Bread Worksheet: I spy! Connect the dots: Moses Coloring worksheet: Moses Worksheet: The Egyptian Times Bible craft: Make a ten plagues necklace Lesson Five: Red Sea crossing Bible quiz: Red Sea crossing Bible word search: Red Sea crossing Let’s learn Hebrew: Unleavened Bread Comprehension worksheet: Feast of Unleavened Bread Worksheet: The Exodus Bible activity: The Exodus Fun worksheet: Red Sea crossing Worksheet: Egyptian war chariot Coloring worksheet: Red Sea crossing Comprehension worksheet: Red Sea discovery? Coloring page: Red Sea crossing
Old Bear Story Book TemplateQuick View

Old Bear Story Book Template

For children to rewrite the story of ‘Old Bear’ by Jane Hissey :) 6 scenes from the book and two blank pages for children to add in their own ideas. The Teacher Traveller
Monkey Puzzle story sack resourcesQuick View

Monkey Puzzle story sack resources

The pack includes: DISPLAY Display banner Display border Story words Large lettering- Large A-Z letters in lower and upper case with a leaf decoration- great for larger display titles or to create a different alphabet line Large pictures- Large coloured pictures of the animals in the story, leaves and plants and different bugs to help you create a great display Word and picture cards- cards with the name and picture of each of the animals in the story LITERACY Word mat- An A4 word mat with words and pictures relating to the story Speech bubble worksheets- various worksheets to write what the different animals are saying Writing paper- various writing sheets with themed borders to use for work about the story or to add to the writing area Alphabet line Acrostic poems Guess the animal cards- read the clues and match to the correct animal from the story Worksheets- Various worksheets about the story and animals including matching the animal to the clue, initial sounds, cut and stick animal names etc My jungle day Describe your mum- A worksheet to draw and describe your own mum Favourite part- draw and write about your favourite part of the story NUMERACY Number line Size ordering- order the caterpillars and snakes in length order Roll-a-die game- roll a die and collect the part of your animal Colour by numbers Symmetry Counting worksheets- Count the animals worksheets with numbers 1-3, 1-5 and 1-10 Addition- an alternative colour by numbers sheets where children find the answer and colour the part of the butterfly Missing numbers- fill in the missing numbers on the caterpillars ART AND CRAFT Animal puppets Animal masks Draw a jungle scene- draw your own jungle and the animals in it Colouring Jigsaw puzzle- design your own jigsaw puzzle and then cut out the pieces Poems and rhymes- a collection of decorated cards with rhymes and poems about jungle animals Tracing UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD Animal photos- lovely colour photos to print out and add to a display Jungle photos Animal fact cards Butterfly life cycle pictures Life cycle worksheets- various worksheets about the life cycle of a butterfly Power Point STORY TELLING Story sack tag Coloured puppets Coloured face masks Sequence cards Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.
The Real Easter Story Mini BookQuick View

The Real Easter Story Mini Book

The Real Easter Story is a two-in-one mini book (you get two copies per page) created with images that should appeal to young children. The sentences are simple, however, the vocabulary may pose a challenge to some. Therefore I would recommend that some assistance be given to students. This product comes in black and white only to facilitate easy printing and of course to allow students to color the pages themselves. The pages are set for double sided printing. I also included both a colored and a black and white version of the mini-book cover page for you. Enjoy! Nicole
Book Covers - The Story of MeQuick View

Book Covers - The Story of Me

A great 'introductory' lesson for Grades 6-10 that can serve as a 'getting to know you' task and finished work can also be used for display. A one-off lesson that looks at books covers and blurbs with an outcome that pupils will create their own book covers about themselves using some of the techniques they have identified. Includes an art aspect (and encourages thinking about intended audience)
RWI Story Book Stickers (Publisher)Quick View

RWI Story Book Stickers (Publisher)

Do you teach RWI in your school? After a helpful tool to support staff knowing which books and sounds go together? This resource is produced on publisher, where you can have multiple sticker designs on one page or the same sticker on a page when printing. Each book band is a on a different coloured sticker making it easy to find. Ideal to send home for parents to see what your child has read or to use on the front of folders storing the books.