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Place value

Year 2 place value. A resource to evidence all the different skills a year 2 child needs to have to be at 'expected level'

By hannzw

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Number & Place Value

5 worksheets based on number and place value. They can be used separately or as an assessment pack at the end of the unit. 1) Ordering Numbers 2) Read and write numbers 3) Number Sequences 4) Multiples 5) Complete the calculations.

By annie_therese

Place Value Expanded FormQuick View

Place Value Expanded Form

This set contains 24 ice cream cones to allow students the opportunity to practice place value and to read and write numbers in standard form, written form, and expanded form for ten and hundreds. These are also great for math centers. Just laminate and use year after year.

By Georgeanne

Decimal Place & Place Value (4 Lessons)Quick View

Decimal Place & Place Value (4 Lessons)

This contains 2 PowerPoints. PowerPoint 1 - Lesson on Place Values. 40 colourful interactive slides. Lots of questions to assess understanding and check for misconception. Discussion points to make students understand and master the topic. Links made to real life. Tasks included in the PowerPoint which can be printed. PowerPoint 2 - Lesson on DECIMAL Place Values. 48 colourful interactive slides. As above Lots of questions to assess understanding and check for misconception. Discussion points to make students understand and master the topic. Links made to real life. Tasks included in the PowerPoint which can be printed. Worksheets - 3 Worksheets based on Decimal Places Partitioning, Comparing Decimals and Decimal Sequences. Enough for minimum of 4 Lesson about 200 Minutes worth of resources

By Shamster

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Interactive Workbook Place Value

Part of a wonderful collection of interactive workbooks, this one is about Place Value. There are thousands of possibilities in each workbook, so for about the cost of a cup of coffee, you and your students are getting an amazing deal. These interactive resources have been successfully used as starters, plenaries, breakouts, inclusion, differentiation, extensions, peer-to-peer learning, as rich learning points, and to get students speaking, reflecting, and predicting, talking about their work and its applications in and outside the school. Buy them, try them and thrive. Incredible.

By msterry21

Place Value BundleQuick View

Place Value Bundle

This place value bundle includes activities for expanded form and number names or word format in both whole number and decimals. 135 place value problems in all! Over a 10% savings from buying the individual activities! Includes: Place Value Expanded form •30 problems, whole numbers to the hundred thousands place •Direction sheet •Answer sheet •Interactive notebook page Place Value Word Form •30 problems, whole numbers to the hundred thousands place •Direction sheet •Answer sheet •Interactive notebook page Place Value Match •75 problems •15 each of hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands. •5 each of decimals, tenths, hundredths and thousandths. •Directions •Answer Sheet

By msbatkinsclass

Primary Place ValueQuick View

Primary Place Value

Give your students a strong math foundation with Primary Place Value! Beginning with ones and tens and increasing in difficulty to hundreds, 46 imaginatively-illustrated practice activities are sure to provide reinforcement of this essential math concept. The clever activities are repeated in a variety of formats to insure a strong grasp of essential concepts. The groupings are represented in a number of different ways to keep interest high while providing consistent results. The level of difficulty increases gradually as students become more adept in their understanding and ability to deal with abstract problems. This visual approach to learning math is appropriate for students of all ages and can be used in a variety of classroom settings. Upon completing this book, students should be able to: identify the place name of a digit by its position in a numeral, attribute a value to each digit in a numeral, graphically illustrate three-digit numbers, write three-digit numbers correctly, and discriminate greater and less than quantities.

By RemediaPub

Emoji Place Value ChallengeQuick View

Emoji Place Value Challenge

Emoji Place Value Challenge: All the number characters on my keyboard have become emojis! Cut out the jigsaw pieces and put the hundred square back together again. What emoji stands for which digit? A humorous place-value problem solving challenge. For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website

By helenrachelcrossley

Maths - Number & Place ValueQuick View

Maths - Number & Place Value

Two lessons focusing on number and place value, used to baseline new KS2 SEN class. Focus on number recognition and introduction to place value, three differentiated activities. Curriculum 2014 Links: Count, read and write numerals to 100 in numbers

By katecornford1

Decimal Place Value Four in a Row GameQuick View

Decimal Place Value Four in a Row Game

A differentiated connect four board game for consolidating understanding of place value in decimals (2 and 3 decimal places). • Two sets of 54 decimal number cards featuring numbers from 0.001 to 2.01 (1 set includes numbers up to 2 decimal places, the other up to 3 decimal places) • Two A3 Four in a Row boards – The 1 star version was originally designed to go with the cards to 2 decimal places, while the more challenging 2 star version was designed for the cards to 3 decimal places. However, both sets of cards would work with either board. It works especially well in A3, however, you could scale down the board and cards should you not have the ability to print in A3. Alternatively, you could use the A4 Three in a Row boards which are also included in this pack. You could have pairs of pupils take on other pairs, so there are four playing on one board. Each team of two starts with a set of cards (print each set on different coloured card or paper and then laminate). It works well if each team shuffles their cards, puts them in a pile and takes one from the top at a time, which they then put down on the board if there's a suitable empty box. They aim to get four of their cards in a row (or 3 if using the smaller boards). Each box has a stipulation about the numbers that can be placed on it (no tenths, < 1.5, > 0.31 & < 0.56, five hundredths etc). To save printing you could split a set between two or three boards as a single team will not require all 54 cards. The cards can also be used separately from the game boards for ordering activities. Cards are editable should you want to make any changes to better suit the needs of your pupils.

By FullShelf

Place Value framesQuick View

Place Value frames

Place value frames go from simple two column tens and units, up to thousands, tens and units. Frames come in two forms depending on the vocab used in the session/your school (units vs ones) All frames come with picture support which corresponds with practical resources such as dienes and number rods for deeper learning and reinforcement of place value concepts.

By zvlovegrove

Place Value Reasoning gameQuick View

Place Value Reasoning game

Differentiated place value game. Print and laminate the cards. The aim of the game: Each child in the group receives a card. They take turns to role the 1-9 die. Each time they roll a number they must decide where to write it on the card to give them the best chance of constructing the highest number (if they roll a 9, they might consider putting that in the thousands column). When writing the numbers in, the children must include the appropriate number of zeros as place holders. When each child has filled in the white boxes, they must construct the number in the green box. The winner is the one with the highest number. The rest of the players must cross off a life at the bottom of the card. If you lose all three lives, you are out. The winner of the game is remaining survivor. As a variation the children can try to construct the lowest number. Challenge: Instead of rolling the die and choosing a place on their own card, they must decide a place on one of their opponent's places! This challenges the children at a deeper level e.g. if the aim is to achieve the highest number and they roll a '9', they may want to put that digit in an opponents smallest available place value column. If they roll a '1', they may want to place it in the largest. Extension: Probability and fractions. e.g. 'How likely is it that 'A' will win?' 'In order to win, what digits do I need to roll? What fraction of the digits is that? e.g. 2 of the 9 (2/9) to win and therefor unlikely but possible.

By TJ48

Place Value with Cute Easter ThemeQuick View

Place Value with Cute Easter Theme

Thank you for viewing this place value set. The set includes 7 worksheets and one game/worksheet combo. The set addresses Common Core Standard, 1.NBT.2.

By slohr

Place ValueQuick View

Place Value

Level 3 and 4 Place Value Activities. Answers found at :)

By CazoomMaths

Place Value (Year 5)Quick View

Place Value (Year 5)

A set of three differentiated worksheets that work on place value for Year 5 children. Having used a similar format in my own lessons, these sheets often provide enough challenge for two days lessons, with children taking on the easier work then moving on to harder challenges within the other sheets. These have all been made with mastery in mind and so follow this pattern. Worksheet One - Works on practise and fluency (LA) Worksheet Two - Practise, fluency and reasoning (MA) Worksheet Three - Practise, fluency, reasoning and problem solving (HA) Worksheet Four - Same as worksheet three as a spare for anybody who finishes problem solving Answers are included for each sheet.

By krisgreg30

Place value powerpointsQuick View

Place value powerpoints

Place value powerpoints concerning partitioning numbers, arrow cards, abacus and dienes.

By V63

Multiple Choice Starters - Place Value and Basic NumberQuick View

Multiple Choice Starters - Place Value and Basic Number

38 questions that covers place value, ordering numbers, reading number lines and basic calculations. Each question has 5 possible answers and is fully editable. Each page has a random button so easy to get a selection of questions that the learners can answer on mini whiteboards. I have free example to download with a selection of different questions.

By al_robinson76

Place ValueQuick View

Place Value

I used this sheet at the beginning of our place value work to identify what they knew about number. Includes the use of > and < ordering numbers 10 more and less than

By jessica_parkerr132