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Place Value

Level 3 and 4 Place Value Activities. Answers found at :)

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Place value

A Place Value powerpoint presentation and differentiated (by ability) activities for Year 5. Could also be used as a revision aid for Year 6.

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Place value lessons (3)

Here are 3 lessons on place value. The worksheets are differentiated and student friendly. They follow on from each other. I have taught this several times and students have responded well to it.

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Place Value Complete Lesson

Complete lesson plan for converting between words and figures and finding the value of underlined digits. Worksheet included for extra consolidation, and a whole class Blockbusters game too!

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Place value powerpoints

Place value powerpoints concerning partitioning numbers, arrow cards, abacus and dienes.

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Place Value Worksheet

A differentiated worksheet for place value, broken into three sections. In the red section pupils need to complete a table by either converting the given number into words or words into figures. In the amber section pupils need to write down the value of an underlined digit. The green section contains some GCSE style questions based around digits on cards.

By prof689

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Place Value (GRADE 4)

In this Place Value Math Mystery Puzzle Activity - “Case of The Puzzled Pirate,” students must solve a variety of place value math questions to reveal clues to help the puzzled pirate find the treasure! Great for place value review! (GRADE 4 US Common Core Aligned) Captain Penguin Pete has reluctantly admitted that he is having some difficulty in reading the map! Students will be using their math skills to eliminate locations off the map to find the treasure! There are 5 Clues to Crack: Clue 1: Word Names for Numbers Clue 2: Value of the Underlined Digit Clue 3: Comparing Numbers (Circle the greater number) Clue 4: Converting between Place Values Clue 5: Rounding Numbers up to 1,000,000. (Please note that the numbers in this version are large, ranging between 1 to over 1,000,000.) Pack also includes a mystery declaration sheet, answer sheets, elimination guide and awards. Available for other grades with different skills/levels of difficulty. Please email me on for assistance. *US spelling used. Please email me on if you would like adjusted to suit UK/AUS spelling. Mrs J. © 2016

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Place Value Resource BundleQuick View

Place Value Resource Bundle

Complete collection of my place value resources, including a lesson plan, worksheet, blockbusters game, bingo and much more!

By prof689

Place Value with DienesQuick View

Place Value with Dienes

Cards with diagrams of numbers shown in Dienes. Children look at the tens and units and identify the number it represents. Next steps: Adding two 2-digit numbers together using Dienes diagram as prompt. Children draw the tens and units from both numbers altogether in the answer box and then write down the number it equals in total.

By abbiperrin

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Place Value PowerPoint

Place Value PowerPoint - This interactive PowerPoint helps students understand place value and expanded notation. It is problem-based (Alex needs help with his shopping list) and interactive, they use their personal whiteboards to work out answers. This is great fun and keeps all the students actively stimulated and on task during the lesson. Place Value PowerPoint (9 slides). Created by Lindy du Plessis (store: Lindy loves to teach).

By lindylovestoteach

Place value gridQuick View

Place value grid

Place value columns to help chldren understand how the number will get 10,100, 1000 times bigger or smaller. Physically move the numbers from the one column, emphasis on the decimal point not moving! Great to use with multiplying or dividing decimals.

By wandy

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Year 6 Place Value

Three differentiated worksheets that work on place value for Year 6 children. Having used a similar format in my own lessons, these sheets often provide enough challenge for two days lessons, with children taking on the easier work then moving on to harder challenges within the other sheets. These have all been made with mastery in mind and so follow this pattern. Worksheet One - Works on practise and fluency Worksheet Two - Practise, fluency and reasoning Worksheet Three - Practise, fluency, reasoning and problem solving

By krisgreg30

Placing decimals on a numberline, understanding decimals, place valueQuick View

Placing decimals on a numberline, understanding decimals, place value

Children will need access to Base 10 (or Diennes) and 0-9 dice for this activity. My year 5 class were struggling with decimals so I made up this simple activity, and had quite a lot of success with it - children fed back that it helped their understanding. First children use 0-9 dice to generate a decimal and record it on the sheet. Next, they make the number using Base 10 and draw it on the sheet. Finally, they place their decimal on a 0-9 numberline. They should record it as a fraction and a decimal at this point. Children repeated this activity three or four times until they felt confident with their understanding. It is differentiated so that children can work with tenths, hundredths or thousandths.

By extra golden-time

Decimal Place & Place Value (4 Lessons)Quick View

Decimal Place & Place Value (4 Lessons)

Very engaging and interactive lessons. This contains 2 PowerPoints. PowerPoint 1 - Lesson on Place Values. 40 colourful interactive slides. Lots of questions to assess understanding and check for misconception. Discussion points to make students understand and master the topic. Links made to real life. Tasks included in the PowerPoint which can be printed. PowerPoint 2 - Lesson on DECIMAL Place Values. 48 colourful interactive slides. As above Lots of questions to assess understanding and check for misconception. Discussion points to make students understand and master the topic. Links made to real life. Tasks included in the PowerPoint which can be printed. Worksheets - 3 Worksheets based on Decimal Places Partitioning, Comparing Decimals and Decimal Sequences. Enough for minimum of 4 Lesson about 200 Minutes worth of resources

By Shamster

Year 4 Place Value AssessmentsQuick View

Year 4 Place Value Assessments

Nine assessments for all Year 4 Place Value objectives. Includes: PV1: Count in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000 PV2: Find 1000 more or less than a given number PV3: Count backwards through zero to include negative numbers PV4: Recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones) PV5: Order and compare numbers beyond 1000 PV6: Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations PV7: Round any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 PV8: Solve number and practical problems that involve all of the above and with increasingly large positive numbers PV9: Read Roman numerals to 100 (I to C) and know that over time, the numeral system changed to include the concept of zero and place value AND a mark scheme for all tests Follow this link for all 42 assessments for all Year 4 maths objectives... 42 Year 4 Maths Mini-Assessments More like this... Year 4 Maths Assessments and Tracking Year 4 Science Assessments

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Place value powerpoint Year 6Quick View

Place value powerpoint Year 6

This is a very detailed place value powerpoint which I use for my Year 6s. It takes you through the basics of place value: reading, ordering and comparing.

By Becky-Stevie