Fraction - Problem Solving and FractionsQuick View

Fraction - Problem Solving and Fractions

The Lesson has been written by an Outstanding Teacher/Leader from Outstanding School, specialist in Mathematical Mastery. 2 Power Point Presentation. Interactive Slides that are very visual, allowing for students to discover and make the connections. Lessons written for Mastery and Understanding. Great images to draw understanding of fractions, a topic that is hard to get through to students. The images and carefully thought through slides are badly needed for students to understand this topic. Questions to make students think and understand and assess before moving on. Assessment questions included to check on understanding. Challenge Questions included. Presentation on: Problem Solving and Fractions. (Contains 19 slides in total) I have put down how many slides each PowerPoint contains as the preview slides do not do the resources justice that it deserves. Kindly review the resource once you have purchased it. Thank you in advance.

By Shamster

Football Themed Problem Solving MysteryQuick View

Football Themed Problem Solving Mystery

A football team has won a cup and after a night of celebration, they discover it has been stolen. Pupils need to use a range of mathematical strategies to solve each clue and eliminate suspects until only one remains - the thief. The clues involve working systematically, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, fractions and decoding.

By Jemmab100

Problem Solving & Reasoning KS1Quick View

Problem Solving & Reasoning KS1

A wide selection of tried and tested contextual problemsolving activities covering all aspects of the KS1 maths curriculum including number, money, fractions, time and measures that can be completed individually or great as collaborative activities. Ideal for Floorbook lessons (see images included) and for evidencing learning at 'greater depth.' All activities are very easily adapted to suit the needs of your class. More resources @

By Whitley01

Problem Solving Mysteries (Maths)Quick View

Problem Solving Mysteries (Maths)

Three problem solving resources with answers included. The mysteries include 'Who Stole the Fidget Spinner', 'Who Stole the Football Cup' and finding the antidote to survive a zombie apocalypse in school (with survivor certificates). These are also good end of term revision resources. The problems involve use of a range of decoding strategies and number skills (such as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction). Children all also use knowledge of place value, fractions and solve worded problems.

By Jemmab100

Problem Solving Mystery. Who Stole the Fidget Spinner.Quick View

Problem Solving Mystery. Who Stole the Fidget Spinner.

Problem solving maths game. Five clues are given for children to work out and eliminate names from a list of suspects. The clues involve worded problems, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, decoding and working methodically.

By Jemmab100

Fractions of Amounts - Problem Solving/RevisionQuick View

Fractions of Amounts - Problem Solving/Revision

Fractions of Amounts lesson - fully differentiated for all abilities - Examples on how to find fractions of amounts - Loads of worded AO3 problem solving questions that students need to read carefully - Good preparation for New GCSE

By Mza123

Murder in School, Problem Solving Mystery.Quick View

Murder in School, Problem Solving Mystery.

You return to school after the holidays, to the gruesome scene of a dead body! As the detective you need to use maths strategies to work out who the killer is and prove it by working out where they committed the crime and what they used to do it. The activity utilises deciding skills, elimination, place value and working out worded problems.

By Jemmab100

Problem solving game - Zombie Outbreak in School!Quick View

Problem solving game - Zombie Outbreak in School!

This problem solving game involves children using a range of mathematical skills to get clues. There is a zombie apocalypse beginning in school and pupils need to find the antidote. They will use knowledge of fractions, place value, solve worded problems, multiply, divide, add, subtract and decode a message. Answers and survivor certificates are included. The documents could even be edited to suit a location in your own school for added fun. When I did this with my class, I asked reception to keep a small bottle of green liquid (water and green food colouring) for the children to find. Children can do this activity individually or mixed ability pairs works well. If you like this resource, please give me a review.

By Jemmab100

Warm The Brain: Fun Logical Problem Solving StartersQuick View

Warm The Brain: Fun Logical Problem Solving Starters

Six splendid puzzles to display on your interactive whiteboard. These make great lesson starters and are an essential part of a teacher's toolkit. You probably already know the River Crossing puzzle. The puzzles are animated to make them very attention grabbing. No printing is needed; all the puzzles should be solvable without the need to write anything down. Very engaging and fun.

By bennyjohn5

Geometry: Angle Rules 5 - Angle Problems (problem solving) + worksheetQuick View

Geometry: Angle Rules 5 - Angle Problems (problem solving) + worksheet

This is the fifth in a 6 lesson series on basic angle rules (extension being circle theorems). Lesson 1 - Angles at a point Lesson 2 - Angles in parallel lines Lesson 3 - Angles in triangles Lesson 4 - interior and exterior angles Lesson 5 - Angle Problems Lesson 6 - Congruent and Similar Triangles I have found over the years, that teaching these lessons over more lessons than less pays dividends!! That it is often a subject skirted over quickly and has to be re taught year on year. It is often a subject that even at KS4, pupils struggle over. To address this each of the lessons is very thorough on the different rules, with activities, hand made worksheets that are differentiated with trickier examples with answers, exam questions, starters and plenaries. I have spent a long time over the years developing lessons to help pupils progress in this area. You can buy this as a BUNDLE at a reduced price!! NOTE: Feel free to browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources and as always please rate and feedback, thanks.

By ajf43

Place Value Year 5  Fluency,  Problem Solving and  ReasoningQuick View

Place Value Year 5 Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning

Lots of differentiated practical worksheets, task cards, and activities to cover the following (2014) objective: Read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1000000 and determine the value of each digit. Includes problems and reasoning for deeper learning and understanding. Thank you for downloading. ***Please look for the large files (Flip -chart and PDF) which contain all the resources without the Paws & Clause watermark.***

By jreadshaw

Percentages - % Change/Reverse %/Problem Solving/RevisionQuick View

Percentages - % Change/Reverse %/Problem Solving/Revision

Complete Percentages lesson - fully differentiated for all abilities - Percentage Change - Reverse Percentage - Problem solving with Percentages (Challenge) - Engaging activities and Plenaries - Students will LOVE Rated 'outstanding' in lesson observation from 'outstanding' school

By Mza123

Co-ordinates - Problem SolvingQuick View

Co-ordinates - Problem Solving

This worksheet is part of our November resources competition. This worksheet provides 8 problem solving questions involving co-ordinates. Remember to submit your own resource for your chance to win a prize in our November resource competition. More details can be found here.

By WRMathsHub

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Problem SolvingQuick View

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Problem Solving

This multiplying and dividing fractions activity can be used for a math center or for small group instruction. Students use 16 paired real-world word problems to practice determining whether multiplication or division is appropriate. A work mat guides students through the problem solving process by having students relate the fractional situations to whole number situations. Sets of equation cards scaffold students through the calculations needed to solve multiplication and division questions using fractions such as creating improper fractions and multiplying by a reciprocal to divide. An answer key is included so that students can self check or for teacher use. Answers in the key are in mixed numbers and simplified. Additional Information: *CCSS Math 6.NS.A.1 *Review of CCSS Math 5.NF.B.4.a *Texas TEKS 6.3E

By LeafandSTEMLearning

Birthday problem solvingQuick View

Birthday problem solving

This is a problem solving/logic activity. Students have to work out the dates and ages of five people from the clues given. Calendar and grids provided, along with the solution. Aimed mainly at KS2 students.

By jamakex