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Report Comments

General Report Comments Describe your pupils in a precise, eloquent and efficient way. Create your general report comments by quickly choosing the right comment to suit each child, one from each section. There are enough comments to create a whole class of different reports. Save Time Teaching is busy enough without report writing as well, save time whilst doing a good job. Easily copy and paster these thoughtful comments to create personalised and admired reports. High Quality Use these high quality comments, covering: overall summary of year attitude to learning hardworking nature behaviour peer relationships group work responsibilities learning outcomes presentation strengths areas for development homework and spellings summary and looking forward Easy to Use All the comments come in a girl and a boy version saving you having to change any pronouns. All names are replaced with 3 stars so you just have to find and replace to insert names. Also… You might be interested in these other handy end of year resources: KS2 English Report Comments Assessment Guidance SMART Targets
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Report Comments

Very useful resource providing dozens of report comments ready for you to pick and choose what is right for the child.
KS2 reading report comment bankQuick View

KS2 reading report comment bank

Reading report comment bank created for year 5 but would work for years 4-6. Varied sentence structure and abilities catered for. A full class of full paragraph comments including. Names and nouns replaced with X for ease of editing.
General Comments for Reports - KS1Quick View

General Comments for Reports - KS1

30 paragraphs of general comments for reports. These were for a Y2 class but would suit any Primary class really as they are generic statements including attitude, ability to work with others, friends, behaviour, listening skills, contributions to class etc... Hopefully can save someone some time thinking of different ways to phrase things.
Report Comments Year 2Quick View

Report Comments Year 2

Save time writing your end of year reports! Based on the new 2015 curriculum, here is a bank of report comments which fully cover the expectations set out in the English and Maths curriculum for Year 2. They are based on children working at expected level, but are fully and easily adaptable to cover working towards the expected level or at greater depth.
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Report Writing Comment Bank - Writing Comments and Targets

Designed to make the baleful process of report writing that little bit easier! Huge bank of comments and targets relating to the writing ability of students in your classes, ranging from 'glowingly positive' to 'poor' (don't worry, the negatives are diplomatically phrased!) I developed this resource to aid in English report writing specifically. Hope the resource is useful and saves some time. Please see other resources in the report writing series, and the bundle containing the lot. If you make a purchase and find the resource useful, why not get another one absolutely free? Simply leave a review for the resource purchased, email with your TES username alongside a link to the resource you would like. Your free resource will then be sent over right away!
Report Comments for Form Teachers and Heads of Year Updated for 2017-18Quick View

Report Comments for Form Teachers and Heads of Year Updated for 2017-18

Updated for 2017-18. Fully editable report comments for form tutors and Heads of Year. These comments are fully editable so that you can modify them to suit your particular requirements. We hope that this resource significantly speeds up the report writing process for you. Provided as a Word document for complete editing freedom.
Report Card comments - ScienceQuick View

Report Card comments - Science

Report comments, male and female. Split into 3 ability levels, these comments are fully editable. 5 pages. Also available as part of an 'all subjects' comments pack.
Report Writing Comment BanksQuick View

Report Writing Comment Banks

A data base of comments, specific to PE report writing taken from my reports over the past 2 years. Includes, practical performance, strengths and areas for improvements.
Writing report comment bank KS2Quick View

Writing report comment bank KS2

Full paragraph writing report comments. Written for year 5 but could be used for KS2 in general. Names and pronouns replaced with X for easy editing and adaptation. A full class of comments included.
Report WriterQuick View

Report Writer

A report writing assistant that allows you to automatically create report comments selected by a click from a series of user modifiable comments. Comments are organised into sections (opening, behavioural, progress, strengths, weaknesses, closing and 3 user defined categories with 18 comments in each section). Comments automatically update to insert the name and to match gender specific pronouns (he/she, his/her etc). Once written the comments can be copied and pasted into your own report packages and a file containing all the reports for your class set can be created. Suitable for all teachers at all key stages through suitable modification of the comments in the comment banks. This is Version 2 which scrolls even faster between comment categories This is an Excel file which uses macros to run, read the help sheet in the file to enable macros. See a demo at Please note this spreadsheet will not run on Mac versions of Excel, it will only run on PC versions of , due to incompatibility issues between Microsoft Office on the 2 different platforms.
Computing ICT report comment bankQuick View

Computing ICT report comment bank

Sample report comments based on NC14 Computing. Fits well with Rising Stars Switched On Computing but can also be used without scheme. Years 1-6. Differentiated 4 ways.
Reports. Art Report Comment Bank for KS3, 4 and 5Quick View

Reports. Art Report Comment Bank for KS3, 4 and 5

This resource provides 17 pages of comments for art reports. The document is divided into KS3, 4 and 5 comments and all use appropriate specialist vocabulary. The document is in Word format for ease of copying and editing. An ideal resource for when report deadlines are approaching and workload is heavy.
Report Writing Comments (full comments NOT short sentence statements!).Quick View

Report Writing Comments (full comments NOT short sentence statements!).

Before you read on, these are not short sentence stems or phrases that you join together with other random statements to make up a comment. These are full and comprehensive teacher comments that are differentiated for all levels and abilities in any class. Below is a Mathematics exemplar for you to read and decide if this is appropriate to your school report card layout before you commit to investing your money. You will get differentiated comments for Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science & Technology, Computing, Topic, ICT and Art & DT. Also with this resource you get 'Next steps' statements for the core subjects. Each core subject comment is between 650-680 characters (including spaces). "(Name) writes with confidence across the curriculum and it is clear she has made outstanding progress this year through using a widening range of punctuation and connectives. She has developed her ability to write with flare and improved her understanding of alliteration and similes. She has a wonderful imagination that she is becoming more confident at articulating through her increasing vocabulary range. She is keen to experiment with word order and embraces the creative side to writing.
KS3 Geography report comment bankQuick View

KS3 Geography report comment bank

Report comment bank for KS3. Could also be adapted for KS4. Includes statements on performance, knowledge, understanding and skills, as well as targets.