Report CommentsQuick View

Report Comments

Very useful resource providing dozens of report comments ready for you to pick and choose what is right for the child.
Report Comments Year 2Quick View

Report Comments Year 2

Save time writing your end of year reports! Based on the new 2015 curriculum, here is a bank of report comments which fully cover the expectations set out in the English and Maths curriculum for Year 2. They are based on children working at expected level, but are fully and easily adaptable to cover working towards the expected level or at greater depth.
Report Writing Comment Bank - Writing  Comments and TargetsQuick View

Report Writing Comment Bank - Writing Comments and Targets

Designed to make the baleful process of report writing that little bit easier! Huge bank of comments and targets relating to the writing ability of students in your classes, ranging from 'glowingly positive' to 'poor' (don't worry, the negatives are diplomatically phrased!) I developed this resource to aid in English report writing specifically. Hope the resource is useful and saves some time. Please see other resources in the report writing series, and the bundle containing the lot. If you make a purchase and find the resource useful, why not get another one absolutely free? Simply leave a review for the resource purchased, email with your TES username alongside a link to the resource you would like. Your free resource will then be sent over right away!
Computing ICT report comment bankQuick View

Computing ICT report comment bank

Sample report comments based on NC14 Computing. Fits well with Rising Stars Switched On Computing but can also be used without scheme. Years 1-6. Differentiated 4 ways.
General Comments for Reports - KS1Quick View

General Comments for Reports - KS1

30 paragraphs of general comments for reports. These were for a Y2 class but would suit any Primary class really as they are generic statements including attitude, ability to work with others, friends, behaviour, listening skills, contributions to class etc... Hopefully can save someone some time thinking of different ways to phrase things.
Writing report comment bank KS2Quick View

Writing report comment bank KS2

Full paragraph writing report comments. Written for year 5 but could be used for KS2 in general. Names and pronouns replaced with X for easy editing and adaptation. A full class of comments included.
Report comments for Y1Quick View

Report comments for Y1

A variety of comments to use in reports taken from ‘must, should, could targets’ and
KS2 reading report comment bankQuick View

KS2 reading report comment bank

Reading report comment bank created for year 5 but would work for years 4-6. Varied sentence structure and abilities catered for. A full class of full paragraph comments including. Names and nouns replaced with X for ease of editing.
Report WriterQuick View

Report Writer

A report writing assistant that allows you to automatically create report comments selected by a click from a series of user modifiable comments. Comments are organised into sections (opening, behavioural, progress, strengths, weaknesses, closing and 3 user defined categories with 18 comments in each section). Comments automatically update to insert the name and to match gender specific pronouns (he/she, his/her etc). Once written the comments can be copied and pasted into your own report packages and a file containing all the reports for your class set can be created. Suitable for all teachers at all key stages through suitable modification of the comments in the comment banks. This is an Excel file which uses macros to run, read the help sheet in the file to enable macros. See a demo at
Report comments for teachersQuick View

Report comments for teachers

This resource provides 30 sample suggestions to help you complete reports quickly and with less stress. I have included 5 complete sample report comments for fictional students from these comments to illustrate how easy it is to combine points into a coherent and high quality report comment for your students. Report season can be incredibly difficult, especially for recently graduated teachers. You have a million demands on your time, and no extra time to complete those pesky reports. While I believe it is important to provide meaningful feedback, I believe that many of the comments I've selected for this resource are valuable to students in a range of scenarios. Moreover, these comments are written in a way that encourages adaption, and it is very simple to include mention of specific tasks, etc. in order to make them even more meaningful. They can be adapted and reused for students in a variety of year groups. I have used some of these as the basis for report comments for students in years 7-10.
High Quality - Original - Report Comments for Stage 1Quick View

High Quality - Original - Report Comments for Stage 1

Formal reporting to parents is always a tiresome chore. This bank of comments allows teachers to cut and paste comments that are personal and permits you to edit as needed. Reporting comments relate to: Personal attributes, positive learning habits, participation, collaborative skills, general and specific improvement/progress noted AND recommendations for improved behaviour or learning. The second part of the book gives a bank of comments that are subject specific. Literacy and Numeracy comments relate to the outcomes for Stage 1, KS1 or Grade 1-2. They relate to strengths, areas of difficulty, improvements noted and suggestions for improvement. The last section of the book deals with 'final positive comments' that you would use as your final statement on your report. All comments are 100% and have been used over a number of years. As an educator for over 20 years, I can guarantee that these comments are of high quality and are oriented to be positive and personal for the student.
Report Comments 2017Quick View

Report Comments 2017

Save time with 20 pages of differentiated comments for Art reports. Suitable for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 student reports. Here is an example: This year NAME has been developing his creative skills through mask making, the dramatic representation of landscapes and artwork relating to recycling. This has allowed NAME to focus on painting, drawing, and 3 dimensional modelling in a range of materials. NAME has performed satisfactorily most of the time but would have benefitted from working harder at disciplines that don’t always come easily, such as drawing. The quality of NAME's homework usually demonstrates effort and commitment and usually deadlines are met. NAME has shown an openness to try out new techniques which is helping him to improve the standard of his final outcomes. Well done NAME, you should be proud of the progress that you have made this year.
Report Card CommentsQuick View

Report Card Comments

Save hours writing report card comments by using these polished, pre-written sentences for grades K-6. These 14 pages of editable comments for report cards cover social skills, personal responsibility, and academics for students at grade level, below grade level, and above grade level. FEATURES • Comments include strengths, areas needing improvement, recommendations for how to improve, and what the teacher will do to help. • Statements that parents could misunderstand (“Jenny is working on her reading comprehension”) are avoided in favor of clear, unambiguous language (“Jenny receives extra help to improve her reading comprehension”). • Language that some parents might not know, such as “decoding,” “inferring,” and “math facts,” are defined within the comments. SAMPLE SENTENCES (“X” REPRESENTS THE STUDENT'S NAME) • In math, X has benefited from extra practice in a small math group and one-on-one with the teacher. • While reading, X should remember to predict, ask questions, visualize, and make connections to personal experience. • X socializes easily with peers; however, he/she needs to avoid doing so when he/she should be working. WANT TO REALLY SAVE TIME? • Download the Magic Comment Machine at • Paste in pre-written sentences for each student, or type your own. • The Magic Comment Machine strings the sentences together to form a complete comment for every student. • It automatically replaces “X” with the student’s name throughout the comment. • It magically replaces he/she, him/her, and his/her with the right pronoun, depending on whether the student is a boy or girl. • It requires no previous experience with Excel. • You then simply copy the finished comments into your report cards!
Report Writer AssistantQuick View

Report Writer Assistant

A report writing assistant allowing you to automatically create termly or yearly student report cards from a statement bank. Quickly and easily create a report by selecting statements with a click from 18 statements in each of 9 categories (162 statements in all) to build up a complete report comment, all of which will automatically adjust gender pronouns (he/she etc) and insert the students name where appropriate. Comments can also be free typed in the report comment box. All the statements in each category can be customised by the user. A class list with the gender of the students can be inserted and the final report comments can be copied and pasted into any other report package and the overall class comments saved to an xls file for archiving. The spreadsheet uses macros and will require macro accessto be enabled, see the help sheet in the spreadsheet for details how to do this. see a demo at
Book Report Lapbook Activity and Book Review ProjectQuick View

Book Report Lapbook Activity and Book Review Project

Have fun presenting your book report on any fiction book with this book report lapbook activity! This adaptable resource provides materials needed for students to organize, complete, and present a book report project on any fiction book they read! Perfect for students in mid to upper elementary, this resource includes a variety of materials students can use while organizing their thoughts on the book they are reading. After completing their book, your students will • use a variety of organizers and foldable activities to help them organize their book report presentation • write a an informational report about their book To present their report, students will culminate their learning by creating a hands-on lapbook that will allow them to show off a variety of information on their book! With the resource, you will receive these sections for your lapbook. *Cover / Author's Picture (for cover) *Book Title and Cover Drawing (for the cover) *Main Character (foldable organizer) *Supporting Characters (foldable organizer) *Theme of the Book (foldable organizer) *Problem & Solution (foldable organizer) *Key EventsPouch (foldable organizer) *Fact & Opinion (foldable organizer) *How The Book Made Me Feel (emoji foldable organizer) *My Book Report (informational writing sheet) *Who, What, Where, When, Why (web) The perfect book report activity for any time of year, this book report lapbook is sure to engage your students as you spiral through the curriculum. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? We welcome all questions or comments! Please feel free to e-mail us at! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Zombies Invade the US- Learn Geography Through Disaster PlanningQuick View

Zombies Invade the US- Learn Geography Through Disaster Planning

Zombie virus has been reported in Kazakhstan! Your students will be given a fictitious FEMA memo to read. It details the beginnings of a contagion that has the ability to destroy the populations world wide. Your students, acting as FEMA teams will have to study the national resources to develop a cohesive class plan for evacuation, housing refugees and procuring supplies. The project has the possibility to be as detailed or in depth as you want it to be. This unit is in two parts. The secondary is written for 8th grade, the elementary focuses on 5th grade standards. The biggest benefit of having both is it gives you so many different ways to differentiate for your students. This is a 3 week project that includes the BIE format for project based learning. Students will start with their hook- reading the memo and learning about Kazakhstan’s. Connecting the themes in the memo to the five themes of geography. The hook includes: *FEMA memo *Kazakhstan map *Introductory Vocabulary activity with word wall with three sets of task cards, to go back to vocabulary for reinforcement. *Answer Keys, and Sped/ELL hints and modifications In the main project students split into interest based teams to research and plan for their big final presentation. Included for the project are: *All 7 teams is given a researched fact and scenario sheet with different presentation expectations, and questions they need to answer and research. *There is a detailed process for the teams to set up their own norms. *There are two different self, team and class assessment sheets along with 3 check points that can be used as quizzes or part of the overall grade. *There is a detailed 15 day suggested calendar to walk the teacher through the process with the daily lesson follow that day. *As the students are working it is suggested that you have daily class meetings for each of these meetings there is an "updated" scenario that explains how the contagion is continuing to spread. *Several mini-lessons are provided to ensure students are learning the information on your standards and completing their "Need to Knows" If you enjoy my lesson please follow my store, to receive updates when I post new products. And if you would be so kind, please leave me a comment. Thanks, Ms.Furnas