Revision: Revision SkillsQuick View

Revision: Revision Skills

1hr PP, worksheets, clip link with questions, differentiated fully Complete 1 hour lesson with accompanying worksheets Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: Emjcot's Shop Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

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Revision CardsQuick View

Revision Cards

These personalised revision cards are an ideal alternative to plain index cards. Students can use the front cover to reflect about what they want to learn. They then use the revision cards to write their notes and can even use the Content Page to index the cards so they can locate topics quickly. At the back there is a Keyword glossary page for students to write definitions of keywords relating to the topic. As you can see from the picture I have had mine spiral bound so students can quickly flick between revision notes. The generic cards can be used for most subjects and allow the student to write their name, target and topic the cards are about. Really useful to focus revision .

By whcsrmiddleditch

Active Revision Folding FrenzyQuick View

Active Revision Folding Frenzy

A Revision activity designed to keep students focused on an active approach to their revision. The powerpoint leads pupils through this approach and I have included an example from my own subject in History. The key is that pupils focus on synthesising their knowledge and work out what the crucial points are in a topic and how the other knowledge relates to it.

By surfing_simon

P2 Edexcel RevisionQuick View

P2 Edexcel Revision

150 revision slides looking at P2. Calculations, questions etc. Uses past exam questions. Lots of content can be covered in a lesson

By stewstar73

Spreadsheet RevisionQuick View

Spreadsheet Revision

An excellent resource for teachers who want to consolidate their learners understanding on Spread sheet. This resource has a PowerPoint equivalent to a whole lesson, an activity worksheet and an answer sheet for the teacher.

By resourc

Macbeth RevisionQuick View

Macbeth Revision

A booklet with information and activities looking at the plot and characters in Macbeth. Also includes an exam style question.

By delenn

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AS Business Finance Revision PackQuick View

AS Business Finance Revision Pack

This money saving bundle offers a complete series of revision notes for AS Level Business. It contains notes on financial objectives; analysing financial performance; sources of finance and improving cash flow and profits.

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topics include the approaches, social influence, memory, attachment and psychopathology. all pages have detailed information with excellent diagrams and evaluation points. these booklets are a lot cheaper than buying the several books used to create them and a valuable resource to have.

By mariakay_

The Active Revision CycleQuick View

The Active Revision Cycle

this is a revision presentation that outlines the Active approach to revision. The presentation shows pupils the importance of revision as a process not as one type of activity.

By surfing_simon

Revision support - exam classesQuick View

Revision support - exam classes

Some resources for guiding students to 3 main revision styles and also some ideas on the different ways to revise each style. Also includes a blank revision timetable and a completed example.

By craig_humber

Revision - GCSE Judaism Last Minute RevisionQuick View

Revision - GCSE Judaism Last Minute Revision

This PowerPoint is designed to be delivered during a 15-20 minute session just before the pupils enter the exam room. It has a few handy hints and tips for pupils to use, that it is hoped, will be fresh in their minds during the exam.

By TeachElite

Poetry Anthology Revision - AQAQuick View

Poetry Anthology Revision - AQA

A template to test the students' knowledge of each of the poems from the 'Power and Conflict' poems in AQA. Meant as a revision resource so both the student and teacher can see what they remember and need to revise.

By AmyJaney88