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Revision: Revision + Study Skills / GCSE / Tutor Time

For any subject. 1 hour PP, worksheets, clips, well differentiated, KS3/ KS4. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below: Mental Health PSHE Bundle 1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources British Values Citizenship Bundle Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle Islam Bundle Sex and Relationships Education ManicMarch
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Macbeth - Macbeth Revision

Everything you need to teach Macbeth! EIGHTEEN HOURS' WORTH! Includes a 2 hour Macbeth overview (or revision /recap session), a complete GCSE revision guide, and FIFTEEN lessons: Macbeth Introduction Introducing Macbeth and Banquo Analysing The Witches Introducing Lady Macbeth Act 1 Scene 7 Act 2 Scene 1 - The Dagger Scene Act 2 Scene 2 Act 3 Scene 1 Murdering Banquo The Banquet Scene Macduff Malcolm Lady Macbeth's Sleepwalking The End With more to come! Keep checking your downloads as more lessons will be added shortly.
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Macbeth GCSE Revision / Macbeth Revision Workbook

A revision guide for KS4 students to prepare for Section A of the new specification AQA Literature Paper 1 Section A, which includes differentiated activities and resources to support students as they revise for William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Includes: Plot summary Key quotes Contextual information Theme analysis Revision activities
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Edexcel CB6 Revision Worksheet

Double sided A3 revision worksheet for the CB6 topic in the new Edexcel Science GCSE (9-1). Includes content from -CB6a Photosynthesis -CB6b Factors that affect photosynthesis -CB6c Absorbing water and mineral ions -CB6d Transpiration and translocation All of the learning outcomes for the topic are included on the reverse side of the sheet as well.
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AQA Forces revision mat

5 mats included, covering the whole of the 'forces' topic, including the one shown in the image Covers foundation and any higher tier work is in red This is just combined - does not include trilogy topics After the first 2 slides, the key words section is blank, so you can add your own key words from any lessons you teach 5 mats included, covering the whole of the 'forces' topic
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English Language Paper 2 Revision

A fully differentiated revision guide for KS4 students to prepare for Language Paper 2 - Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives - of the new specification AQA English Language specification, which includes differentiated activities and resources to support students. Revision activities are based around two texts available to download on AQA's Paper 2 Reading Resource:
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Blood Brothers Drama Revision Booklet

A 35 page revision booklet on the musical Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. It was written to support Drama written exam components- Originally based on OCR but will work with other exam boards. The booklet covers-Key Words, Plot and Structure, Themes, Social, Historical and Cultural Context, Genre, Style and Conventions, Characters, Performance Space, Set, Costume, Props, Sound and Lighting Design and Direction of Key Scenes. There are exam questions for students to answer throughout the booklet.
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Revision : Revision Lesson Survival Kit

Revision : Lesson Survival Kit This is an unmissable bundle that contains 11 of our resources that you can use in any lesson. ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR REVISION LESSONS
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Revision: Revision lesson Toolkit

Revision: Revision Lesson Toolkit This bundle is everything you need in order to create a revision session with minimal planning on your part. This will also be a useful tool in creating an ethos of self-discipline amongst the pupils. These resources can be used as Takeaway homework for pupils to plan revision sessions and revise in their own time. Included in this bundle is: Revision Brain Breaks: Take a 5 minute break during revision sessions with this INTERACTIVE brain breaks resource. Complete with music and two of our timers. A 5 Minute Loading Timer & a 30 Second Abstract Planet Timer. The activities included are designed not to relate to the pupils revision at all, but to have a complete 5 minute break during the session. Activities include: The Human knot where pupils must get into groups and form a 'Human Knot' and try to untangle themselves. Thumb Peace. Pupils must join hands and try to create the numbers 1-9 with their thumbs. Plus 10 more brain Break activities-ideal for revision. Includes a YouTube music clip for use as with a brain break activity. Revision Pack: Can be used for ANY SUBJECT. Really useful during Tutor time as revision planning too!Help your pupils make the most of their revision this year by providing them with this pack: The Revision Pack includes: Revision & Exam Advice: Tips on how to revise and tips to help them with their exams. Also included are suggestions on revision activities and also what to do during the 'brain breaks' in the middle of their revision sessions. Blank Topic Revision Sheet: They can add all topics that they have studied for their subject here. This is designed as a handy checklist for teacher and student to monitor progress. Monthly Planning Poster: Print this out for your students as an A3 sheet and they can plan their revision and this on their walls at home. Weekly Reflection Sheet: This is a handy tool to use as a reflection on their work's revision. They can recode what they did well and what they need to work on. Growth Mindset Placemat: This is designed to help students have a positive mental attitude when it comes to performance and exams Revision Planning Mat: This is designed to break up each revision session into 5 minute chunks to help pupils find revision more manageable. Revision Mats: Use this for individual topics to record key words, important information, summarise info, Key thinkers and dates, evidence to support the topic such as quotes etc and, + & - of a theory and most importantly possible exam questions. Random Name Selector: This is an Interactive presentation complete with music!The PowerPoint is completely editable and is a fun way to ensure pupil participation in lessons. It has a landing landing page with space for 10 classes to be entered and on presentation mode you can select the class of your choice. There are 10 separate slides in which you can enter your class list. Each slide has space to up to 32 pupil . N.B. the same pupil can be selected more than once on this presentation. Revision Flash Cards: This revision resource is ideal for students to make notes in order to use during last minute cramming. Great for use when revising with a partner too. Included in this pack is 5 different versions for pupils to use to suit their individual needs. Revision Game: USE WITH ANY SUBJECT! ADD YOUR OWN QUESTIONS OR GET THE PUPILS TO MAKE UP THEIR OWN! Revision - Revision Board Game This is a really fun revision board game! It can be played as a class or in individual groups. If this revision game is played in groups it is recommended that you print the board game slide out on A3 paper and laminate it for longevity. The revision board game resource comes with a selection of blank question cards for you to add your own questions on any topic. Complete with our Interactive Dice and our Random Group Generator Ideal for setting timed tasks during revision sessions. Group Generator: GREAT FOR REVISION SESSIONS! Split up your pupils into mixed ability groups with this Group generator! This is a great classroom management tool. hat better way to kick off back to school than to place pupils into new random groups. You can copy and paste any of the random group generator slides into any presentation you wish or use the slide as a standalone resource. Please note that you must enter the pupil names prior to the lesson. This resource is as random as PPT will allow. This method of group selection ensures that you can split certain individuals up and ensure that they will not be in the same group as other individuals of your choosing. Simply add the individuals that you would like to keep separated in the same circle. When in presentation mode-Click on the group number of your choice (Groups of 6-3) and it will take you to your selected slide. If you have a windows computer the counters on the windows board game resource can be clicked and moved when in presentation mode! If you use a Mac computer this slide can be used interactively out of presentation mode! Also included are two of our fun timers! Feedback Pack We hope that you enjoy this resource! If you review this resource we will give you another resource of the same value for FREE. We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes TeachElite's Shop click the'Follow this Author button' . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: and Facebook:
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Revision: Revision Skills + Self Management

Revision: Revision Success: A selection of highly-rated lessons and tools to help students succeed in exams and revise effectively. These resources focus on the best way to revise, the different styles - what has been proven to work vs what doesn't, managing your time, building up your confidence to succeed in exams and setting yourself personal goals and smart targets. It also focuses on how you can use the power of the mind to achieve success through self discipline and having a 'can-do' growth mindset. There is also a lesson on stress management and developing self discipline for any situation, including sticking to revision timetables! These are designed to be used in form time but could be used in parts of any lesson. Our PSHE / Citizenship resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below: Mental Health PSHE Bundle 1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources British Values Citizenship Bundle Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle Islam Bundle Sex and Relationships Education
Fundamentals of Algorithms  GCSE revision student workbookQuick View

Fundamentals of Algorithms GCSE revision student workbook

This is the ONLY comprehensive and accurate workbook that covers ALL of the “Fundamentals of Algorithms” syllabus. Includes 82 pages covering the theory and giving lots of practical activities and even includes the answers Ideal as a GCSE revision aid or as a teaching resource and includes lots of help with understanding and comparing linear search, binary search, bubble sort and merge sort algorithms. This book has been written to give you practical hands-on approach to help you learn how to write algorithms. Instead of chapters of technical jargon and mind-numbing tedium the theory is broken down into smaller, manageable chunks with practical tasks for you to perform as you go along. This helps you ensure you understand the theory and remember it as you apply it to practical problems. This book was specifically written to assist students preparing for their AQA GCSE Computer Science examination (8520), and the pseudocode and objectives have been written specifically to match the syllabus, as of February 2018. However, the theory and methods would be beneficial to anybody who wants to know how to create good algorithms. Includes a single 82-page PDF document which can be given to the pupils to work through for homework tasks or in class. Table of contents: • What are algorithms? • Decomposition • Abstraction • Basic Pseudocode • Arithmetic Operations • Relational Operators • Boolean Operators • Input and Output • Iteration • Selection • Nesting statements • Flowcharts • Trace Tables • Dealing with Arrays • Subroutines • Dealing with strings • ASCII and Unicode • Linear search • Binary Search • Compare the two search algorithms • Bubble Sort • Merge Sort • Compare the two sort algorithms Other student workbooks in this series include: Fundamentals of Data Representation GCSE revision student workbook Computer Systems GCSE revision student workbook Computer Networks GCSE revision student workbook
Revision TechniquesQuick View

Revision Techniques

I can't take credit for the Word Document, as I downloaded from a different source myself, but the powerpoint is a great way to show and encourage pupils how to revise properly. Hope you find it helpful.
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Surds Revision.

A revision sheet for surds at higher tier GCSE. Examples are given followed by a few practice questions. Could also be used for a homework.